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  1. Yankees Real Madrid ManU Chelsea NY Jets I don't care enough about the NHL or basketball to have hated teams.
  2. Philipp Lahm has quit international football. What a gigantic loss for the German national team, he's irreplaceable. I know he's on the high side of 30, but he hasn't declined at all. I was expecting him to hang it up after Euro 2016, so this comes as a huge shock. My favorite player, I'm seriously bummed.
  3. Wow, what a goal that was from Mario Goetze. Invisible all tournament, then he pulls that out. I'm beyond thrilled for Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Lukas Podolski, and Miroslav Klose in particular, who have been so important for this team through the years (well, not so much Poldi anymore, but the general point remains) and gotten so close so many times only to fall short in heartbreaking fashion. They've finally done it. What a World Cup it was. It's basically consumed my life for the past month. I think the most deserving team won it, but boy I'm sorry it's over.
  4. 7-1 holy moly, somebody pinch me. German fans apparently were asked to remain in the stadium after the match so the police could escort them out. Tonight could be ugly.
  5. Never underestimate the probability of Jogi Loew making some completely daft, reactionary tactical decision that ruins the match. Germany has had Halbfinale-itis the last few go-rounds, just can't get over the hump. I'm waiting for him to put Lahm back in midfield with an assignment to man mark Fred, start the horrifically slow Mertesacker, and play out-of-form Goetze as false 9. And I assume there will be another subpar refereeing job (though calling Velasco Carballo's officiating yesterday "subpar" is being kind) with tactical fouls and persistent infringement ignored, so Brazil will be able to kick them all over the park the way they did to Spain in the Confed Cup final. I'm so ridiculously pessimistic here it isn't even funny. I was rooting for CRC as the underdogs, but when you get right down to it, 4 hours of watching them park the bus is about all I can take. NED-ARG should be a much better matchup.
  6. Neymar out of the World Cup with a fractured vertebra. Yikes.
  7. I am completely gobsmacked at how terrible that officiating was.
  8. Completely dreadful game from Germany. The first 30 minutes were about the worst I've ever seen and then it started improving incrementally from there, but that display will not cut it against France. Not that Les Bleus lit the world on fire against Nigeria, but their pace will tear that slow back line apart. Hummels was sorely missed. And the Lahm DM/RB arguments after the inevitable elimination will probably tide everybody all the way through Euro qualifying. I'm hoping Argentina/Switzerland will be better than I'm thinking it will, and I like the USA's chances against Belgium. They have a lot of individual talent but they have yet to really impress me this tournament and anything can happen on any given day.
  9. Suarez just bit Chiellini in the shoulder.
  10. Depends on the offense and the severity. I think there are two degrees of "violent conduct" and Pepe's red was written up by the ref as the lesser one. I imagine if he'd hit Mueller harder or drawn blood, it would have been more. This post clarifies FIFA's tiebreak scenarios. I agree that head-to-head might make more sense, and UEFA does it differently, but, well, this is how it is.
  11. Both Germany and the US are safe with a win or a draw. Portugal's goal differential is -4, so they are going to have to demolish Ghana to even be in this conversation. Ghana is the real danger to overtake if the US lose, since they are closest in GD (-1 for Ghana, +1 for US). I'm frankly struggling to see this dreadful Portugal side beating Ghana. They have scored 2 goals this tournament, and only one of them was any good (Nani's goal off Cameron's horrific defensive miscue could have been scored by a U12, or Wayne Rooney). They will have Pepe back, but if Ghana use the same pace and 70 minutes of gegenpressing that they managed against Germany, Portugal will have a very hard time and there will be much screeching and whining from CR7.
  12. Referees strike again, worst offside call of the tournament in BIH-NGR. Not totally sure about the foul non-call that preceded the Nigeria goal, but there was no possible argument about that blown offside on Dzeko.
  13. Costa Rica appears to be the real deal. It's not just been that they've won, but how they've won. 1-0 probably should have been more if the referee had any guts to make correct "big" calls.
  14. Spain looked dire. Tiki-taka doesn't work if you can't complete the passes, and they seemed slow and unable to cope with Chile's pressing. Diego Costa was useless up front, Iker Casillas was useless in the back. I think Del Bosque stuck too much with the older players and didn't adapt. The Spanish national team reign ends a mere hour before that of King Juan Carlos. Poetic, or something. Viva Felipe VI?
  15. Mexico keeper singlehandedly made that a draw for them. What an incredible performance. Also, kudos to the referee for not biting on Marcelo's dive, though I thought his foul selection and cards were pretty bad.
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