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  1. I absolutely agree with all the praise. You all do a GREAT job. Please don't change a thing!
  2. I think it's a hint that Tony, once again, isn't really bad. I think he must've had something to do with it and is running like a reverse-mole scheme that he just can't tell Jack about or something. I think we'll find that he both destroyed all of them and tried to make that one go off without hurting anyone. I like Kim in peril only because it makes Jack at his best. We needed something personal for him...I hope next season it can be Renee in danger or something but for now Kim's still the only one he'd probably help the terrorists for. In S1, he was able to get her back and catch the bad guys...I think maybe this time, he gets her, but compromises everything else. The finale is Jon Cassar's last 2 episodes of 24 so I expect it to be very strong.
  3. Ok. I'll concede defeat here. I honestly thought Lowell was still the better player "right now." I think some of you are looking too far into the future and letting that cloud your judgement, but I think for the next 2-3 years their production will be pretty comparable. I think Lowell's still a better fielder--Zimmerman makes so many awful throws--and their bats are fairly similar right now. But I guess the overwhelming consensus is that I'm completely off-base. Maybe my highly anti-Nats bias impairs by better judgment. I said Zimmerman was an average 3B in this league and started naming people I thought were better trying to get to about 14 and Lowell was on my list which the person had a huge problem with, which I guess now was reasonable.
  4. Who would you rather have for JUST the next 2-3 years only? Answer this question in the poll. Also, who do you think is the better defender? Address this in your response only.
  5. Thanks, I completely missed that. Wow, what a jerk. Now he's completely unforgivable...I hope they go deep into the explanation for this and don't just toss it aside like an inexplicable soap opera complete 180 in character. Tony has established so much trust, that there needs to be a very good explanation for why he's being a big a-hole.
  6. Sorry to interrupt, but had a question I must have missed--what did Tony taunt Jack with at the end of that last episode?
  7. I don't love it either, but hey, let's give it a chance more than a minute, shouldn't we? We don't even have a clue what the explanation or the twist was yet. I still have no idea how it makes any sense and as of now it doesn't--the 24 writers aren't complete idiots and generally they're pretty darn good. The episode was incredibly strong; let's not turn on the season because of one absurd twist. I'm sure people in S1 were going nuts about Nina being revealed bad at the end of episode 23, but they spent 2 more seasons explaining the extent of her espionage. There's no way they can say Tony was bad all along, but maybe he's got something recently that's the reason his strings are being pulled. Let's give it a chance to play out and then evaluate it after.
  8. anyone else think we should pinch hit with wigginton here?? now is the time to capitalize on our bench depth
  9. No. Please don't. Cutler's overrated as heck and is a whiny loser. And Scheffler? Do we need another TE?
  10. Agreed. Thought that was top 3 of the season. A great episode for character development and action. I thought the scene at the Prez's press conference was great how they shot that and all the tension with them I'm really enjoying--I think that'll have a crazy climax no one saw coming eventually. I really like the Moss character too, even though he's a jerk--he's very well-played. I was absolutely stunned by the Senator's murder too, and loved Jack's reaction--the despair on his face was pretty similar to mine, your stomach just drops for him because of how much he makes you feel for his character. I think you mean Morris, not Miles. I think Renee is gonna be a HUGE player--I've heard possibly in to later seasons as well, the fans have LOVED her and she's definitely going to keep getting major screentime. Also, I know I'm probably the last person you'd expect to say this and I've been guilty many times of spoiling people like a moron--but please give warnings when discussing previews in posts here. I've stopped watching them this season and am enjoying the show so much more now when I don't watch the previews tell me nearly everything that's gonna happen. Thanks.
  11. Wow. Ok, that episode reeled me back in. As ridiculous as the whole thing was, at least they wrapped it up quickly and it made for some incredible scenes this episode. Hodges is great. I think the rest of the season is gonna rock.
  12. So what happened? I don't understand how this can happen. What case work are you referring to?
  13. I agree 100%. I thought the first hour was very well-done but the second just had be seething. Wtf is Howard Gordon's problem? He's done this with the show non-stop since he took over. He is OBSESSED with raising the stakes higher and higher to the point where I felt absolutely nothing watching the White House seige. It was almost laughable. He did it twice last season, first with the nuke going off in L.A. that made everything after ep. 4 a let-down, then again when ALMOST THE EXACT SAME FRIGGIN THING HAPPENED WHEN A BUNCH OF MERCENARIES INVADED CTU. There are not underground tunnels to everything in the world. There is no huge body of water to go scuba-diving under the White House. I can suspend my disbelief for a while like you said, but when something becomes as ridiculous as a group of like 8 African dudes bunched up in a group behind each other taking down the whole White House, it just becomes a joke. 24 was awesome before Gordon brought in this crap. I love it when it does the character drama. Kiefer in the first hour was incredible, and the scenes with Renee was great. When you just have a bunch of baddies somehow getting in a building that's not physically possible to get into running around shooting everybody, I don't find that entertaining. A five-year-old could write something so ridiculous. I hope Juma and all them get blown up in the first 5 minutes so we can forget that whole absurdity and move towards a character-centric second half of the season.
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