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  1. I was at that game (with my Red Sox fan dad). Amazing experience. Even kept score and had Davis sign my scorecard.
  2. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday Ken!</p></p></p>

  3. Yes. What's upsetting the 2013 and 2014 folks is that they're being lumped with the 2015 folks in the presales. The 2012 and earlier folks get their own pre-presale.
  4. Are you serious? I was offered no special treatment...Weams, could you say something to our rep on my behalf?
  5. Also depends how far back in the section you are. If you're the back few rows, you can't see the scoreboard...
  6. The Blue Jays "informing MLB" that Duquette is their top choice (without an interview even?) just reeks of tampering and trying to get MLB to strongarm the O's into letting Duquette go.
  7. Spoke with my rep. Invoices for 2014 STHs should be out in "a couple of weeks." The invoices for new STHs/playoff signups will be released shortly thereafter. This is to give past STHs a week or two to make changes to their seats before seats are assigned to new plan holders (partially with the intention of placating 13-game-plan holders angry about how playoff tickets were handled last season).
  8. That's essentially what we just did with our seats for the games we are unable to go to. Stubhub minus fees. I think it's fair, especially if you're looking to finance your other tickets.
  9. I had two browsers open in the waiting room. First Firefox, then Internet Explorer starting a few minutes later. I got through the waiting room in 4 minutes in Internet Explorer and was done with everything within another 15. The Firefox window was still in the Waiting Room at that point. Very weird.
  10. Game 2 was completely sold out by 2:10. Was only able to get Game 1 and Game 3 tickets.
  11. Different kind of steroid. Cortisone is a CORTICOsteroid, which is anti-inflammatory. Andro, etc are ANABOLIC steroids, which grow muscle (and shrink testicles, etc).
  12. Why did you put your evil on us, oriolesmagic9?!
  13. A sprain can be a tear, but it is not by definition a tear (a grade II sprain is a partial tear, a grade III sprain is a complete tear.
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