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  1. Spot on Boss. It's insightful analysis like this that I'm going to miss if you decide to close up shop.
  2. There are a lot of good players who got non-tendered. This tells me there is going to be a war when talks for the next CBA begin. If nothing else I would like to see a minimum salary floor put In place to discourage tanking and encourage teams to put Major League caliber products on the field. It's probably a pipe dream but I'm hopeful something in that direction will be done.
  3. As I noted a year ago, I'm giving Elias 3 years minimum before I start passing judgement. I want to see two more drafts and what progress the Farm System makes during that time. In the meantime I'm going to trust in Elias and trust in the system he is building.
  4. What if he accepts the qualifying offer? You could spend in excess of $27 mil on this guy on a likely 100 loss team over a two year period. Pretty sure this is something the A's wouldn't do.
  5. This is for the Boss: Tony I recall several years ago you gave Means high marks for a pitcher to watch, simply because he knew how to pitch. So looking ahead to 2020, who do you see potentially breaking through and become this year's surprise.
  6. Living here in Boston I can't imagine the Sox dealing Betts. I still think they will take other avenues to cut payroll.
  7. Would Maryland consider ever dropping football? Is the program profitable? Could the school move its football program to a lesser light conference? Those are just a few of the questions?
  8. As I said earlier, don't expect much this offseason other than a cheap free agent signing to fill that #5 hole.
  9. I would be tempted to bite on Davis for Cabrera if both waive their no-trade clause (assuming there is one in both cases) and Cabrera checks out medically.
  10. Everyone pretty much on the mark here. Will track those 8 players mentioned earlier and look forward to the June draft where our real future is shaped. I expect zero winter activity outside of budget minded move for a #5 starter.
  11. I would inquire about Suggs to beef up the pass rush if we can get him cheap. Might spend more for a good deep threat. If we're going to hang our hats on the offense, let's give Jackson some more weapons.
  12. If the Ravens aren't passing the eye test in many cases, perhaps the league in general sucks this year. Just a thought.
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