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  1. I would inquire about Suggs to beef up the pass rush if we can get him cheap. Might spend more for a good deep threat. If we're going to hang our hats on the offense, let's give Jackson some more weapons.
  2. If the Ravens aren't passing the eye test in many cases, perhaps the league in general sucks this year. Just a thought.
  3. Can't wait to read Tony's analysis of this game and what the future of this program holds.
  4. #2 or 3...either way we are getting a premium pick at a position of need. Whatever happens, happens.
  5. Could Martin possibly go #1? I'm reading a pretty glowing report. If that's the case, does Hancock default to us?
  6. I file this under insane. I might do Hurst and two draft picks (1 and 3) but no more.
  7. My top 3: -- dump Davis -- fire the pitching coach -- did I say fire the pitching coach?
  8. I always enjoy your analysis Tony. You're always on the mark and I consider you the Bible when it comes to this stuff with your background in scouting. That said, I was distressed to see Maryland bring back a second rate coach in Locksley. It was like reliving a nightmare of past seasons when he was on this staff. I don't know who to blame here other than the administration who keeps rolling in these guys and expect to realistically compete in the Big 10. Perhaps some day before they shovel gravel on me I'll see a real football coach here who can at least develop a legitimate quarterback.
  9. I would not waste a 40 man roster space on a "Joe Kelley type". Just my two cents.
  10. That's a lot to give up. Are we that suspect at CB??
  11. Can't waiting for this FGD season to end. Total nightmare. Lone highlight: walk off against Houston. Get some f,ing pitchers in here this offseason and make 2020 at least semi-bearable.
  12. I'm no scout but off this info I would be looking at Martin or the second best pitcher if no big drop off after Hancock with that likely second pick.
  13. Let's see how she kicks with a step and a half with real athletes coming at her. She is largely a self promotion feeding off the World Cup. Next I expect her to be kicking around the idea of promoting men's fragrances.
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