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  1. This is fun..lots of good ideas..anyone onboard with moving up and drafting Juedy? What would it take?
  2. Are we making any inroads so to speak? I see we are in the final 5.
  3. IMHO Queen and Murray will be long gone by our first pick. I'm warming to idea of drafting Taylor in Round 1 and OL and ILB in Round 2. After that DL, Safety and WR, not necessarily in that order. Just my two cents.
  4. With Mancini's future in doubt, think Martin or Tork should be our top pick. Go for pitching in later rounds. No. 1 pick must be a sure thing with these recent events.
  5. Trade up and draft a stud receiver. Give Lamar another big weapon.
  6. Certain players flourished under Hyde last year. I'd roll the dice with Beckham, keep Stevie and hopefully add Cashner.
  7. Nice write up. Good thoughts. I hope they keep Judon but the wild card here is Yanda. If he retires, that could alter our draft thinking a bit. Would like to trade up,and get a stud WR but may have to concentrate instead on LB and OL in the early rounds and forget about packaging draft picks.
  8. I'm onboard in part with your thinking. Give Jackson some more weapons and reduce his need to run with the ball so maybe he develops into a more complete QB. I wouldnt mind adding another RB with a premium pick either. Then work on OL and LB.
  9. LOL..did we do anything positive? We certainly were exposed in a lot of areas and now Decosta needs to step in and take some of the pressure and expectation off Jackson and fill our obvious areas of need at WR, LB and OL. It will be an interesting off season for sure.
  10. Does Roman have an understudy on Harbaugh's staff? If so, I would assume he would be next in line here. Interesting name to consider too would be O'Shea. I don't see Martindale leaving.
  11. Those are pretty shocking numbers, which in my mind reinforces the belief this franchise is headed elsewhere long term.
  12. This may be a bit off the topic, but do any of the draft gurus here see any super prospects emerging for the 2021 draft since we seem like a lock for the worst record in 2020?
  13. How many more years left on Turgeon's contact? Is there any buyout clause? I've been following the Terps religiously since 1970 but I'm fast reaching a point where I won't watch this mediocre product again until Turgeon is gone.
  14. I have no big expectations whatsoever. Just hoping for a 5 game improvement, another Means-type emergence from one of our younger prospects, no key injuries, and a top 5 pick in the 2021 draft.
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