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  1. Wasn't Wisconsin the state that opened bars around Memorial Day and people went nuts drinking. It was like Happy Hour 2020. Bars, nightclubs and strip clubs are fun but to get things back on track they need to all stay shut until there is a vaccine.
  2. I'd have no,problem putting Stevie Wilkerson in CF for 60 games. With Hays in RF, THAT WOULD LOOK PRETTY SOLID IN MY OPINION.
  3. Honestly I'm more excited about Kjerstad than I am with Rutschman at this point.
  4. I'll be very blunt: I don't like this guy or his politics. I don't ever want to see him in the NFL again.
  5. I don't live in Maryland, but I would not go to any sporting event until their is a vaccine. For the most part, I avoid people.
  6. Kudos to our front office on a nice draft.
  7. I only trust and listen to Dr. Fauchi. The others are just noise.
  8. If Gonzales glove is solid, he would be my pick. Wouldn't be unhappy with Veen either. I understand he is a super prospect. I'd pass on Martin and the Boras factor. Lacy would be my third choice due to control issues.
  9. This is fun..lots of good ideas..anyone onboard with moving up and drafting Juedy? What would it take?
  10. Are we making any inroads so to speak? I see we are in the final 5.
  11. IMHO Queen and Murray will be long gone by our first pick. I'm warming to idea of drafting Taylor in Round 1 and OL and ILB in Round 2. After that DL, Safety and WR, not necessarily in that order. Just my two cents.
  12. With Mancini's future in doubt, think Martin or Tork should be our top pick. Go for pitching in later rounds. No. 1 pick must be a sure thing with these recent events.
  13. Trade up and draft a stud receiver. Give Lamar another big weapon.
  14. Certain players flourished under Hyde last year. I'd roll the dice with Beckham, keep Stevie and hopefully add Cashner.
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