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  1. Wow. I guess I am not welcome here anymore.
  2. I am calling a 2-run shot by Atkins.
  3. It shows that they're actually passionate about the game. That was a terrible call by the ump. I wish Camden Yards was as loud as these Rays seem to be today. I doubt the O's would out draw the Ray's if Camden Yards was a Dome like the Trop.
  4. Was your father an Umpire or something? What are they doing that is so wrong?
  5. I love that kind of reaction from fans. The ump made a bad call and they are letting him have it.
  6. I like what Maddon is doing. Garza isn't gassed at all.
  7. If Guts throws the SL 37% of the time, I think his arm will fall off.
  8. I would wait until a batter got on 2b before yanking him. BTW...Garza got some nasty stuff. He threw 71 FB today (49 for strikes). Next most pitch is his SL at a 13 count. He has been pounding his FB in too.
  9. Guts Pitch Speed chart still looks good. I would send him out into the 7th.
  10. I am assuming the runner takes a responsible secondary lead. I was always told to take as much of a lead as I could as long as I can get back in time. As bob Dylan says, "Makes sense to me." I am a big believe of the large secondary lead at 3b. Helps out on past balls as well as running on contact and it is a rare play for a C to throw to a moving 3b unless that C is I-Rod or Molina. I never tried the stop watch. I would have to assume that the runner will be 3-5 ft farther down the line if he has an extra 3-5 ft starting position.
  11. If you're running on contact you are taking a big secondary lead. If it is a LD hit to P, SS, or 3b, (or a hard GB to the 1b/3b/P) the running on 3rd has a higher chance of being thrown out. It is a risk taken for the reward of a GB hit to a spot where the extra two steps are needed to make the runner on 3b safe.
  12. If you're running on contact why the hell won't you take a big lead. If a squeeze is called why would you take a big lead? Why won't you be running on contact when the hitter at the plate doesn't hit a GB 76.8% of the time for his career?
  13. I thought I learned my listen before to try to correct him, but will not response to his post anymore. I want DT fired more than anyone on here. I was surprised how close Longoria was to the bag for Roberts (he was the one that hit the ball right?).
  14. Pitt has a won a game against Caps or the Devils. Who do they expect to play in the playoffs?
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