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  1. Wow. I guess I am not welcome here anymore.
  2. I am calling a 2-run shot by Atkins.
  3. It shows that they're actually passionate about the game. That was a terrible call by the ump. I wish Camden Yards was as loud as these Rays seem to be today. I doubt the O's would out draw the Ray's if Camden Yards was a Dome like the Trop.
  4. Was your father an Umpire or something? What are they doing that is so wrong?
  5. I love that kind of reaction from fans. The ump made a bad call and they are letting him have it.
  6. I like what Maddon is doing. Garza isn't gassed at all.
  7. If Guts throws the SL 37% of the time, I think his arm will fall off.
  8. I would wait until a batter got on 2b before yanking him. BTW...Garza got some nasty stuff. He threw 71 FB today (49 for strikes). Next most pitch is his SL at a 13 count. He has been pounding his FB in too.
  9. Guts Pitch Speed chart still looks good. I would send him out into the 7th.
  10. I am assuming the runner takes a responsible secondary lead. I was always told to take as much of a lead as I could as long as I can get back in time. As bob Dylan says, "Makes sense to me." I am a big believe of the large secondary lead at 3b. Helps out on past balls as well as running on contact and it is a rare play for a C to throw to a moving 3b unless that C is I-Rod or Molina. I never tried the stop watch. I would have to assume that the runner will be 3-5 ft farther down the line if he has an extra 3-5 ft starting position.
  11. If you're running on contact you are taking a big secondary lead. If it is a LD hit to P, SS, or 3b, (or a hard GB to the 1b/3b/P) the running on 3rd has a higher chance of being thrown out. It is a risk taken for the reward of a GB hit to a spot where the extra two steps are needed to make the runner on 3b safe.
  12. If you're running on contact why the hell won't you take a big lead. If a squeeze is called why would you take a big lead? Why won't you be running on contact when the hitter at the plate doesn't hit a GB 76.8% of the time for his career?
  13. I thought I learned my listen before to try to correct him, but will not response to his post anymore. I want DT fired more than anyone on here. I was surprised how close Longoria was to the bag for Roberts (he was the one that hit the ball right?).
  14. Pitt has a won a game against Caps or the Devils. Who do they expect to play in the playoffs?
  15. Roberts isn't a good bunter and Atkins isn't slow. I was surprised Atkins was going on contact.
  16. TyCobb


    I think it should be noted that AM didn't really care about W/L in those years. This year he actually does care about the W/L and was willing to gamble 4.5 million to see if Atkins can be a comeback player of the year.
  17. Pujols and Mauer are my top two. Utley is a big favorite of mine, but I don't think he is going to age as well as Pujols. Longoria and Wright would be ahead of Utley for me. Lincecum is my first pitcher and in the my top 10. I would probably put Troy Tulowitzki in my top 10 somewhere.
  18. Yea. I was like George is rich but he isn't that rich. 175 million over 7 years to every team. That comes to like 800k per year per team. I hope they actually make a big deal about this and we get some real change.
  19. TyCobb


    It actually has to do with physics.
  20. TyCobb


    I don't know how Atkins will be as a player this year. My gut tells me that a hitter would have a very large disadvantage and that is why I think Atkins can be a 2.5 WAR for us this year. Can't wait to see what Holliday and Atkins do. Not too many players started their career with the Rockies and left with productive years left. As of now the inflated home / deflated away is only an untested theory.
  21. TyCobb


    wRAA is a simply stat. Runs Above Average. It is based off of a wOBA and is league adjusted. I agree Coors inflates a hitters numbers but Coors also deflates a hitters away numbers. If you can't agree with this line than I will stop so I don't waste my time.
  22. TyCobb


    In 2007, Troy's Tulowitzki first full season he was 20.6 wRAA home and -3.7 wRAA away. For his career he is a 35 wRAA at Home and a -1.9 wRAA Away. Holliday was 153.6 wRAA at Home (when he was a Rockie) and 23.3 wRAA Away. But hey I guess the Cards were beyond stupid to offer him a contract because he is only slightly above average hitter. Atkins for his career is a 70 wRAA at home and a -9.3 wRAA away. It is common knowledge in the baseball world (AM won't have said it publicly if every team didn't already know it) that Rockie players have abnormally low away numbers splits.
  23. TyCobb


    Atkins must have the greatest agent in the world if he can sign for 4.5 million with no other teams interested.
  24. LJ said he had good arm strength. AJ has great arm strength.
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