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  1. What's going on here? Why has this guy not been announced?
  2. Has it been announced yet? Who's spot is he going to take on the 40 man roster?
  3. Fair to say that Arnold, Fagnant and Amarzlak are definitely not signing and Miknis, Thomas and Pedersen are probably not signing? Is that the order? From not likely to not happening; 1. Miknis 2. Thomas 3. Pedersen 4. Arnold 5. Fagnant 6. Zmarzlak
  4. So I'm gonna say, based on Luke's post, we're looking to see if one of these 6 hs kids at the bottom of the draft will take $500k. Just summarizing in my mind. So which one is most likely to take it?
  5. Does that include if they went up to the 105% of the allotted money?
  6. My prediction is there will be an "impossible" pick, signed this year and he'll be drafted tomorrow.
  7. Posted Wednesday at 21:19 Fringe prospect. Unless Dan Duquette is the GM of the team we are trading him to.
  8. Mac Williamson? Any interest there?
  9. John, I sent the glove and ball out weeks ago. I assumed you got it. Please contact me at my email @[email protected] I sent it to the address on your check...I believe I have  a Post OFFICE RECEIPT...

  10. Don't forget Bonilla and those strung out payments.
  11. Looks like Olney has a new insider article up grading each teams trade deadline. Anyone on the other side of that paywall able to provide info on his thoughts about how the O's did?
  12. This thread has me thinking about the next set of pieces to go. Possibly Jones in August and maybe Cashner. Then between the offseason and 2019 deadline; Trumbo and Villar will have value if current 2018 production holds through then. I could see Mike Wright, Beckham and Givens using their expanded role to gain value. Finally, I expect Joseph and Cobb to be better next season (couldn't get much worse). Which could lead to them having value for the right team. I pray for C Davis to regain any form of his old self. It's not impossible, but at best we are eating money to get rid of him and even that may take a few years.
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