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  1. First time that no team has started 3-0 since 1954.
  2. I played Rec ball until I got to high school. I didn't try out for the team in my freshman year, and didn't make the JV team when I tried out as a sophomore. The coach told me that if I had shown the same skills as a freshman, I would have made the team, but I pretty obviously didn't have the skill to play varsity ball the next year anyhow. I was an all-glove 3B/CF. Very good defender, abysmal hitter, decent batting eye, good runner. Still get together with friends on occasion to play a pick-up softball game. I was a much better distance runner than I was baseball player, did very we
  3. There's room for all ten of those guys, and W. Chen, in my opinion. A more interesting question to me is who, from the pre-2012 period, goes in over the next few years. I guess if JJ Hardy stays retired, he will be the first of the playoff group in. Not sure how long the gap between retirement and eligibility is, or if there's even a hard and fast rule about it. Who of the non-retired pre-2012 class could get in? Palmiero and Tejada would probably be in already on merit alone, were it not for the alleged B12 incident. Who else then? Jeremy Guthrie? Jim Johnson (after he ret
  4. Section 374. Not my first opening day, but first in nearly a decade.
  5. I was an umpire/field leader (reported injuries, put the bases down and collected them after games) for little league. Then I was a dishwasher at a catering hall two or three times over the weekend. I loved the dishwashing gig as much as any job I've ever had. Spent most of the day messing around with my friends who worked there, snuck beers from the bar. Good free food. I started there when I was 14, and continued working there once a week even after I got more "regular" jobs. Probably didn't completely quit that job until I was 20 or so.
  6. Marvin Miller has had the largest impact of any non-player in the past 50 years. Maybe ever. Its an absolute shame that he's not in the Hall already. I hope he's elected this year, or at least before his death. Torre and LaRussa are also slam dunks.
  7. I like 90-minute IPA too, but I think the 60 is so much more well-balanced. Also, I like that I can have a couple of 'em. More than one 90-minute IPA doesn't sit well on the palate or on the stomach.
  8. I've had this in St. Augustine a few times. Its excellent. A nice alternative for us Baltimore-area folks is the Abita Pecan Ale which is released in the fall. Love it here. The tour is probably the best I've been on too (they tap directly into a secondary fermenter, and you have the freshest beer of your life). You have to reserve it pretty far in advance, but you can also put your name on stand by and have some drinks at the bar and hope that someone else doesn't show. Great great place. New Belgium Trippel costs $10 for six, and is, in my opinion, better than Golden Monkey.
  9. I'm really excited to see Gausman pitch. Who do you guys think gets removed from the 40-man roster to make space? Belfiore and Stinson seem like the most likely candidates.
  10. I may've seen a few more, but I can't recall them off of the top of my head. Here's what I remember, in the order in which I enjoyed them. I did enjoy all of these movies to some degree, FWIW. Lincoln Moonrise Kingdom Safety Not Guaranteed The Cabin in the Woods Django Unchained The Avengers Brave 21 Jump Street ParaNorman Bernie Looper The Dark Knight Rises Ruby Sparks The Hunger Games John Carter The Campaign
  11. CBA stipulates that for the cap purposes its the AAV of the contracts, not the salary in year 'x'.
  12. I'll be at The Ottobar. I think they added a second show at U-St.
  13. Chris Davis is replacing 2011 Luke Scott who played in 60 games and put up a .700 OPS. Sort of like 2011 Chris Davis did. The good news for us is that Davis is 26 going in to this season and Luke will be turning 34.
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