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  1. Over 8 Ks per game, 5 HRs in 60 innings, 1.1 WHIP, 2.5 ERA -- those are pretty dominant stats for a 21 year old in AAA. The comparison to Liriano is sort of strange. I mean, Liriano has had one of the greatest rookie seasons for a starter in major league history. Saying that Penn doesn't really rival Liriano is hardly a criticism.
  2. In 67 IP this year, he's got a 60/21 K/BB ratio, a 1.1 WHIP, has given up 5 HR, and has an ERA of 2.55. THat's pretty dominant, esp. considering that in a bunch of those starts he was recovering from an appendectomy. (maybe he still is). As I said, there might be some reason the orioles are keeping him down, but I don't see why we should trust the FO's judgment over his raw stats at this point. Keep in mind that minor league stats generally do an excellent job of predicting ML performance.
  3. You might not like the attitude of some of the people on this board, but the reality is that there is no reason for any of us to give the Oriole FO the benefit of the doubt at this point. If the Braves or Red Sox were keeping Penn in the minors I'd happily concede that they have a good reason for keeping him down, and that there's more to the story than we know. But the Orioles haven't earned that kind of deference or respect.
  4. eh...It's one start. Doesn't mean much.
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    The question is, how? THe FA market this year is pretty thin, and unless Angelos is willing to greatly increase the payroll, we're not going to get many top shelf FAs. At most we might get one top guy and a couple of ok guys. Of course the Orioles don't have to trade Tejada, but IMO trading him for a package of young players is the best way to add talent to the roster and build a winning team.
  6. What about Buck O'Neill for the other spot? He'd give you the ultimate bang for your buck veteran presence.
  7. I would take the Twins deal, but I can't imagine they would offer that unless the Orioles were picking up a huge chunk of tejada's salary. I would definitely do the Angels deal, and the dodgers deal isn't bad.
  8. Well, I'm basically assuming that Wood and Kendrick are off the table. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic. If it's a choice between Wood and Kotchman or Kendrick and Adenhart vs. a larger package I would certainly go with the former. I guess the tougher call is whether the Orioles would be better off with say, Wood and a B or B- prospect like Saunders, vs. a larger package.
  9. I still think the most logical deal is the one davearm proposed: Adenhart, Aybar, Kotchman, and Mathis for Tejada. The Orioles plug a lot of holes, and the Angels don't have to give up any of the guys currently helping them. Of course I'd rather get Wood or Kendrick, but that's still a lot of talent, and Adenhart could quickly become one of the Orioles top starters.
  10. These are all good points. The only caveat I would add is that Houston is already 10 games back in the division and 6 games back for the wildcard, so they're more likely to say "screw it" and give up on this season. But you never know how desperate the owners and GMs are to give it one last shot.
  11. I don't think I've ever seen Hirsch rated that high. But he's a good prospect. My concern is that I'd rather get a couple of good young bats, since we already have bunch of good pitching prospects. Not that getting more arms is a bad thing, but given the choice I'd rather have position prospects. So I'd much prefer something like Aybar, Adenhart, Kotchman, and Mathis to any Astro's package.
  12. Exactly. The point is that it doesn't make a lot of sense for teams to pass up a guy like Weaver b/c they don't want to shell out an extra $2-3 million (or whatever), when they'll likely spend far more than that on assorted FAs who aren't much less of a risk. The Orioles in particular have money to spend (putting the Angelos issue aside) and need an injection of talent, so they should be willing to pay for the top guys in the draft.
  13. I don't know...there were lots of people who said at the time of the draft that the teams passing on Drew or Weaver were being foolish. And they were right. Teams blow millions on unproductive FAs every year, but then are strangely gunshy about giving an extra million here or there to some top draft picks. To me that's often a better risk than throwing tens of millions at a FA. The Orioles could give Carlos Lee 5/$60M this offseason and he might suffer a career ending back injury in his first game. Or he might just be really mediocre for the life of the contract. The Angels have a very strong farm system and a good team in part because they're willing to take these risks. They took Weaver and signed him, and drafted Adenhart and convinced him to sign by giving him a big bonus (IIRC).
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