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  1. Blue Jays 4 Yankees 1 Bottom 7 (Good) Red Sox 1 Rays 0 Bottom 7 (Indifferent, but probably Good) Cards 1 Royals 0 Bottom 4 (Good) Mariners at As 10:05 PM EST Overall, Good.
  2. Someone needs to apologize for crappy replay. Had the runner been ruled safe at 2nd after Hardy saw the out call, I would have been ready to riot. Just sayin, cause Hardy could have still thrown to 1st to get the out. This replay crap is gonna eventually cause a huge controversy in a major game.
  3. I just kissed my TV. No lie.
  4. Lightheaded, dizzy, on meds? WTF? All 4 were catchable.
  5. 1st time playing in warm weather this year. My concern about Tillman has always been flat pitches. Now that he has become a veteran, he has learned how to overcome. He will hit his stride during the dog days. Bring back the cool weather during the playoffs and we will see ace stuff from him. IMO.
  6. Other than being left handed, I see a little bit of Brett Butler.
  7. Reimold is more than swift. He's fast.
  8. Google Fox Sports Live and sign in through your cable provider. You will be live streming in no time.
  9. Beisball! I hate off days.
  10. Kansas City's speed on the base paths absolutely destroyed us last year in the playoffs. I think it is pretty clear that we will need to equalize this if we face them again. Revere gives us the best chance.
  11. At least when he gives it up, he gives it up big... to the point where you can safely cut off the TV and go to bed if you live on the East coast.
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