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  1. MLB.pipeline has updated their draft prospect rankings.
  2. Eric Nadel has been at this for over 30 years. He IS and has been VERY good at it!
  3. Per MLB.com: Bauman, Lowther, Wells and Mattson all optioned to Norfolk today
  4. MLB has announced the competitive balance picks for the 2021 draft. Article here
  5. If I remember correctly, the Red Sox are to forfeit their first round pick in 2021 (as well as their 2020 first rounder) which leaves the O's drafting at #4 overall in the first round.
  6. I think Alberto's days as an Oriole are numbered.
  7. The possible emergence of TWO starting pitchers not named D L Hall or Grayson Rodriguez leaves me feeling positively giddy over the future!
  8. Would be nice if he were still available at # 30
  9. Well, this will help prepare us mentally for if/when we play this summer ....
  10. Actually looking forward to this! Thanks Tony!
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