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  1. Would be nice if he were still available at # 30
  2. Well, this will help prepare us mentally for if/when we play this summer ....
  3. Actually looking forward to this! Thanks Tony!
  4. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy ('cept mebbe Tony). Congrats!!!!!
  5. That should be a GOOD thing ... and just might be a VERY GOOD thing!
  6. Understood Tony, Thanks for your dedication through the years! I'll gladly sign up for a "double-plus" membership if that'll help.
  7. Thought MLB had said 13 was the limit on pitchers for 26-man roster. Don't have a reference handy tho... Reference: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/03/mlb-mlbpa-agree-single-trade-deadline-expanded-rosters.html Apparently that has yet to be finalized
  8. Not at all sure there is anything to be gained by keeping Escobar beyond this weekend.
  9. Been here since 2005 and I agree - plus membership is some of the easiest money to spend, I rarely post but I've read daily (yup, DAILY) for those 13 plus years. The content (and informed opinions) are unmatched . If you want to know virtually anything about the Orioles this is THE place.
  10. Wacky idea: Teams set a payroll, Players are paid 100% of the payroll, Players decide among themselves how to divide up said payroll, Players sign with a team but their actual salary is determined by their peers. Playoff shares are above and beyond regular season salary.
  11. More on the Dodgers: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-dodgers-might-be-in-actual-legal-trouble/
  12. You're right! (of course)
  13. Add Al Kaline to the list
  14. Absolutely neither! If we are committed to a rebuild why flush cash down the drain to move the needle a few games (possibly costing a place of two in the 2020 draft!)
  15. Any compelling reason to NOT reward Ron Johnson for his years at Norfolk?
  16. Adam is the face of the team but won't produce at a level commensurate with the Qualifying Offer salary.
  17. Have the MFYs throw in a 5 Mil Bonus for him to accept perhaps?
  18. If they pull the trigger on a trade this early in the off season it's pretty much assured to be a "good" return
  19. I believe "Sir Loin" is the name you're looking for
  20. Most likely DD is following the orders of his boss and not commenting. What lawyer (PGA) wants anyone on his side of the case talking to the media about it? Just because you want to hear DD deny the rumors doesn't mean it's gonna happen. My money is on DD being the good employee/client and following his Boss/lawyer's advice to NOT talk about the subject.
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