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  1. It's naive to think this stops with him getting a hit.
  2. There are only two good options for Davis. He flatlines again and forces the O's to cut bait. Or he mashes for half a season at an .800+ OPS and Elias is able to move him to a surprise contender + a big chunk of salary for a couple of B prospects. Let's call those odds 99:1. Anything in between just drags this stoopid situation out longer.
  3. He was a great — and influential — food critic. Naturally, lesser talents ripped him off.
  4. Checking in after a few years away, it's nice to see that calm, rational, level-headed, non-knee jerk thinking still rules the day at the OH. Oh, wait.
  5. 15 seasons of park factor data indicate otherwise.
  6. Parker broke down too early due to substance abuse and conditioning issues. Garvey was never anywhere near as good as he would tell you he was.
  7. Stargell died the same day that PNC Park was opened, IIRC.
  8. Lived in Richmond for years: the Fan, Oregon Hill, North Side-Bellevue, Church Hill. I knew Chris had a brewery; didn't know it was in Ashland.
  9. In Italian, Amaro means "bitter."
  10. Bob Andino is now a Pirate. http://www.bucsdugout.com/2013/7/31/4577118/pirates-make-a-trade
  11. Pirates swept yesterday's doubleheader and have outscored the Cards over the first 3 games of the series, 17-3.
  12. Gentlemen, I've raised the white whale. I believe I'm owed a gold doubloon.
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