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  1. I really like our top 10. And our top 20 is pretty solid too. You're right that it will be interesting to see how a lot of guys perform next year. Kjerstad, Baumler obviously. But also guys like Pinto, Basallo, Hernandez, Williams, Willem, De Los Santos, Rhodes, Trimble, McLarty, Lyons could emerge. A lot of potential at the lower levels. Will be fun!
  2. I’d love to know more about his elbow. I’d like to think he’s had enough time to see how it’s responded to rest. If he’s going to need surgery, it would be best to get the clock running on his recovery. His raw stuff is really impressive. Even if he loses 2022, there’s an awful lot to like long term. So despite the injury risk, his upside and numbers in AA make him my choice. Love Mayo, but he’s got a long ways to go. Cowser is too SSS for me to put above anyone other than Kjerstad on this list.
  3. Diaz hasn’t torn it up, but he’s rekindled the slightest bit of hope that he isn’t permanently lost. I have an evolving interest in seeing what Cullen does in ‘22. He’s a gamer who gets on base. Has made some nice defensive plays in AFL. A lot of guys for one reason or another who are Rule V eligible before getting 1000 MiL at bats. Cullen isn’t even close (786). That lost season might expose a few guys to Rule V who didn’t get enough PT to properly evaluate. Edit - not implying that Cullen is one of those guys (perhaps in the AAA phase though)
  4. Are we trying to predict who Tony will name, or who we think is #3? I’ve been going by the latter. I named Hall, but I think Tony will pick Mayo (it was a toss up between the two for me).
  5. Interesting how tough this pick is, but not because of a huge drop off in talent.
  6. In a vacuum, my priorities this offseason are to add a solid #3 starter, a third baseman, and a solid defensive catcher to spell Rutschman over the next few seasons. Means, Rodriguez, Hall, Ellis, Zimmerman, Baumann, Bradish, Akin, Lowther, Kremer, A. Wells are all candidates for the rotation in '22. I'd consider using '22 to break in Baumann and Bradish in the bullpen while giving more starter chances to the Zimmerman, Akin, Lowther, Kremer, Wells group (in BAL or NOR). I don't care if the third baseman is a short term addition, but it's a clear place we can upgrade our offense. Having Stower
  7. Updating an older post of mine, for the pre-Rule V 40 man roster, here's what I've got (in pencil): Removed from 40 man (15) - Pedro Severino, Pat Valaika, Rylan Bannon, Tyler Nevin, Austin Wynns, Nick Ciuffo, Eric Hanhold, Thomas Eshelman, Travis Lakins Sr., Konner Wade, Fernando Abad, Matt Harvey, Spencer Watkins, Conner Greene, Zack Burdi (players in bold already removed from 40 man) Fielders (14) - Trey Mancini, Jorge Mateo, Ramon Urias, Kelvin Gutierrez, Austin Hays, Cedric Mullins, Anthony Santander, Ryan Mountcastle, Ryan McKenna, DJ Stewart, Terrin Vavra, Robert Neustrom, Jah
  8. Cullen hit a 3 run HR today, and of course, a walk. I'm interested to see him get a full season in 2022. The guy was a real knack for drawing walks.
  9. I haven’t seen enough of him personally, but he fits the profile of someone who would be a low risk Rule V target. Tall lefty reliever with good slider/curve. He clearly didn’t fare well in AAA, but he’s had some time to adjust and is getting some good exposure in Arizona. If he does get drafted, I expect he’d be offered back to us eventually. I think I’m probably in the minority in thinking he’ll be taken at all.
  10. Will be interesting to see if Vespi pitches his way onto the 40 man or into a Rule V selection. Seems to me he might fall in between…..someone who isn’t protected because the O’s brass don’t think he’ll stay with a drafting team for the full season.
  11. That's an awfully impressive list. I'll be very eager to hear reports about the younger guys like Basallo, Hernandez, De Los Santos, etc. But Kjerstad/Hall/Baumler have to be the biggest story lines.
  12. Doesn't seem like there's any chance we'd protect him, but I hope we keep him. I have no idea how his fielding is, but he really does have an impressive ability to draw walks.
  13. Yup, thanks for the correction.
  14. Cullen is a guy who is a total unknown to me. He has a pretty impressive ability to draw walks. Another thing that stands out...other than Kyle Stowers, every AFL participant is Rule V eligible this year. So it seems we're using it more to get one last look at guys before we expose them, than we are to develop prospects. Diaz may be an exception to that though.....they may be just wanting him to get at bats having missed so much of the year. But he is Rule V eligible.
  15. I agree, but his trade value this offseason will be very unimpressive. I'd rather roll the dice in the hopes he can stay healthy and establish some value for the deadline.....very different situation this offseason than last. If we do actually manage to make a good trade including Santander this offseason, I'm all for it.
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