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  1. Pinto explodes! Nice outing tonight.
  2. Watching his stance, there's no mystery why Haskin gets hit a lot.
  3. I think it’s a safe assumption that we’re going to see more frequent positive tests thru the end of the season. MLB favored the J&J vaccine, which seems less effective at preventing transmission (but great at preventing serious symptoms). In hindsight J&J was a mistake for MLB. I assume it was a logistics and ease of administering just one shot decision. I wonder, if things keep getting worse, does MLB start restricting crows sizes again.
  4. What a wild deadline. Off topic, but have we been linked to Philadelphia for Scott or Fry?
  5. If they're going into a full rebuild I won't weep. If we're emerging from our rebuild as they're going in we might have a chance to reclaim a little regional interest and put some more butts in the seats.
  6. Really nice to see him hit one of those against a lefty.....even if it was a hanging off speed pitch. If he improves against lefties he becomes a much more interesting prospect.
  7. Makes sense. I'm looking forward to reading this. Disappointed Adam Hall has fallen out of favor so much this year. Just turned 22, has 24 SB/1 CS, can play multiple positions. I suppose I can still have hope for him as a prospect while not worrying about him being Rule V drafted. Honestly, I still have never seen Stauffer pitch.
  8. I've been wondering about the Rule V guys recently, and if some of them are more likely to get a look this fall. My month old list has Hall, Bradish, Vavra, Smith, Neustrom, Knight, Dorrian, Peralta, Vespi, Hall, Stauffer as additions. The turnover on the 40 man over the next year will be pretty impressive.
  9. For all of you waiting for Bowie's catcher to be promoted to Norfolk......here you go! https://www.milb.com/player/chris-hudgins-657621 Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  10. And what to do with Richie Martin will become an issue soon as well. Like Grenier, my expectations for him as a future piece are minimal. But he's gotta go somewhere.
  11. It’s all about the pitching. Our timeline moves up rapidly if Rodriguez/Hall/Bradish/Baumann or others transition quickly. We have a lot of good young arms arriving in a short span that second wave. We’ll certainly be a lot more fun to watch every night.
  12. I got duped too. But mine was a push notification. Now we can’t trust those either. What a waste of time.
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