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  1. Maybe in a King Ralph-like scenario. Is MLB planning a full league photo shoot?
  2. Edwards was clearly available. I’ll assume we kicked the tires and couldn’t make it work. He would have been a guy I’d be happy to get as we shed our few traceable parts.
  3. I’m against the move. From a fan perspective, I’m drawn to the contrast of keeping a historically awful player because of a bad contract while releasing a player because they earned a raise by their performance. From a roster perspective, is the saved payroll going to improve the team performance in 2020? Or in 2024? I’m just not seeing it.
  4. I think it’s clear they want to find a #1 type, and will. So I think our best angle is to take Myers’ contract: 1) Wil Myers/prospect 1, for Alex Cobb 2) Wil Myers/prospect 1/prospect 2 for Mychal Givens #1 clears space for Naylor and sheds a contract they have little use for in favor of a shorter contract that could turn useful if Cobb returns healthy. #2 clears space for Naylor, sheds a contract they have little use for, gives payroll space to chase a top FA pitcher, and gives them a good arm for late innings. The question is what kind of prospects are the O’s buying when they absorb that ugly Myers contract? If the O’s are interested in going this route, they’d need to do it quickly. Naturally the winter meetings are in San Diego. Note: I’m not advocating those deals. Just saying that seems our best path if we wanted to deal with San Diego. I don’t want any part of Myers, other than what he can buy us in prospects.
  5. I think there are several avenues available for a trade with San Diego, who is loaded with prospects and needs pitching 1) Make a smaller deal for a 2nd tier prospect, using Bundy and/or Givens. I’ve said before I’d love to go after Edwards at SS. It’s worth noting that their 2nd tier is on par with other teams’ first tier. 2) Trade Mancini in a 3 way deal, with pitching going to SD and prospect to Baltimore 3) Take Wil Myers’ contract off their books. It’s a bad contract and it would open up a spot for Naylor, and afford them the payroll space to bring Strasburg back home. This would bring the biggest prospect haul for Baltimore. We’re one of the few teams with plenty of payroll space. Myers’ contract would be expiring in 3 years, so he’d be off our books around the time we’d be looking to be seriously competitive. Another way to approach a Myers deal would be to swap bad contracts, Myers and prospect(s) for Cobb.
  6. Done! Here’s an excerpt from the San Diego Union Tribune: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2019-08-21/padres-minor-leagues-xavier-edwards-2018-mlb-draft-lake-elsinore-storm%3f_amp=true “He’s played shortstop nearly as often as second base in a little over a year in the system, two positions manned by Tatis and Luis Urias in the majors. Below that, middle infielders Owen Miller and Ivan Castillo are among the Double-A Texas League’s top hitters, shortstop Gabriel Arias is enjoying a breakthrough season at Lake Elsinore and CJ Abrams will be nipping at Edwards’ heels as soon as he can return from his shoulder injury. Not all of those players will suit up for the Padres, who appear poised to redistribute some of their prospect wealth to bolster holes at the major league level this offseason.”
  7. I said it before, but Xavier Edwards is a guy I’d target. Completely blocked at 2B/SS by guys who are young stars and going nowhere soon. San Diego is getting close to being a monster. We’ve got have something that would tempt them.
  8. I voted AR and GR, but if I was betting real money I’d vote AR and RM.
  9. I think I heard that he's looking for a shorter term deal than the one the Nats offered, in part because he doesn't want to be earning a huge salary that his production doesn't justify near the end of his contract. When he can't produce anymore, he'll walk away from the game content. As Oriole fans, there's no way we can't respect the hell out of that.
  10. Not for 2020, but do we have anyone who would tempt San Diego to part with Xavier Edwards? Our system is a little thin on middle IF, and he is blocked at 2B/SS for years to come by Urias/Tatis.
  11. Growing up in Baltimore, 1979 season lit my fire. The years that followed were solid too. 13 game plans. I was an easy sell.
  12. I’m all for grooming him to close someday. Totally done trying to get starter innings out of him. Be thankful he’s healthy and can fill an important role. Worked out for Britton.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. Mistook it for a strike zone and thought the molehill was his hot zone.
  14. If he hits 0 HR between now and the expiration of his contract, or if he hits 150 HR, we will be spending the same money. The money is a fixed cost of doing business. He is not a MLB player any more. He’s taking a job from a more deserving player. The team will be improved by his absence. This is an easy call. A dust up with the manager is meaningless to the larger problem, that ownership/management is pretending that they’re salvaging something of value from his awful contract by having him attend the games.
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