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  1. Yeah, I’m not on here much anymore. Partly because it feels like there’s a participation threshold needed in order to post, without being repetitive. I hope nobody has made this point recently....I have no time to check (sarcasm).
  2. Yet another reason I wish CD would just retire.....1B is a prime position to give a fringy guy an opportunity to to establish value for the organization. Looking at Nunez, Ruiz, Alberto, Iglesias, Severino, etc......and harkening back to 1989 with Tettleton, Milligan, Devereaux, Ballard, etc., this phase in a rebuild offers the chance to develop value through opportunity that competing organizations don't have. Particularly LH power hitters at Camden Yards.
  3. Assuming there is a season, I’m happy to see it happen. But what a colossal failure by baseball that it took so long to make it happen. And instead of a feel good story for the country, it’s two warring groups at an impasse over money, one forcing the other to play per contract terms. We should already be over a month into the season by now. 60 games is a joke. And I’m extra salty that I’m siding with the owners...how much does that suck!
  4. Feel free to rip up this idea if you wish. Nobody likes the idea of fanless games, but most of us want to see baseball. So why not have a limited capacity of fans allowed at the game, that can be kept at a safe distance and managed before and after the game? 1000 seats, auctioned online in blocked out denominations that maintain distances from other groups. The proceeds from the games are used by the home cities to pay salaries of low-mid income employees of local businesses. There would be costs of security, ushers, limited concessions, and plan management. But if the average seat is auctioned at $250+, that’s $200,000+ per home game after expenses (41 home games - $8.2 million) to support the local economy and residents. I think it may even pull in much more given corporate support and other donations Think of the riot game vs the White Sox.....it was great that a minimal number of fans were out there cheering...not just total silence. It gives the players some feedback and makes the broadcasts tolerable, while giving something back to the community. Is that impractical?
  5. I’m too busy today to track down the answer to my question. Have they addressed the minor league season? They must have......
  6. Jeff Ballard, Jim Traber and Chito Martinez come to mind.
  7. I started off as a pitcher and was going to break every record in the book. Some crazy chick shot me, not really sure why....I don't really like to talk about it. I was thinking about making a comeback but, you know, coronavirus. My real truth is that I couldn't hit a lick but I had a fantastic curveball that I learned at a baseball camp that had Mike Flanagan and Tippy Martinez. I used Mike's grip with McGregor's windup. Then I screwed up my rotator cuff for life. Listen up kids....stick to fastballs! I only came to realize in the last five years that a neglected & screwed up rotator cuff becomes worse when you get older. I shoulda been a farmer.
  8. Kinda strange to say one of the least frequent posters on this board overvalues baseball. Did I suggest schools and restaurants are less important than baseball? No, that was your embellishment. We’re going to see tens of thousands of Americans die in the next two months. It’s going to be brutal. When we’re on the other side, the country will need to heal. Baseball has a part to play and in order to do that they need to make preparations. I don’t think it’s out of touch to care about and plan for what happens after the worst is behind us. I don’t expect that anyone is going to be particularly excited about playing games in empty stadiums. But it’s a first step. And it allows the game to be fully ready when medical advances allow the crowds to return. And that goes for the minor leagues too. On the other side of the surge the country will desperately need to get back to work. And that includes professional baseball. And eventually all the jobs it supports. And we’ll need the diversion. It’s a lousy plan, but I think better than the alternative, which is no plan. Just waiting, hoping, and losing time. I’m not surprised that people disagree. Particularly at this point in time.
  9. Is that really what you’re gathering from my posts or are you just digging for ways to be argumentative?
  10. I think it’s just the opposite. Baseball was incredibly important to the country after 9/11. I think it’s important in this time of suspended normalcy to give people something familiar to follow. Something other than death and fear. We shouldn’t underestimate how brutal the next month will be....so much worse than March. We’ll need something to help lead us out of this. That’s part of what has been great about baseball in our history. It’s restorative. Starting the season will have important symbolism when we’ll really need it. And when the fans return later on it will be a huge part of healing. I sound sappy saying it, but I really believe it’s important.
  11. Four stages of CV response: 1) social distancing/hand washing/cleaning 2) widespread/quick testing/contact tracing 3) treatments for symptoms (reducing lethality to the laboratory equivalent of influenza) 4) vaccination As it relates to baseball, once you have #2, the games can be held, but without fans in attendance. Once you get to #3, combined with expected seasonality (not elimination, but diminishment), you can return to having fans at the games. This also assumes existing measures have first reduced the spread dramatically (June at the earliest if effective treatments have emerged). My personal take is that #3 is a HUGE variable, that can’t be predicted. If I’m MLB, I start planning on a resumption of games in mid-May with the expectation that they will be in empty stadiums until #3 has been achieved in all parts of the country.
  12. Abbott labs is rolling out widespread testing (50k per day) of FDA approved tests that yield results in less than 15 minutes. As I said previously, frequent player testing is necessary before any discussion of playing games again can occur. With this rollout, the question will shift to playing games in empty stadiums, or waiting until frequent public testing advances as far as it has in South Korea (though I question our ability to have same level of public compliance). But this development is important, and could force some tough questions on MLB and the players union.
  13. The caveat is important. I think the implication is that you can’t have bans in some cities but not others. That creates an uneven playing field. But the matter of playing in neutral sites and/or empty stadiums needs further consideration.
  14. This is why I think fanless games are inevitable. Mass gatherings aren’t happening until a medical solution emerges. So if it’s inevitable, start working on the logistics now so that frequent player testing is the last obstacle to playing the games. It stinks, but not as much as canceling all of 2020 and much of 2021. Money will drive the decision. I’d just like to know more about the owner side finances of fanless games. Is that better or worse than cancelling two seasons and not paying player contracts? And is that league wide or is the answer different for different franchises?
  15. The hyper-frequent testing is necessary for MLB so they can avoid avoid entire teams being placed in quarantine. These are world class athletes in the prime so their personal risk of complications from infection would be very low. But they have families too, and a responsibility to stop the spread. The more I think about this, the less I want to think about this. Weird times.
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