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  1. One last thought before I hit the road. If Mark Turgeon had been the coach during the Gary Williams years, we wouldn’t have any passionate rivalries left to miss when we left the ACC. And we don’t really have great rivalries in the B1G because Turgeon has been our coach. Penn State has our loathing and disgust, but it’s not a rivalry. We need to win meaningful games to forge rivalries, and even then it takes time. Can you build rivalries when your team is a perennial aww shucks submissive?
  2. Right? This is what I’m saying. That rivalry was spectacular in the early 2000s. But the mutual dislike was genuine and hasn’t faded much. I miss the hell out of the 8 team ACC. But after it expanded, it was never the same. Which is unfortunate, but times change and you change along with it. Adapt or die.
  3. Moving was good financially, and there really wasn’t an option because Yow left us in such a hole. But the problem is that the donor base just doesn’t keep up with other major schools. And they’ve used their donor dollars on facilities. If they find the money, they could make a great hire like Oats or Musselman. But I doubt they’ll pony up what it will take. That’s why it’s hard to know just how good a coaching gig it could be.
  4. I agreed with everything you said until I got to this. I miss having rivalries yes, but I miss Duke about as much as I miss my first wife. Good times notwithstanding, so much BS. It’s better this way. 😁
  5. Hard to know how coveted it is. Big fan base, huge tv market, recruiting hotbed in backyard. But they won’t pay the salary that the job deserves, which will probably lead us to a second tier option. If salary wasn’t a factor, it would be a top 20 opening for sure.
  6. You might not know it, but I’m a bit of a fan (see my handle). I’m giddy. This should have happened when he got his extension, or years earlier. Moving to the B1G wasn’t what made us less visible in college basketball, it’s Mark Turgeon. His teams are unimaginably boring to watch, he doesn’t develop talent well, he stopped recruiting, I could go on and on. But bottom line is that he can’t beat good teams, even when he has a good team. He’s a good coach whose coaching skills are better suited to mid-majors. He’s a high floor/low ceiling guy. Getting rid of him is like getting rid of Angelos. An
  7. I think we should put together a virtual offseason. 30 of us posters are randomly assigned a major league franchise. We use a Google Drive doc (like the handy one Tony posted a link to on the Minor League board), and use that as our master franchise rosters. We make whatever trades we'd like. Then we simulate the 2022 season using a fantasy baseball engine to track real world stats, or a gaming platform to simulate the season (I'm not up on which would be best). The winner is the GM whose team shows the biggest improvement in team wins over 2021. And since players can be traded from any level
  8. My takeaway from Lyles and Odor is that Elias is no more committed to winning games in 2022 than he was in 2021. It also does nothing to lessen my concern that he while can build a system full of talent, does he know how to construct a roster and coaching staff that is playoff caliber? Obviously that’s not what these signings are about, but these are highly uninspired acquisitions.
  9. I don't see how giving this guy innings is preferable to giving more starts to Akin, Lowther, Kremer, Wells, Zimmerman, Bradish, Baumann. I was 100% in favor of adding another starter, but we could find similar options off the waiver wire. The money makes it all the more head-scratching.
  10. That's the guy I would have wanted, but we would have never paid for, and who would have never signed on to our situation.
  11. Unless I'm mistaken, the O's can drop players from their roster at any time, including right before the eventual Rule V draft. So presumably this isn't to create space for the Rule V draft, and implies an expectation that they'll need to make room imminently. Unless of course, it doesn't. 😃
  12. Miami and Texas are really getting their work in.
  13. Ollie's Bargain Outlet at Oriole Park at Camden Yards has a nice ring to it!
  14. Interesting strategy to sign a bunch of guys to insane, record-breaking contracts as you're about to lockout the sport so you can negotiate a new CBA, where you'll make your case that you can't possibly share more revenue with the players. Hey, at least we know they're not colluding!
  15. We're in the character building humility stage of our fandom. So we have that going for us......which is nice.
  16. Well that's disappointing. But my post is just for illustrative purposes anyhow.....that dealing Mullins could make a lot of sense with the right return.
  17. If you took SG's trade suggestion from page 1 of this thread (which would require a little more back on Baltimore's side IMO), and sign Freddy Galvis to another short term deal, here is a rough mockup of our 2022 lineup: C - Adley Rutschman, 1B - Ryan Mountcastle, 2B - Ramon Urias, SS - Freddy Galvis, 3B - Brian Anderson, LF - Austin Hays, CF - Ryan McKenna, RF - DJ Stewart, DH - Trey Mancini S1 - John Means, S2 - Grayson Rodriguez, S3 - Pablo Lopez, S4 - Max Meyer, S5 - Kyle Bradish CL - Tyler Wells, Cole Sulser, Tanner Scott, Keegan Akin, Mike Baumann, Jorge Lopez, Dillon Tat
  18. I wish I knew more about how much each side is willing to dig in. My assumption is that the owners aren't going to go for a payroll floor, and that the players aren't going to fight to the death for it. I think the players hold firm on the service clock issue, and that it will be changed. I guess the issue players care most about is being paid earlier in their careers, and I think that's not without merit. My hope is that instead of sweeping changes that the owners will resist, they tweak something a little more familiar to the existing system, like making players arbitration eligible quicker.
  19. Have you ever written out a really long post, only to trash the whole thing because you realize you said virtually nothing that adds to the discussion? ps - you're welcome
  20. I don't disagree with that conceptually, but I don't think it's going to happen simply because I don't think other teams will pony up the kind of return we'd need to justify trading Means, and for the same kinds of concerns that make me open to trading him.....that I don't trust he'll be able to perform at the same level he's presently seen as being.
  21. Spent some time the other night looking at other rosters and Miami, Texas, Atlanta, and San Francisco looked like the best bets for dealing Mullins. And the kind of prospects SF could deal from didn't wow me. Same with Philadelphia. Roll Tide's suggestion of Jung/Winn seems like a reach to me, but that would be a great deal.
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