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  1. Wait, I'm just seeing this response. So you are accusing me on not having "the intestinal fortitude to admit" I'm a homer????? Really???? I didn't like Martin before the draft and wanted Lacy. I want no part of Boras and any player that picks him, I believe he is bad for the game. I agree with SG that Martin's value pre-draft was tied to staying on the left side or CF. I don't believe he will because of arm. So WC's argument again pre-draft, that we shouldn't spend 1-2 on a good 2B is valid to me. But in your world that means I lack intestinal fortitude and am a homer, for the egregious offense of not agreeing with you. Wow
  2. I won't get into the middle of the pi$$ing contest but Kjerstad hustled back to the bag and the 1B was shifting toward the bag after receiving the throw and IMO 1B was over the bag as Kjerstad got there. They collide, 1B looses his balance and falls backward. There was solid body contact IMO though. Kjerstad could have grabbed him, maybe. I don't see a cheap shot and I'm FAR from a Homer. If anyone is "insinuating" it's you. You view Martin as BPA, I thought Lacy. I agree with SG, Martin isn't that highly rated unless he stays on left side of IF or CF. I think his comp is becoming Roberts and I would go back to WC pre-draft posts against using #2 for a 2B. Manny did far worse than that.
  3. While all of that praise may well be true, for 2020, I don't care. I want as much of an extended look at the players with a chance to be on the 26 man in 2021. This season at best is 60 a game sprint with a fair likelihood of being less if some text positive. We have interesting prospects with nowhere to play and continue developing. I like Valaika and Williams and Holiday if the goal were to win a few more games but I would rather get a look a potential future pieces than to fight to move from 16 to 19 wins in 2020. So I cut 2 infielders with almost no MLB experience but are the same age as Martin, Ruiz to free 40 man spots for Milone and LeBlanc and add Diaz to the remaining spot. The 40 man completes your starting 30 and the first 10 on the Taxi. The remaining 20 or so are for true prospects to have a place to work on developing in this year of chaos. If we need to go past 40 players in 60 games someone crapped the bed or got hurt necessitating a 40 man move.
  4. Agreed but he is 33, not in future plans and requires a 40 man move, Wynns does not. Heck I might prefer Cervanka to either just based on age.
  5. Lots of posters saying pitching will still be terrible but it has a chance to be better IMO. A healthy Cobb can give you Bundy's stats. Means and Wojo repeat last years stats but Milone and LeBlanc have a good chance to improve on last years dregs that got rotation starts. Your bullpen expands so you only need 4-5 innings from SP and there are a lot of 1-2 inning arms in the pen. I'm not saying they will be good, just better than 2019. With improved defense there should be fewer blowouts. We will struggle on offense but get to see what the young bats do against ML pitchers.
  6. Agree on Milone and LeBlanc to 40; IMO neither Smith Jr, Williams, Urias, Velasquez, of Valaika have a future with the O's, time to get on with evaluation of better players. Add Diaz to the 40. OF is Stewart, Hays, Santander to start with Diaz as 4th OF. If Hays gets hurt Mullins or McKenna can come up without 40 man complications. With Ruiz, Iglesias, Alberto starting and Martin as reserve no need for Valaika to be added to the 40. Nunez plays 3rd against lefties. Mountcastle can play some OF, 1B, DH to get ABs. DFA Smith Jr., Urias, Velasquez. When roster expanded pretty sure one extra player had to be a catcher so Wynns stays on 40 but goes to Taxi.
  7. Just watch Brooks on D, it's a highlight reel. Maybe the interviews with Sparky and Bench afterward. The comments about Brooks are worth it.
  8. You have a JTrea flashback and 2 posts down Sports Guy posts. We need a Twlight Zone video Weams. lol
  9. The 40 man is at 39 or really 38 minus Trey.So to get to the opening 30 who gets voted off the island? IMO for Pitchers: Hess, Lakins, Phillips, Tate, Velazquez go to Taxi. One of Blier/Fry and one of Akin/Kremer go to Taxi to add Milone and LeBlanc to the 30. All 3 catchers stay. Inf: Urias, Velazquez go to Taxi and come off the 40 for Milone and LeBlanc. For OF: Smith Jr., McKenna go to Taxi but add Diaz to the 40. Pitchers (15), Catchers (3) Infielders (7) OF (5). Eleven go to Taxi and 3 (Milone, LeBlanc, Diaz) get 40 man slots. I assume going to Taxi is not a DFA type action (McKenna) as long as they stay on the 40 man. I'm willing to lose the 2 infielders and Smith Jr. That would leave you room for 19"prospects" to be on the Taxi to get work. AR, GrayRod, DLHall, Gunnar, Lowther, Baumann, Adam Hall, Stowers, Wells, Rom, Bannon, Sedlock, Hanifee, Bradish, Watson, McKoy, Knight, Zimmermann, Fentor is 19 total. I would add Heston and Servideo in trade for two of these but that's just curiosity. That's most of the current 40 and the top 30 prospects. Should be some interesting stories to follow.
  10. You couldn't tell what kinda read he had off the bat but several of those catches were long runs and he ran to the spot, got there early. I'm not qualified to judge but good or great jumps and reads can make up for less speed. He has plenty of arm and looked calm and in control even on the sliding catch in the alley his head was up. His bat is fast so he adds some muscle to compensate for Al to wood, I think that opposite field power plays. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  11. Looks like a pretty competent outfielder that moves pretty well and has a good arm
  12. For modified ST, part 2, could the O's use Aberdeen, Bowie and Frederick facilities to spread out the players working on drills before they start simulated games? Is there a plan to test everyone on the 40 man as well as all the coaches and manager? If someone tests positive do they go on the 15 day DL?
  13. I think CoC might not be referring to most of those "sources" as actual reporters.
  14. I think Frobby nailed it, they absolutely trust their analytic process. They believe they got a #2 that everyone else had around 10. KC talked to him at #4 and passed on Martin too. Only time will tell if they were right but I miss the minors season already.
  15. Back to the topic of where these guys fit on some future team; where do these guys go this year if there are no minors playing? Where do our new analytics and player development staffs get to work with them? We picked now 4 players that have most on here scratching our collective heads. They all seem to have some flaw that in prior regimes would have been fatal flaws as we sucked at development. I'm trying to find a silver lining in looming dark clouds. How are these guys going to get the reps and oversight to begin fixing those flaws in 2020?
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