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  1. I think Buck went to PA and said he needed a outfielder for a pennant run. that would have preceded the PA call. Dysfunctional warehouse.
  2. I think DD was operating under his assumption that he could spend the salary money saved on International slots so he could go all in on the Mesa brothers or the pitcher. IMO the Bros Angelos led him to that assumption so DD would move as much money off the books as possible. For a short time it looked like DD had won the power struggle with Buck. Then when DD wanted to proceed he got let go as well and Brady and the Bros went to see the Mesas and low balled to look like they were trying. All they succeeded in doing was to drive the price up for Miami which is good, as the Mesa's don't look like hot prospects today.
  3. So where I am in Loudoun Co. VA I have no cable available although Comcast and FIOS are all around me (5 homes on 50 acres). Comcast said $10K to connect. I have used Dish and Direct TV and Hughes Net. Right now I have a local HotSpot with ATT that gives me landline (for account history) and Internet (22 GB high speed) for $25 plus fees. I can stream Netflix fine but it wouldn't do for gamers.
  4. I think this is the core of what ME is doing. Like when DD arrived and started churning the 40-man. ME is betting on development in the minors of those he deems worthy and any he can acquire. He has little to trade, spent most of last draft on position players, now is supplementing minors with college arms he scouted using available assets. Will be interesting how much Holt and Co. can do to separate wheat from chaff. Might shorten the time for minors to top 10 & feeding MLB team or result in a barn (warehouse) fire.
  5. CoC, I hope you are trying to be humorous and I did leave you that opening, but I never want to see CD in an Oriole uniform again.
  6. Sportsfan, I like that lineup except please find ANYBODY but Smith for LF. Thank you in advance
  7. Having grown up in Baltimore during the 1960's to 1980's run if excellence, I had a sense that every year they would be competitive. I want that, even if too much has to go right that particular year for it to be rational. I want to be run as efficiently as Tampa, but with more resources I want to emulate St. Louis. I want people to talk about the New Oriole Way.
  8. I want CD gone more than most so I agree with your post, especially the new look without him. However, in the 4 games I went to last year, each time CD came to the plate, he got a nice round of applause, not a round of boos. That is too small a sample size to be meaningful, but maybe the causal fan that still attends applauds because they recognize him. Maybe that's worth something to the front office so they want to make every effort to save him before cutting him. I know if I go to any games in 2020 there will be a LH starter to minimize my viewing displeasure.
  9. Wouldn't he have to be on some kind of "esoteric" waiver to be traded in the 1 PM to 8 PM window? After 8 PM he would have been a FA so O's wold have no rights to trade.
  10. Could it be the $$ they just saved on Villar can now be used to spend the rest of their International cap? Isn't there a highly rated Cuban yet to sign?
  11. So now do they have to go to Arb with him?
  12. Yeah, I think that is more likely
  13. That's where I was, thanks for the clarification
  14. AnythingO's


    Yes it was and I will always appreciate the receptive I got from Tony, yourself, and Denise. TY
  15. AnythingO's


    This is first of all to Tony and Weams, but also to everyone of the "Oriole persuasion", as Michael described it. Tony, thank you for providing me a home after years wandering in the darkness in Oriole fandom, and Michael and your lovely "partner" who took me under your collective wings years ago (Birds Nest?) to direct me to the street vendor with best Italian sausage. I have never regretted any time I devoted to this site (my employer would differ) over the years. As one of the older here (70) I lived the great years and just naively assumed it would always be so. I'm not going anywhere Tony, there is nowhere else I want to be. Happy Turkey Day to all.
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