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  1. So Westburg is Best Athlete and Best Defensive Infielder but he gets moved to 2B over Henderson?? Seems illogical
  2. I'll take SG's 16 including Akin & Zimm for $15 M, keep Mancini and Santander for $10 M so 18 guys @ $25 M. I would add 2 SPs (E Rod, M Harvey) to eat innings with Means; 1 of Villar/Iggy/Galvis and an improved 3B (Harrison/Castro) for about $25 M so 22 guys @ $50 M. Deferred at $11 M and the last 4 at minimum so about $63 M for 26 guys.
  3. Doesn't he beat the ball into the ground at some absurd rate? With plus power shouldn't he be a candidate for a swing rebuild in the offseason? His D is a pleasure to watch.
  4. Wasn't his second flareup associated with getting the vaccination?
  5. I agree with the "loaded" observation but if we move from 50 to 80 wins a good number of those wins will come against those 4 teams because of unbalanced schedule. That said, we could spend $25 M next year (EdRod $15, 4-5 yrs, Harvey 2 M, about Castro 3B, $5 M, Iggy $2 M, new backup C) approach 65-70 wins and get a better understanding of what we have in Mullins, Means, Mancini, Mountcastle, maybe sell high midyear, and have a clearer picture of what we have in Mayo & Co, Kjerstad, Baumlier. We would still get another top 10 draft pick and could put a watchable product on the field. After
  6. Last off season Means, Harvey, and Zimmerman went to performance clinics. Is that something the team can pay for? I thought they did it on their own. After this season I would think Akin, Kremer, Lowther would consider going as well.
  7. Starlin Castro released by Nats, 31 yrs old FA coming off a $6M contract with domestic abuse charge hanging over his head. Former All Star, upgrade from Franco, don't see any details on the charge in a brief net search. He and EdRod maybe cost $20 M/yr and we save about $12 M next year on CD's prorated salary, so not much of a payroll increase but could address 2 big needs.
  8. If Rocker goes back to school and proves he is healthy, does he enter the BPA discussion again vs Green?
  9. Next spring, assuming he is healthy, would Kjerstad go to Delmarva or Aberdeen?
  10. Does anyone have informed opinion on Rocker's health going forward to think he could recover to a top pick next draft? If he does regain his pre-draft status do you pick him over the HS OF? Could you buy out the last 1-2 years of Carter Stewart contract in Japan $7 M over 6 years, ends in 2024 but he is an unrestricted FA after he turns 25 in Nov 2023. Imagine GRod backer by those 2.
  11. So potentially he could be back in mix next draft if he has a strong year that overcomes doubt about his arm
  12. So now one of two things will happen: MH will completely self destruct in tomorrows start or Phillip's head will explode when they announce they are bringing MH back next year because he was the O's best 2nd half starter. OMG lol
  13. With 4 years left under control $23 M seems like not much of an offer. He was $4.75 M for year 3 pre-COVID and cancer diagnosis, so about $18 M for the final 3 years.
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