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  1. Pitchers: Means, Cobb, Wojo, Milone, Hess, Armstrong, Bailey, Stewart, Givens, Castro Harvey, Bleir, Sulser Hitters: Davis, Alberto, Iglesias, Ruiz, Nunez, Mancini, Hayes, Santander, Severino, Bench: Holaday, Williams, Velazquez, Herrera
  2. Because as a fan, if you don’t enjoy the moments, there’s no point, and if the past is going to ruin your present, then I don’t understand what the point of any of it is. Brad van Pelt re: UMD pre-MSU game. Probably best explanation of how I feel about the 2020 O's: IMO the pitchers we run out there will have more talent than last season, offense will improve somewhat and defense will be better. We won't lose 100, maybe 99 but not 100. Go Terps.
  3. I'm sure this has been explained here before but why does a 22 year old RP with spin and command who's lowest rating is a 45 rate a only a 35+ FV? Zach Peek RHP BAL 39 21.8 45/45 50/50 45/50 45/55 2350 2700 89-93 95 35+
  4. Mountcastle, Hayes, and Sig pouring. Grayrod maybe too young.
  5. I went to Frederick but it was again lines for autographs. Down by the creek is bitchin cold. I bailed for Flying Dog, if I get the chance I'll ask about Gunner as SS.
  6. Technically I guess Tony doesn't have total control of the OH as we have been told!!! JK, couldn't resist, signing off.
  7. I might be mis-remembering but didn't either Tony or Luke comment that Mountcastle's arm strength was average but his footwork and throwing mechanics at 3rd were more the problem.
  8. Saying Elias is in control of running the Os is not the same as Elias can tell management how to spend their father's money.
  9. Why not, my memory says he did fairly well in the BP in the second half and we need multiple multi-inning guys to eat innings. Brocail is still here and he has sprinkled magic dust on Cashner twice already
  10. When he was here before and moved him.around he didn't like it. My impression was he sees.himself as a SS only.
  11. He pitched 1 inning in game 162 and was 92 on FB and 11 of 15 pitches were strikes per CBS sportsline. I hope some pitching savants here can provide more.
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