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  1. One of the first reports I read mentioned cable or streaming services like Hulu but that was used as an example so.....
  2. I doubt Elias plays any role in these hirings so is this on John A.?
  3. This is weird, I remember there were like 20 or so of us who voted against the signing in January 2016 but this view shows another group in fall of 2017 joining the poll. Did it get re-opened, I can't tell?
  4. Does Santander get you Pablo Lopez (Miami)? Maybe add Zimmerman for Mesa Jr? Is that even close to reality?
  5. The Washington Nationals have made another addition to their lineup. The club signed outfielder Kyle Schwarber to a one-year contract worth a guaranteed $10 million on Saturday, Jim Bowden of CBS Sports HQ has confirmed. The Nationals have since announced the signing. Schwarber, 28 in March, was non-tendered by the Cubs last month. He was projected to earn approximately $8 million through arbitration in 2021, though the abbreviated 60-game season has thrown a wrench into arbitration models. Schwarber had a poor 2020 season, hitting .188/.308/.393 with 11 home runs in 59 games.
  6. Peter did that under Buck and we are paying for that miscalculation now (Davis + lost prospects like Hader, Davies). I have ZERO faith that John A will do that but I could be wrong. I think ME will have to demonstrate a business=case ROI on any FA acquisition.
  7. Back on topic and question for the coaches. if someone has a plus 4 seam is it easier to learn a 2 seam FB than to refine a CB or SL that are below par??
  8. I'm 6' (at least I once was) and 71. I used to be able to grab the rim. I had a friend on the UMD freshman team ( they had such a thing back in the day) who said I should be able to dunk. He lobbed the ball up at the rim for me. I had a few bang off the back of the rim but none went down. Good memories. Now I'm gonna have to setup the kids old rim, haha.
  9. IMO Sisco has to cheat (guess??) to catch up to a good FB so despite a good eye, he is vulnerable to off-speed as a result. fb
  10. Do we know if he has both a 4 seam and a 2 seam FB? Wouldn't a 4 seam play up in the strike zone and the 2 seam play down and lead to GBs? Assuming they are thrown with the same motion, would that give him another pitch in the mix so he wouldn't need to show the curve as much?
  11. I will apologize in advance for the opinion I'm about to voice but CD's MLB career is over and has been for about 5 years and he is here now because they (bros Angelos) hope to save some money in 2021 if games are cancelled. CD's latest line about his experience in TX is pure BS. he came here and continued to fail, spending countless hours in the weight room and batting cage, practicing the same thing that failed in TX. Then in 2011 or 2012 or so our then hitting coach got thru to him and they went back to basics, literally hitting off a tee to get him to stay closed and go the other way. It took awhile but 2013 was the result, coach left in 2014 for personal reasons and CD reverted in 2015. The rest is history. CD IMO is lost in his denial and his excuses are weak. I have reconstructed the timeline before here years ago but I'm too tired to even go look for it now. I'm doing this from memory and I could be off on the details but he did change before and then reverted and has stubbornly refused to change again. Keep him until the 2021schedule length is determined, if they save money fine, if not cut him or play a man short in 2021. He needs to go sooner than later.
  12. Awwhh, gosh, couldn't ya just say "good one". 😀
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