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  1. Why not, my memory says he did fairly well in the BP in the second half and we need multiple multi-inning guys to eat innings. Brocail is still here and he has sprinkled magic dust on Cashner twice already
  2. When he was here before and moved him.around he didn't like it. My impression was he sees.himself as a SS only.
  3. He pitched 1 inning in game 162 and was 92 on FB and 11 of 15 pitches were strikes per CBS sportsline. I hope some pitching savants here can provide more.
  4. Walker is the youngest, just back from TJ and was cut loose to avoid a $5 M commitment. He probably is looking for ML contract with good opportunity for innings. Who is a better fit than Bal?
  5. And then again, my mother, God rest her soul, made awesome sour beef, to kill for. Now my father was Hungarian and his mother was German so they influenced the recipe. I have been called alot of things over the years but someone that goes with the flow.....
  6. like the worst think since sliced corned beef - What the H is wrong with sliced corned beef?? Mind you sliced pastrami, steamed on rye would be my choice, but.....
  7. I expect 2 spots to be filled with tandem long guys going 3-4, hence Armstrong, Hess, Rucker, Stewart, and Bailey. Hert was just going for a comment from Weems haha.
  8. Donnie Hart made it back for 7 innings last year with ERA 0.00 and faced both lefties and righties. He is a FA right now. If you want to believe Bleier's sub par performance was injury related and now he is ready to be his old self, then I'll extend the same courtesy to Fry and Hart. I want 4-6 multi-inning guys that don't have bad splits but can be sort of effective airimg it out for 2-3 so we can piece together a rotation in 2020.
  9. I think as of today it is Means, Cobb, and Wojo and whoever does well in ST from Armstrong, Hess (because we/they had eyes on they last year), then probable Stewart, Bailey & Rucker, and then Akin or Kremer. I hold out hope for a Taijuan Walker-like signing, someone youngish coming off injury that just wants innings for <$5 M. Maybe we have the first 3 and hope for 5 innings and patch the other 2 spots with long men from the pen. Two could be "starters"and 4 long men paired with Castro, Givens, Harvey. I'm done with specialists like Hart, Fry, Bleier (sorry WC).
  10. So last spring, ME doesn't know.what he has on MLB roster or minors. He thinks Bundy, Cashner, Cobb is his rotation plus.a.cast of spare parts. Cobb is hurt and out but Means appears. He still moves Cashner leaving 2 starters. This year he has Means, who came out of nowhere, and maybe Cobb. Not nearly what he started with a year ago. Maybe a better handle on minors but the real prospects are not knocking yet. If Cobb is servicable I think he keeps him and deals him off season or next deadline. Reason is he won't get much anyway and would have to pay more to move him in 20 than 21. Cobb to eat innings in 20 if healthy. More prospect development over budget savings.
  11. What's this we stuff Kemo sabi?(sp) This boy ain't doin no fastin.
  12. Well, I'm going to compliment Mancini and like Frobby it does make me happy to see a guy like Mancini who does want to stay with the team that drafted and developed him. Interloper also is right, it might not be the best use of resources to extend Mancini. But in my mind's eye, there is something different about Mancini. He seems to be maximizing his given skill set. Tony says he has a high baseball IQ. He has adjusted at the plate to be very productive. I think a player like him leads by example and maybe Hays and Mountcastle benefit from his example and approach their greater potential. I can dream and root for Trey in the meantime.
  13. There is a German Biergarten in Leesburg called Doner. They feature 24 beers on tap, 18 imported from Germany and 6 local craft beers. They have opened a sister operation in Frederick, just saying. (Bratwurst, currywurst, doner, schnitzel (pork or lamb). What could go wrong???lol
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