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  1. Did we ever find out what Infante's medical issue was?
  2. I start with Stewart, Hayes, Santander. Never want to see Smith Jr again, no redeeming qualities. I want Mancini at 1B and Davis gone or 26th man. I give Stewart until Mountcastle time is up and then decide what to do. Backup.could be Mason or Stevie.
  3. For over 2 decades they were the best franchise in baseball and around the time it ended I think I remember that they had a winning record against NY as.a.franchise. Granted starting in 1954 helped alot with that.
  4. Also isn't it true that they don't release the figures for Venezuelan players signed so you can never know.
  5. There isn't going to be anyone approaching 25 percent of budget in 2020 and 2021 other than CD. No Mas.
  6. CoC, you are not alome on this hill but I believe some allowance meeds to be made to.such a strict interpretation when that nonperforming asset represents over 25 percent of next year's budget. ME can churn the roster all he wants but he can't write off $23 M a year for 3 years w/o FO approval. I.one of the few that didn't want him signed and I won't follow any game when he in the lineup. I'm giving ME the offseason and ST, maybe until we get another year of Mountcastle, then.CD has to go.
  7. I don't think the Os are any billion dollar company, they were basically inactive for years, Elias has been here what 9 months? Future, sure, I think ME will do.what he needs to be successful.
  8. I'm sure most teams active in the market do, I doubt the Os are one.
  9. Less worried about that then I am about CD "being around the guys and getting a chance to kind of coach and teach". I don't think I want CD coaching or teaching anyone anything at any time.
  10. Oh no doubt considerations like that went into the Partnership setup, that is assuming my memory of Frobby,s research is accurate. I just wanted to dispel the idea that MASN profits go directly to the Orioles. If I remembered correctly, it's PA's decision either way as he would be majority owner in both Partnerships. But PA would have to choose to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  11. Thanks to Frobby for the math but I believe years ago Frobby also determined that the Orioles MLB franchise and the MASN operation were owned or at least managed by separate Partnerships, each owned largely by the Angelos family. The Orioles, if my memory is correct, do not own MASN and MASN profits do not accrue to the Orioles. PA would have to agree to spend those profits on the Orioles MLB franchise.
  12. Oh good Lord, I can't believe you would post that here on an Orioles forum. It's about their obnoxious, entitled bandwagon fans. Papa destroying phone in roid-rage, how good it felt when MAndino broke their hearts. Their pink and the green hats, their propensity to argue everything. I actually PREFER to sit next to a MFNY fan at OPACY, they usually understand the game and know the players.
  13. So, back on p1 I read Bleier jumped off the mound, threw his arms in the air, almost rushed past Hyde to the point that Hyde had to reach for the ball. Maybe Florres said something about that disrespect before Bleier questioned positioning. That might elicit a response defending Hyde.
  14. Agree with this and I want to see Mountcastle here sooner than later. However, I want him to be wearing a glove when he comes and not learn to play LF in the Majors. That's the only reason I have for wanting him to stay in AAA.
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