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  1. Less worried about that then I am about CD "being around the guys and getting a chance to kind of coach and teach". I don't think I want CD coaching or teaching anyone anything at any time.
  2. Oh no doubt considerations like that went into the Partnership setup, that is assuming my memory of Frobby,s research is accurate. I just wanted to dispel the idea that MASN profits go directly to the Orioles. If I remembered correctly, it's PA's decision either way as he would be majority owner in both Partnerships. But PA would have to choose to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  3. Thanks to Frobby for the math but I believe years ago Frobby also determined that the Orioles MLB franchise and the MASN operation were owned or at least managed by separate Partnerships, each owned largely by the Angelos family. The Orioles, if my memory is correct, do not own MASN and MASN profits do not accrue to the Orioles. PA would have to agree to spend those profits on the Orioles MLB franchise.
  4. Oh good Lord, I can't believe you would post that here on an Orioles forum. It's about their obnoxious, entitled bandwagon fans. Papa destroying phone in roid-rage, how good it felt when MAndino broke their hearts. Their pink and the green hats, their propensity to argue everything. I actually PREFER to sit next to a MFNY fan at OPACY, they usually understand the game and know the players.
  5. So, back on p1 I read Bleier jumped off the mound, threw his arms in the air, almost rushed past Hyde to the point that Hyde had to reach for the ball. Maybe Florres said something about that disrespect before Bleier questioned positioning. That might elicit a response defending Hyde.
  6. Agree with this and I want to see Mountcastle here sooner than later. However, I want him to be wearing a glove when he comes and not learn to play LF in the Majors. That's the only reason I have for wanting him to stay in AAA.
  7. CoC, I can't figure out what that emoji meams but "thankfully " and the BJs should never be used in the same sentence. Cito sucks and so do all of them.
  8. I would do it again. Father had season tickets, had relatives that worked for Colts. Move happened in dead of night, no notice to employees. City was negotiating to improve facilities. It was wrong and Mayflower had to know. I'm good with being an angry old man.
  9. Cheaper, unknown if better, but yes I did. At the time it felt like the right thing to do.
  10. I have no illusions about scouting; but look at Zimmerman in the photo below and where his hand is. When I was at the recent OH game pitched by Bundy his hand dropped much lower before coming forward. All I could think of is that he was "reaching' for a little more. I thought that affected his "timing" relative to his lower body drive forward, basically making him do more with his weakened arm (shoulder). Am I COMPLETELY misinterpreting this?????
  11. True story, about 12 years after the Mayflower incident, I relocated from Severna Park to Rolla Missouri on my own, literally Uhaul. About 2 years late I had to relocate from the mid-West to southern VA and the cheapest Company-sponsored option was Mayflower. I refused to use them and paid the difference out of pocket. I would do it a hundred times over and I hope Jim Ersay burns in eternal damnation! rant over
  12. As to pitching inside, when I look at the photos of Zimmerman and Kremer that appear with the Minor league summaries, every time I think "these guys aren't going to have any issue with pitching inside". There is an intensity in their eyes that reeks of confidence.
  13. Chris Davis just bought a permanent spot on the end of the bench if logic plays any part in the decision making. The Orioles need to see what Mancini looks like at 1B for the rest of the year. That has a bearing on what glove Mountcastle learns to use. He is described as athletic so maybe COF is a better spot but that depends on if they view Mancini as 1B next year
  14. I think we traded Gausman just to offload O'Day and their salaries.
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