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  1. Yanks losing during the post season is a runner up to the O's making the playoffs. Way to go Astros!
  2. Agreed but sometimes you have to give to get. I hear ya though, COC. 😃
  3. It essential that picks 1 and 2 are signed.
  4. Who do you think the O's draft with the #42 overall (if available)?
  5. I hope the "I plan to have an extra level of personal involvement" in those areas is not the Angelos brothers!
  6. I think it's becoming apparent we are drafting THE Catcher with the 1st pick in the draft.
  7. Rosenthol said so also in a tweet, weams.
  8. No player in MLB is worth the contracts that either Harper or Manny will get. No one! It's become ridiculous in all sports what athletes are getting paid. Period!
  9. raypetty

    New manager

    Really hoping we hire Joe Espada.
  10. raypetty

    New manager

    I still think in the end it will be the bench coach for the Astros. Hopefully, one is named before the Winter Meeting start.
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