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  1. Do we have a gun in the rigth field?:clap3::clap3::clap3:
  2. Ponson X Tejada at Texas!!! RBI double!!!!:clap3:
  3. Nice quick hook by Trembley. I would have left Olson pitch until first baserunner gets on!!!
  4. That bad call cost us a run!!!:angryfire:
  5. He may serve Callaspo 1st carrer HR!!!:angryfire::angryfire:
  6. I'm listening Bowie's game and Bynun has been pulled from the game. The Rock Cats annoucers are talking about a call from "strugling Orioles" on the road.:scratchchinhmm:
  7. "Boiling Point" for us is 6 months!!!!!
  8. Do not forget base running blunders by Ramon, Millar and Roberts(picked off twice)!!!!
  9. He looses it very quicly. BP must be ready after the second time trough.
  10. Get Bradford ready quickly!!!!!
  11. Wow, Payton works the count and walks!!!!
  12. Now at 54.00!! Wait till this is over!!!
  13. As cold our offense have been: game over!!!
  14. Walker is our worst reliever rigth now!!!
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