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  1. Isn't Gus Edwards an exclusive rights free agent? From NFL.com: Exclusive rights free agent (ERFA): Any player with fewer than three accrued seasons and an expired contract. If his original team offers him a one-year contract and the league minimum (based on his credited seasons), the player cannot negotiate with other teams.
  2. I didn't say they were balanced for the game, I said they were relatively balanced up until the point it was 28-6 halfway through the 3rd quarter. If excluding the two minute drill where they started on their own 5 and passed on every play is twisting things, then I'm guilty I suppose. Looking at the gamebook pdf on NFL.com (I counted anything listed as a scramble/sack/interception as a pass), here's the breakdown of run vs pass and the score at the start of each drive. Drive 1 – 3 passes, 4 runs. Score at start of drive: 0-0 Drive 2 – 2 passes, 4 runs. Score at start of drive: 7-0 Titans Drive 3 – 3 passes. Score at start of drive: 14-0 Titans Drive 4 – 6 passes, 5 runs. Score at start of drive: 14-0 Titans Drive 5 – 13 passes. Score at start of drive: 14-3 Titans. Halftime Drive 6 – 8 passes, 5 runs. Score at start of drive: 14-6 Titans Drive 7 – 1 sack/fumble. Score at start of drive: 21-6 Titans Drive 8 – 8 passes, 1 run. Score at start of drive: 28-6 Titans Drive 9 – 8 passes, 2 runs. Score at start of drive: 28-6 Titans Drive 10 – 10 passes. Score at start of drive: 28-12 Titans Drive 11 – 9 passes, 1 spike to stop clock. Score at start of drive: 28-12 Titans
  3. I tend to agree with a lot of this. If you exclude the two minute drill at the end of the first half where they ran pass plays on 13 straight plays (what else would you expect in a two minute drill starting on your own five yard line), they were relatively balanced in terms or run pass ratio...up until the point they were down 28-6. From that point on, if I counted correctly, they passed on 35 of their final 38 offensive snaps. They were down by three scores, running wasn't going to get them back in the game - even if the Oline wasn't getting dominated. So sure the final play count is way out of whack. The play calling was moving the ball...they just couldn't come up with a key play when they needed it. Now, why they didn't use Edwards more, I can't defend that. I think what it really came down to was execution. The Titans executed and played smart. The Ravens didn't. The Titans scored three touchdowns when they started drives at the Ravens' 45, 35, and 20 yard lines. As for the Chief's comeback....once falling behind 24-0 their next three drives started at the Houston 42, 33 and 6 yard lines. They made a play on the kickoff return to start at HOU 42, but the next drive was that stupid fake punt by the Texans, and then followed that up by recovering a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Credit to the Chiefs players for making plays when they absolutely had to. The Ravens just didn't when they had to.
  4. Titans have just played smart and in control. Ravens too many mistakes. Drops, bad passes, stupid penalties. They lost their mojo on the flight home from LA. They didn't lose, but they didn't look like the same team after that.
  5. OLine getting its ass kicked.
  6. Picks: 49ers Chiefs Seahawks abstain - not a commentary on what i think will or won't happen Saturday night - just a quirky superstition I have to never pick for or against my teams in post-season activity.
  7. Just went back and looked at the 2000 schedule. It is amazing to see and remember just how dominant that defense was in terms of points allowed. In the four losses the defense allowed 19 pts, 14 pts, 10 pts, and 9 pts. Unreal.
  8. Agreed. Harbaugh does deserve credit for the changes they instituted in the off-season to tailor the offense to take full advantage of Jackson's skills, I didn't think they would be able to pull it off. And lots of credit to Jackson as well for his improvement, particularly with turnovers - if he was still fumbling like last year this team wouldn't be 10-2 either.
  9. 2012 - on the whiteboard in my cubicle at work I had a daily countdown of how many wins were needed to clinch a .500 record for the season. To finally not have a losing record after so long was just a sense of relief to have broken the streak. I didn't vote for 2014 simply due to being swept in the ALCS. While it was fantastic to be so good in the regular season that year, it just ended the year on such a down note with the ALCS that I don't reflect back on that year as being all that much fun in the end. In 2012 I knew deep down they weren't as good as the Yankees, so that ending wasn't quite as demoralizing as losing to the Royals in 2014.
  10. C- Hoiles 1B-Eddie 2B-Roberts SS-Cal 3B-Manny OF -Devereaux, Jones, Markakis. I'm assuming Devo can shift to left, for this exercise SPs: Palmer, Mussina, Boddicker, McGregor, McDonald RPs: Olson, Rhodes, Mills, BJ Ryan, Myers, Tippy CL: Britton Bench: Weiters, Tejada, Belanger, Roenicke/Lowenstein, Bumbry Yeah, it's 26 guys but Roenicke/Lowenstein count as one for me. Brooks retired the year before I started following the team, so he didn't make the cut.
  11. No one in the NFL is going to believe that all of the sudden the Ravens have changed their mind and will hang on to Flacco. Doesn't mean they won't find someone to trade for him anyway, but his potential value isn't going to go up by threatening to keep him.
  12. Front Office Football. www.solecismic.com The game engine/stats output and roster management is pretty solid. The interface is, ahem, dated. The developer freely admits he is graphically challenged and likes the 1998 spreadsheet look of things. There is virtually no customization available. He has now partnered with the OOTP crew for the next version that I think is supposed to be out sometime in the fall. I expect it will look like OOTP but with nowhere near the level of customization that OOTP offers. The unofficial message board for the game is at: https://forums.operationsports.com/fofc/forumdisplay.php?f=33 There is also a game from Wolverine Studios. www.wolverinestudios.com. I haven't tried it, but they offer a free demo.
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