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  1. Agreed. Harbaugh does deserve credit for the changes they instituted in the off-season to tailor the offense to take full advantage of Jackson's skills, I didn't think they would be able to pull it off. And lots of credit to Jackson as well for his improvement, particularly with turnovers - if he was still fumbling like last year this team wouldn't be 10-2 either.
  2. 2012 - on the whiteboard in my cubicle at work I had a daily countdown of how many wins were needed to clinch a .500 record for the season. To finally not have a losing record after so long was just a sense of relief to have broken the streak. I didn't vote for 2014 simply due to being swept in the ALCS. While it was fantastic to be so good in the regular season that year, it just ended the year on such a down note with the ALCS that I don't reflect back on that year as being all that much fun in the end. In 2012 I knew deep down they weren't as good as the Yankees, so that ending wasn't quite as demoralizing as losing to the Royals in 2014.
  3. C- Hoiles 1B-Eddie 2B-Roberts SS-Cal 3B-Manny OF -Devereaux, Jones, Markakis. I'm assuming Devo can shift to left, for this exercise SPs: Palmer, Mussina, Boddicker, McGregor, McDonald RPs: Olson, Rhodes, Mills, BJ Ryan, Myers, Tippy CL: Britton Bench: Weiters, Tejada, Belanger, Roenicke/Lowenstein, Bumbry Yeah, it's 26 guys but Roenicke/Lowenstein count as one for me. Brooks retired the year before I started following the team, so he didn't make the cut.
  4. No one in the NFL is going to believe that all of the sudden the Ravens have changed their mind and will hang on to Flacco. Doesn't mean they won't find someone to trade for him anyway, but his potential value isn't going to go up by threatening to keep him.
  5. Front Office Football. www.solecismic.com The game engine/stats output and roster management is pretty solid. The interface is, ahem, dated. The developer freely admits he is graphically challenged and likes the 1998 spreadsheet look of things. There is virtually no customization available. He has now partnered with the OOTP crew for the next version that I think is supposed to be out sometime in the fall. I expect it will look like OOTP but with nowhere near the level of customization that OOTP offers. The unofficial message board for the game is at: https://forums.operationsports.com/fofc/forumdisplay.php?f=33 There is also a game from Wolverine Studios. www.wolverinestudios.com. I haven't tried it, but they offer a free demo.
  6. pbot

    2018 Draft Predictions

    I would have preferred a little less trading down - would prefer quality to quantity. From 16 to 22...ok, not the end of the world but unless Hurst is a decent blocker at TE, think they would have been better off selecting Moore or Ridley at that point. Don't care how many WRs are already on the roster, need ones that can produce besides Crabtree. Hopeful that Lamar Jackson turns out ok, but not confident we have the brain trust to take advantage of his skillset. Assuming the rest of their draft played out exactly the same, I would have preferred DaeSean Hamilton in the third round instead of Mark Andrews. I am not too familiar with Andrews, but his writeup on NFL.com isn't glowing. Andrews is described as a big slot receiver with limited athleticism. Hamilton runs really good routes, he isn't a burner but has a knack for making key plays. But then I remember I'm talking about the Ravens who can't draft quality receivers or do any kind of developmental work with the ones they do select, so probably better off that they did what they did.
  7. pbot

    2018 Draft Predictions

    Keep stockpiling picks that will be deactivated on game day.
  8. Draft Mike Gesicki at #16 if Ridley is gone. He's tall, fast and does a really good job on jump balls. Won't help much as a blocker. After a horrific sophmore year where he played terribly, he said he was going to focus on football and was a big part of Penn State's offense as a Jr and Sr. I wouldn't be sad with DaeSean Hamilton in the 4th round either. Not a burner, but runs good routes and has good hands.
  9. It's Flacco and no offensive playmakers. There is a receiving corps with guys that can't catch, or stay healthy, or both. By comparison, Maclin's great. Wallace, in my opinion is purely a deep threat guy that really needs to feed off play action. The running backs aren't all that great and Collins, who seems to have some spark, has fumbling issues. Who are opposing defenses scared of? Meanwhile how many 2nd/3rd round picks over the past few seasons on the defensive side barely play or aren't even on the roster any more?
  10. None of the guys coming out look to be franchise types, despite the fact that probably 2 or 3 will go in the first round. This team won a lot of games with a good defense, Jamal Lewis, and a series of mostly forgettable quarterbacks. I have more confidence that Barkley will translate to the NFL better than anyone they can pick at QB. Doesn't matter anyway, Ozzie will continue to draft Alabama defenders and ignore offensive playmakers. Plus, if they are bad enough to be in a position to draft Barkley, that likely means Harbaugh is gone. Win win.
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    Good points, the part I bolded is especially likely.
  12. pbot


    This team has had 16 "instances" in which a Raven receiver recorded 900+ yards receiving in a season since 1996. Even with a healthy Flacco, the odds of two guys eclipsing that mark this season has to be pretty low. With a makeshift O-Line and no threats at RB he's going to be doing that fling it wildly off the backfoot deal a lot. Michael Jackson and Derrick Alexander both topped 900 yds each in 96 and 97, so for the rest of the franchise history there have been 12 other instances of 900+ in a single season by a player. I think we are in for a long year.
  13. Despite the noise that surrounds him, Michigan has finished 3rd in Big Ten East in both of Harbaugh's seasons. Ohio State is still loaded, Penn State looks primed for another strong season, and Michigan lost an awful lot of talent. Michigan has to go to Penn State this year. Penn State will be coming off of a bye week, and has heard an earful about 49-10 keeping them out of the playoffs last year, and it is the annual white out game for PSU. They won't lack for motivation. Ohio State hasn't lost to Michigan since Meyer became the coach. Injuries and turnovers obviously can change things quickly, but going into the season it is difficult to see Michigan finishing ahead of both OSU and PSU in the division.
  14. pbot

    Draft Thread

    That was Drew Pearson. It was hilarious.
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