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  1. I saw that yesterday... just flat out terrible. I've also noticed Ovi has reverted back to some bad habits the past 3 games. He's charging with the puck more, instead of letting Nicky set up the offense and let him hit him for an open one-timer. I hope Oates gets him back on track. We need him to be the superstar he was the last 2 months of the season if we're truly going to make a run.
  2. That was my emotional reaction to the last two nights, but they got effed over by the Refs big time. Just awful officiating the last 2 nights. I think they'll bounce back at home. Clearly the better team.
  3. There's some good back and forth here, but my God how awesome is it that this is even being discussed?
  4. Well, there's the fact that I don't put a whole lot of faith in dWAR yet. I know how much of a stud he is defensively, so I'm more inclinced to just go with it, but I still don't have a ton of faith in dWAR in any event. Machado, as much as I love him, just isn't in that category for me yet. Though he might be eventually.
  5. In good conscience, I can't go there. Trout and Harper are just absolute super stars offensively, and very good defensively to boot. Manny being other worldly defensively at a premium position (and eventually SS), while still having the potential to be a near super star offensively could eventually propel him into the conversation, but not quite yet.
  6. You mean this penalty? What a friggin' joke - the officiating was horrendous last night. I've been watching the local CSN broadcast, so I can't speak to the NBC guys. I thought the NBC crew did a great job Saturday. I love Doc Emrick. I think he does a perfectly great job getting the viewers as tense and energized as the fans at the arena. He is phenomenal. We'll take game 4, we're clearly the better club.
  7. Tough loss tonight. I hated that 2-man advantage at the end, they were too tentative. Probably should've left Holtby in net so the boys weren't too worried about the empty netter. Oh well, they gave all the phonies free t-shirts at the Garden today, so they were fired up. Too rboke to afford their own after their $20 beers and $12 hot dogs. F NY.
  8. A beautiful top shelfer from Green ties it up at 2 at the end of 2. Should be a good 3rd.
  9. It's amazing it's just 2-1 Rags after the refs have had the Caps short handed 12 out of the first 30 minutes of play tonight. Awful officiating tonight, and there's no doubt Torts is having his guys dramatize every little ounce of contact tonight. What a joke.
  10. NBC has announced game will go to CNBC after 2 OT's due to Derby. (Except for NY/DC markets)
  11. I think one of the amazing things about what Oates has done this year is not just installing a system that maximizes Ovie's potential, but also turning everything back around on Ovie and forcing him to WANT to be trusted by Oates. Oates played this whole situation like a fiddle, it was beautiful. The first half of the season, Ovie would make some of his traditional defensive mistakes, take too many shots, etc. He even complained about being at RW a few times. Oates never once flinched. Continually praised him in the press, and had his back. Now Ovie is in a place where he thanks Oates in the press - his adoration for his coach is something to see. A coming of age moment, IMO. That Ovie is now out on the ice, preserving a lead as time expires is a true testament to how far they've come. BTW, Mike Green being back and healthy has been huge for this team. He's still not quite up to the level he was a few years ago pre-injuries, but he's definitely a force again. Also, I hate 12:30 games. Seriously, so stupid. Freakin' Taylor Swift. Also, also... I really believe this team is capable of winning it all - but I really wish we'd get Laich back. I think he'd single handedly increase those chances significantly.
  12. Caps take game 1 over the Rags in dominating fashion. Holtby was phenomenal.
  13. Yeah, I was being sarcastic, because obviously this is the case. This guy is an embarrassment to the Baltimore sports blogging community. Everything from his name, to how he lives his name. Just a microcosm of what's wrong with society in a lot of ways, IMHO.
  14. So you mean the guy who goes on 105.7 The Fan somewhat regularly, and calls himself the best Baltimore Sports blog shouldn't have made this tweet a few minutes ago?
  15. Twitter provides a great service for me, but it took a while to understand that value. I never tweet, and I ignore all the annoying, childish antics out there. I mainly follow O's/Ravens/Terps/Caps beat writers, and a few other people in the know in the 4 major sports, entertainment industry, a few actors and athletes. Trolls are everywhere, this isn't unique to Twitter. Tony nailed it, Jake should not have engaged these trolls.
  16. I shared it on FB too. This was good stuff. I like that our fan base is growing, and coming out of the wood works, but I'd highly prefer they be knowledgeable too. It makes my head hurt when I'm talking to new O's fans and they say something like, "Dylan who?"
  17. I enjoyed your work here Tony. Very interesting info on how Gausman prefers to approach lefties. I gave it a "like" on YouTube, hopefully that helps.
  18. Yeah I know, I don't get it. My current theory, is Kiper is trying to help his home town boys by making a team that truly does covet Te'o try to trade up and take him (which could benefit the Ravens).
  19. I think above all, I trust the Ravens judgement with this case. I'll yield to them. If they choose not to cut him, they must think they can work with him once they get him in camp. But if they do, they probably don't. They're much closer to it than any of us, and have the track record to be trusted with handling this appropriately.
  20. I guess I just wanted to play both sides, but you make some good points. I still think that, by and large, and regardless of the countless YouTube videos of cops abusing their authority, they're still generally good people trying to do the right thing. Like you said, that is a different conversation all together, and really doesn't have much to do with McClain given his track record, so I probably should have saved that thought.
  21. They are in the process of putting in place technology infrastructure for e-tickets so you don't even have to print your tickets. I think this will help with the walk up crowds too. Buy your ticket while your pulling into the parking garage, and not have to worry about not having a printer... just let the gate guy scan your phone, and you're good. (Actually, they're already doing this for iPhones via the Passbook app) - http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2013/04/03/orioles-eye-digital-upgrades-at-camden.html?page=all
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