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  1. Rest assured that if Buck had used Britton and two innings later they lose after taking the lead in the top of the inning, the same cast of characters would have been pissed that Buck wasted Britton in an earlier inning. This is why I pay little attention to this site during the season. The reactionary stuff is sad. I am disappointed, but man what a great season(s)
  2. PECOTA predicted them to win 371 over those 5 years. In last place every year. They were off by about 20%. Nice.
  3. You know what is really painful to watch, 14 straight years of truly horrible baseball.
  4. I was there last night and saw the same thing. It was pretty obvious after that play that he was winded. I thought that Wieters should have made a trip or two to the mound over the next two at bats just to buy some time.
  5. I agree, I think it would be unnatural for them not to have opinions. I don't think it is particularly productive to express that to the public. I don't think he should have input and I think he is looking for input. I think that will be a problem. Hope I am wrong.
  6. The bolded a gazillion times. That said, I don't think it is ever a good idea to have the players thinking they should have say in the offseason. My guess is that player evaluation, scouting, and FO strategy isn't Adam Jones's core competency. Secondly, lets say you include him in but don't listen to him. Pretty sure that would be an easy pill to swallow. This has been bubbling since last offseason. I think it could come to a head this offseason. It would not shock me to see him traded.
  7. Yes of course, maybe they should get rid of the FO and let the players vote to see which players are signed and kept. I am all for democracy. When your players or fans begin shaping FO strategies your organization is in bigger trouble than the O's. I agree that the offseason sucked and agree they should have done whatever it took this year, but I disagree that having your star player thinking that he should have input into FO decisions is a good idea.
  8. Exactly. Don't want the inmates running the asylum. I love Jones but this is the wrong route. I understand he is upset about the offseason, many of us were but he should have no say in what happens going forward. Sneaking suspicion that we are going to need a thread to discuss his trade value this offseason.
  9. I didn't like the trade then... I certainly don't like the trade now. But it would take a whole lot of Arrieta wins and Strop saves to compare it to the Glenn Davis trade.
  10. During the doldrums of the 14 years of losing.. I only dreamed of a time when I would see complaining about sweeping anybody.. Dreams do come true!
  11. "Get busy living or get busy dying" If we are 7 games back or more on Monday here is my order of preference 1. Sell Sell Sell 2. Get hit by a bus 3. Buy 4. Have my eyes picked out by seagulls 5. Stand pat
  12. I feel the same now as I did when they were floundering... I would have signed Cruz and let the other two walk. I think the DD distraction complaints were jiggery pokery. I believe that the Cruz contract will be a bad one long term but I would have been willing to take it on for a shot at the WS. I am glad that Reimold, Parmalee, et al. are helping the cause.
  13. Remember way back when (2 weeks ago) when we didn't have any corner outfielders...
  14. Lets also not forget the raises that the current players (Davis, Wieters, Tillman, Gonzalez, Pearce, Norris, etc) received.
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