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  1. What makes sports great is that the best team doesn't always win. The Cubs have zero chickens to be counted right now.
  2. It matters just as much, if not more, what you've got at the big league level. Gleyber Torres was only expendable because of Russell and Baez. Eloy Jimenez because of Heyward Almora Happ Schwarber. Meanwhile the Cubs have spent the better part of a decade looking for another Chris Archer.
  3. Who cares how strong the system as a whole is. You're not getting the whole thing. It all comes down to what teams are willing to give up. For example if the best the Braves will do is their #10 guy, then what difference does it make how strong their 1-9 are? All that matters is how that #10 guy compares to whatever it is the Cubs and others are putting on the table. If the Cubs are offering their #3, and their #3 is better than the other guys' #10, then there you go... Cubs have the weakest system but the best offer. Heck we just saw this with Machado. Several teams could have offered more (Sixto, Hiura, etc). They just wouldn't.
  4. Amaya Lange Caratini Hoerner Bote Azolay Hatch Ademan Little Marquez ... something like that. De La Cruz didn't look very good after coming back from injury and then got popped for 80 games. He's completely off the radar now. Albertos has walked 51 in 26 IP. Also completely off the radar. Any list with either of those two on it is clearly not current.
  5. That's what I suspected. All of these preseason lists are stale by this time, but none more so than the Cubs'. I'm not sure any of those guys would be in today's top 5.
  6. Who do you consider the Cubs' top 5?
  7. Do you want to talk with a team with a long list of great prospects and a stingy GM? Or a team with a thin list of prospects and an aggressive GM? The answer is both. It's not as though the Cubs simply can't put forth a competitive offer here. Every team in MLB can.
  8. The Cubs offered up Gleyber Torres +++ to rent a closer two years ago. Seems like a team the O's should be interested in chatting with. :shrug:
  9. I doubt the Cubs are looking to replace Morrow as their closer. Britton would probably get some saves opps though, since they're being very cautious with how/how often they use Morrow. Already Cishek and Strop each have 3 saves. Britton would join that group.
  10. Of course the O's could put in a competitive offer in this hypothetical.
  11. Depends on your definition of good I guess. If you consider the Herrera trade a good return, then I agree.
  12. I suspect you might feel differently if Britton was on another team and the O's were buying. Lots of upside. Lots of risk. That's how it looks from my chair.
  13. Your 7-game statline kind of proves my point. The appearances before that he got roughed up. Before that he was hurt. If you're trading for the guy, it's hard to know what you're getting. Hererra trade sounds reasonable.
  14. The guys on this board don't seem too interested in guys like Bote. I wouldn't project that onto the FO necessarily. They did just take back a bigleague utility guy for MM.
  15. It's odd to say a guy like Bote that has no path to regular playing time with the Cubs would be tough to lose, but he'd be tough to lose. Great depth piece that is just a callup away in case of injury. Would be cool to see him play every day for a rebuilding team like the O's. Bote + Maples is for sure a reasonable ask.
  16. Really interesting guy to try and valuate. He's been all of these things this year: dominant, wild, hittable, injured. Surely the Orioles will ask for value commensurate with the elite guy they think he still can be. Just as obviously, bidders will want a sizeable risk discount. Will be fun to see where it ends up.
  17. Lange, Caratini, Bote seem like good targets for the O's as well. Maybe Dillon Maples if they want upside. Bass, Rosario, Norwood could enter the discussion too.
  18. Unless they're being offered in a trade (JP Crawford, Maikel Franco, Addison Russell, etc.). Then they just suck and it's an insulting offer.
  19. Beltran's last three seasons with the Royals were 5.4, 5.4, and 6.9 WAR (17.7 total). Machado 6.6, 6.2, 2.5, 15.3 total.
  20. This is exactly the formula that most of the best teams in MLB are following right now. The key is to have enough Correas and Judges and Benintendi's and Javy Baez's to make the inexpensive portion of your roster very good also.
  21. Your comment about the weak farm systems suggested those teams can't make competitive offers.
  22. Rafael Devers and Ian Happ are better centerpieces than these other teams are likely to offer.
  23. Imagine if this was down to Red Sox, Cubs, Mariners and A's. Now those teams have the "go for it" GMs. How wild would that showdown be?
  24. What's really fascinating to me is that the stars in this drama all have long and successful track records of not blinking: Friedman, Cashman, MacPhail, even Stearns to a lesser extent. These guys all have reputations for holding firm to get deals on their terms. Should be interesting to see how it unfolds.
  25. "Hiura or no deal" and "continue to listen" are mutually exclusive. If you'd continue to listen, then obviously Hiura isn't the dealbreaker you said he was. Just making the point that the "Player X or forget it" stance you're advocating the O's take here just burns bridges, and if the other teams call your bluff and move on, then you've really screwed yourself.
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