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  1. Could not agree more. It is not even close in my opinion.
  2. Whoever can be proven to be part of the scheme should be suspended yes. From whenever it started to now. Very interesting. I had heard once about the Bobby Thompson homerun was a bit shady but didn't know about the whole story. All you have to do is follow the reaction of the other players in the league to see how serious this is.
  3. This is the most serious scandal since the 1919 Black Sox. Yes it is worse than steroids. These Astros players need to be punished severely. Maybe not a lifetime ban like in 1919 but the should all sit out one year at the very least. I would not find it excessive if they did indeed receive a lifetime ban.
  4. Let's expand the league by two teams and let everyone in. Can do a 32 team tournament with all 2 out of 3 game series. We can use the regular season for seeding purposes.
  5. It is awful. The sport will lose a lot of appeal for me. Also just realized the trade deadline will be a non event now. Everyone is in contention! Lol what a joke.
  6. Playing 162 games with nearly half of your league making the playoffs is laughable overkill. You are completely defeating the point of a long regular season. I can't fathom how anyone thinks this is a good idea. Another thing that is frustrating is how SO MANY PEOPLE don't understand the concept of the one game wild card. Teams who make the wild card are LUCKY to have the chance to advance to the regular post season. They didn't win their division. It is as much of a play in game as it is a post season game. It keeps more teams alive in the post season chase as a bonus.
  7. Current format is fine. Wild Card is perfect. It penalizes teams for not winning division and it keeps more teams alive towards the end of the season. It is also a thrilling one game hold your nuts every pitch. Does anyone remember before going to one game WC format what the big complaint was? It was the fact there was no difference between winning your division and winning the wild card. What this new abortion of a system does is essentially create one division winner and six wild cards per league. We are back where we were before with no difference between division winner and wild cards. Great job Manfred you freaking clown. I would much rather go back to the old seven team divisions with four post season births. Heck I would even prefer how they do it in the Premier League where the best record simply is the champion vs this absolute garbage.
  8. Good for those who are happier after cutting the cord. So not worth it for me. Complete hassle and not saving as much money as you think.
  9. ExileAngelos


    It's a very strange position to be as a fan. I have lived in northern VA my entire life and began following the O's in 1982 because we had no team. I am a home town team guy and fans of the other 3 DC teams. So I found myself pulling and even cheering out loud for the Nats but I am still an Orioles fan 100%. It is just hard not to get caught up in it because it is DC. I am happy for THEM. I am not going to be wearing any Nats world champs gear though. The Orioles are my team. I don't have a second favorite team. I hope WE can experience winning after this rebuild.
  10. As a lifelong resident of northern Virginia and fan of this team since 1982 all I can say is I completely disagree. I am patiently waiting for the rebuild process and am very excited. Fans will be back. There isn't a lot of incentive to go to the ballpark to see a team you know has not chance at postseason action.
  11. Nine guys take the field. Nine guys hit. That is real baseball.
  12. Whatever they decide I hope they don't expand the playoff field. Fewer teams that make the post season the better. Too much of a crap shoot once you get to the playoffs. That is why you play 162 games. I like the set up the way it is now. The one game wild card is perfect. Unfortunately I expect they will follow the NFL model of 8 four team divisions. Boooo
  13. Yes and some consider him to be the best overall prospect since Harper in 2010.
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