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  1. According to Jon Rothstein, the Terps are in the mix for Georgia Tech transfer Robert Carter Jr. along with St. Johns and South Carolina. Carter was a top 15 recruit in 2012and has a similar body build to Charles Mitchell but unlike Chuck, Carter can shoot the ball. He will have to sit out a year but would be a great addition with Smo leaving after this upcoming season. The Terps are also in the mix for former North Carolina A&T PG Richard Pack who averaged 17 PPG last season and 4.6 REB.
  2. Yes the recent transfers are a bit alarming but when it comes down to it, Allen quit on his teammates and coaches at UMD and good riddance. He was on WNST today and said that he is 6'2" and needs to play point guard in order to get to the NBA. Lets be real here, Allen is a great talent and played well when he was rushed back from injury this year but his ceiling is Terrell Stoglin in my eyes. He needs to take a ton of shots for him to score his points and isn't really a facilitator or a great defender. Do I see the NBA in his future? No but he could have a great European career. This is the problem with college basketball today, so many kids think they have what it takes to make the pro's and transfer teams multiple times, through AAU, high school and college where the NCAA allows them to at a drop of a hat. Those kind of kids usually have me-first attitudes and if they don't get there way they'll just go some place that will put up with the attitude. I though Seth wasn't this type of kid, coming from a great family but hanging out with Faust and Pe'Shon Howard can change that. Allen left when he found out Trimble was going to get serious minutes at the PG position this season and didn't want to compete for the job or switch roles to benefit the team. I say good riddance.
  3. The Ravens really like DeAngelo Tyson, who has actually performed better than Jones when comparing their first two seasons in the NFL. They also have a DL from Notre Dame, his name escapes me, they drafted last year who tore his ACL in the National Championship Game in 2012 that they like as well. The OL/DL positions are deep in the draft this year, I'd look for the Ravens to make FA signings at the WR, LB, S positions instead of the trenches. The only exception I could see is if the Ravens sign an experienced C, like Mack or Kyle Cook from CIN who was released yesterday.
  4. Edelman fits perfectly with Brady and I'm not sure how he would fit with this offense. The Ravens offense is centered around big plays downfield and Edelman is more of a intermediate receiver. The WR the Ravens are going to be in on is Steve Smith from CAR, if he is cut like reports are saying, he is the kind of WR they covet, a player who us cut that doesn't cost compensation picks. TE Owen Daniels is another intriguing possibility with his familiarity from HOU with Kubiak and Dennison. Problem is, Daniels isn't really a blocking TE which the Ravens despearately need. Graham I think can be replaced via the draft. You can find a good nickel corner in rounds 2-5 that won't cost you as much. As far as the safety position goes, there aren't that many left, Thomas Decoud was cut by ATL and Jarius Byrd just signed with NO for 6 years, so i'll go with DeCoud or draft a safety in the first or second round. The priority now for the Ravens is try and sign Daryl Smith to a 2-3 year deal, so that way Arthur Brown isn't thrusted into majority of the snaps at MLB because I don't think he is ready just yet.
  5. The lack of a front court presence has really hurt this team. If Len had stayed, this team would be a top 25 team and would be battling for a top four seed in the ACC tournament. Turg was banking on Shaq being a contributor this year, however he has regressed (if thats possible) from last season. He has hands of stone and can't play under control, causing him to rack up fouls like it's his job. Dodd has played well in spurts, altering shots and blocking shots but he is so raw offensively that he is a liability on offense. Mitchell is a great PF, and isn't a guy who can work for long stretches, he's best suited coming off the bench and giving the team energy when he needs it. Faust last night played one of the worst games of his tenure at UMD. I don't know if he had it in his head from the get-go to out play his buddy C.J. Fair but he made bone head play after bone head play that really cost the team. The Terps have 3 go to guys on offense, Wells, Allen, and Layman. The problem with that is, the Terps have no one to give them the ball. Peters has problems running the offense in the half court and Allen isn't a point guard. As for next season, I'm banking that Cleare transfers, and Graham isn't offered a scholly next season. I think Wells will test the NBA Draft but come back for his senior season. Faust may transfer as a grad student, he's supposedly graduating in the spring and with the log jam at guard for next season it may be for the best. As I see it next years rotation should look a lot like this. PG- Allen SG- Wells SF- Layman PF- Smotrycz C- Mitchell Bench: C- Dodd PG- Peters PG/SG- Trimble C- Reed SG/SF- Nickens C- Cleare if he stays. SG- Wiley Apparently the 14' class may not be done. The staff is looking at an overseas forward to add depth to that position.
  6. I'm optimistic about tonight. UNC usually prides itself on drawing contact in the lane and shooting 3's. Surprisingly the Tar Heels are ranked near the bottom in the country in 3PM % and FT%. However, the Heels inside players such as McAdoo and Johnson will have a field day against Cleare and Mitchell. McAdoo is a matchup nightmare for this Terps team, the only two players I can see matching up with him are Layman and Graham . What the Terps should take advantage of is how soft the Heels guards are. Paige, McDonald and Britt are undersized guards who Wells, Allen, and Faust should bully around tonight. I think tonight will be a shootout, neither team plays well defensively and the Terps need to keep up the pressure on defense to prevent the Heels from running. This is a huge game for the Terps so I'll go Terps 81 UNC 78.
  7. Along with hiring a new offensive coordinator, does anyone think the Ravens should bring in a QB coordinator as well?
  8. I would hope the Ravens would be more concerned with turning the offense around than Harbs feelings being hurt. Kubiak is a great offensive mind and would help turn the offensive line around.
  9. Interesting fangraphs comparison: http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=pit&lg=all&qual=y&type=8&season=2008&month=0&season1=1988&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0 Comparing all pitchers from 1988 to 2008, (Glavine debuted in '88 and Mussina in '91) Mussina compares favorably and much better than Glavine across the board.
  10. What makes people think Maryland can hire someone better than Turgeon? UMD hasn't made the tourney since 10' and for the first time since Wade was coaching in the 90's Turg has put a fence around the DMV area. Not to mention Turg has an 8 yr contract and a ridiculous buyout. I understand the frustration but the future of Terps basketball is still bright.
  11. While Gibbs may have been someone to hold on to, he was leaning towards de-committing when Gary was still coaching. Len didn't commit til after Gary was let go and Turgeon took over. Anderson decommitting allowed us to get Layman, who has a brighter future than Anderson does. Anderson isn't starting on Virginia and rumors are swirling that he doesn't like Bennett's slow pace offense and will transfer after this year. Turgeon's in game coaching leaves a lot to be desired but he's doing it with a YOUNG team. I'm not judging Turg this soon into his contract, and the recruits he's bringing in the '14 class and possible blue chippers in the '15 class is something Williams in the later stage of his career, wouldn't even touch. Turg has had 3 seniors in his 3 years of being at UMD. Mosley and Padgett were the only ones to stay all 4 years at UMD and Turg only got contributions from Mosley one year, Padgett 2. Aronhalt was a transfer grad student and not a true leader on the team. Turg is essentially building the program from the bottom up. This team was picked to be a NCAA Tourney team, however they haven't played that way so far this season. There is still time for them to make a run. Other than Syracuse and Duke there is a significant drop off in talent in the ACC. When Allen comes back thats when I start to judge Turg in game coaching. Allen and Peters will roatate at PG and Ram can go back to the bench. Tonight will be a good test. Boston College has been more disappointing this year than UMD with the talent they have. Olivier Hanlan and Ryan Anderson are very good players that UMD will have to keep under control. Last year, Hanlan single handedly beat the Terps which solidified him as the ACC Freshman of the Year. For the Terps to get on the right track, a victory tonight in the first ACC game of the year on the road would be a good start.
  12. If the O's sign Cruz to 4/60 that would be a poor reallocation of resources on Duq's part. While Cruz may hit 25+ HR he doesn't get on base and K's a lot, not to mention he brings no defensive value. So the Orioles would be signing a 4/60 DH, great :thumbsup1:
  13. Why would the O's be interested in Cruz? Especially after Davis and Markakis saying PED users should be banned from baseball last year.
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