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  1. That's the kind of attitude that soured this place for me. The atmosphere of sarcasm and negativity is often pervasive and contagious. I think it has a lot to do with all the losing and so is not directly the fault of the posters or staff, but I had become well aware that participating in it wasn't a positive influence on my own outlook and I wasn't doing a good job of ignoring the petty sniping that goes back and forth and focusing on the good. At the end of the day, my interest in the site had been waning for a long time and there had to be some point at which I just cut it off because as long as I was paying for it I kept coming back from time to time. Now my account is canceled so I won't feel any compulsion to come back once I close this session. In a strange way it's kind of a weight off my shoulders. Like I tried to explain, my decision wasn't based on being vindictive, it was just something that's been a long time coming. I thought I should say goodbye in some way after 4 years or so of being around here rather than just silently canceling without a word. Anyway, I genuinely mean it when I wish you all the best of luck and happiness.
  2. You're right. I don't use this site anywhere near as much as I used to and I've been thinking about delving into ccbill to figure out how to cancel my subscription for awhile. If the staff wants to goad me into taking my money elsewhere, maybe it's time I get around to doing that. I'll miss chatting with some of you all about the O's, Ravens, college basketball and stuff, but it hasn't really been something I've enjoyed enough to be worth paying for in awhile. I wish you all the best. I harbor no ill will, I'm just now fully convinced that my membership in this online community has outlived its usefulness. Peace out.
  3. I never said they couldn't complain, just that your statement was inaccurate because they aren't forced to do anything they didn't knowingly sign up for. They're entitled to complain all they want at the bar, to their friends, etc. Heck, they can join the Orioles Hangout and post about it in "Short Rants." However, I can very well see how viewers of a tv program (or listeners to a radio program) who are tuning in to be informed about the latest happenings in sports would be a little less than thrilled to have half the time taken up by the broadcasters' rants about what they dislike about their jobs. Honestly, they're probably not complaining about it on their shows because they're so upset and miserable and missing their families (who are just as much not with them if they're in a trendy tourist mecca as if they're in a sleepy inland town), they're talking about it on the air because they somehow seem to think it's cute or entertaining. Most of their listeners don't seem to agree with them about that. As for the dearth of jobs on the current market, did Roch, Anita or anyone else mentioned in this thread enter the field of sports broadcasting during the current recession? I don't think so. They all made choices in their college majors, past jobs, etc. that led to them being in a field that involves travel. Like I said, we're all allowed to have regrets and vent about them, but that doesn't mean it's a good topic for your sports-talk show.
  4. They're not being forced to do anything. There are plenty of less interesting jobs out there that pay more and involve less travel. Besides, not everybody hates business travel. I like it, and so do some of my colleagues who have kids. Of course I like trips to Savannah better than trips to Raleigh, but I understand that Raleigh is part of my job for a reason so I try to make the best of it and find the few fun places to go out there. I'm sure there's someplace they can enjoy themselves in Sarasota, and it will probably fit much better into their limited per diem budget.
  5. If you were a really horrible mother, you would have made the kids clean the burnt cookies out of the hot oven. :mwahaha:
  6. People like that should lose their license for a significant period of time for recklessly causing an accident. It never ceases to amaze me how so many Americans view driving as a right rather than a privilege, they view BAD driving as an inalienable right... at least when it's them doing the bad driving.
  7. There is not a cloud in the sky here in Asheville, so for once it is good to be here instead of in Baltimore. Of course I'm driving to Baltimore tonight for Thanksgiving... :mwahaha:
  8. Do I think the Ravens should be close to firing him at this point? No. But if the question is simply "do you have doubts?" then yes, of course I do. I think he runs a tighter ship than Billick and that I appreciate, but some of his strategic decisions have definitely left much to be desired. He's a smart guy, but sometimes in the heat of the moment his decisions don't come out that way. I don't think he should be running out of chances. Barring an epic collapse unrivaled by any Orioles' September in the last 10 years, he should be back for next season... but I am not at this point convinced that he will be a long term solution or lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl. I'm not convinced he won't either, but he'll have to learn and improve a fair amount to get there. Whether he can adapt as he needs to to get to the next level I'd put at 50-50 right now.
  9. Messing with Jersey like that? I hope you all like concrete shoes!
  10. Sorry... I didn't mean to imply that kids were being fed that by their parents, but now I can see how it could have come off that way. I just mean that society throws a steady stream of bad stuff at kids and for me cussing would be pretty far toward the bottom of that list in terms of my level of concern about it. /OK now really end threadjack
  11. I would think you would have learned by now not to take my offhanded quips quite so seriously. I wasn't trying to pee (is that a bad word?) in anyone's cornflakes. I just find the whole topic of cussing and obscene gestures amusing. As children we're taught that "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." And that's true. Hearing someone shout a word for feces when they drop a tool on their toe or seeing a driver flip off someone who cut him off in traffic is never going to do any person of any age any serious harm. It may not be entirely pleasant and it may cast a poor light on the person doing it, but it has no more harmful effects to the people who witness it than seeing someone walk down the street wearing a really ugly outfit. Many people have a strong distaste for swear words and choose not to associate with people who use them, but in the grand scheme of things there is only so much outrage to go around and there are many things that do much more measurable harm to the world that people don't get as upset about. As for there being no gray area, you've got to be kidding. Obscenity is nothing but gray area because it's a socially constructed phenomenon. A middle finger has no meaning other than that which we assign to it. In some cultures it's used just like any other finger to point to things, while for them gestures that are totally inane to us constitute an insult. Choices of which words for breast, penis, urine, etc. are obscene are arbitrary and vary from person to person even within a culture. Even the Supreme Court has acknowledged that the definition of what constitutes obscenity is murky. If someone uses a word or gesture with the intent of offending someone, that's not a nice thing... but it's just as easy to intentionally offend someone by talking about religion, politics, or the person's weight as by using "foul" language. The intent is more important than the words or gestures used. Of course that's a gray area too...
  12. It never ceases to amaze me that kids are fed a steady diet of sex, violence, exploitation and war and then we worry about them seeing middle fingers or hearing different words for poop.
  13. A generic opponent, maybe... if it was to teach somebody a really good lesson and didn't affect whether the Ravens made the playoffs. The Indianapolis Horse Thieves... NEVER! :angryfire:
  14. What exactly is the point of refusing to disclose the amount of a fine that's going to become public anyway? $10,000 would certainly be a sizable fine for most of us, but it's pretty disingenuous for Quinn to be acting as if it's a big fine given his salary and the fact that the player he injured is likely out for an extended period. Almost as disingenuous as the interview a couple years ago when Quinn's Arizona workout buddy Jay Gibbons told Anita Marks he was "heartbroken" for Quinn when he had to suffer the indignity of being drafted late in the first round of the NFL draft.
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