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  1. Say what you will, but I always felt that the most exciting play in baseball was watching to see if Kevin Millar had the speed and, most importantly, stamina to actually make it to second base on a ball hit to the gap.
  2. I was pretty young at the time, but I do remember negotiations over his last extension dragging on for a while. But, anytime an aging hometown hero is in negotiations for their final contract, it seems like some media drama is always involved: https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1997-04-03-1997093096-story.html
  3. I agree with you. The tone from Hyde and Elias has definitely shifted. Melewski was saying the other day they've placed some demands on adjustments they expect him to make. I think Mountcastle ultimately forces the issue. If Davis is doing the same thing in Spring Training, I could see them releasing him. Which would have totally shocked me if you asked me earlier this year.
  4. Wasn't Eli Jacobs the owner when this contract was signed?
  5. Drew Brees isn't a particularly exciting personality. He's really popular and a face of the NFL. So, I don't buy the "players are boring" take. MLB just needs to be better at marketing the very good players they have already.
  6. I'd argue that Elias and the Angelos sons' handling of Davis has been relatively logical. They inherited a big expensive mess - but I don't fault them for at least seeing if he could turn it around as long as he wasn't blocking someone. It would have been nice to have Mancini at 1B this year, but they kind of needed him in the outfield this year anyway. They were starting Keon Broxton, and Joey Rickard out there this year. Stevie Wilkerson is an infielder at heart. Davis hasn't really been blocking anyone until lately - and now you've started to hear Hyde say he's going to be on the bench more. I could totally be wrong, but from reading between the lines in what some of the beat reporters are saying, it seems like their patience is running thin. I think they give him another Spring Training, but expect to see adjustments in his approach. If he's doing the same thing next spring, I would not be surprised to see them release Davis. And I've always thought they'd keep running Davis out there till the last year of the contract. The tone seems to have shifted in the little nuggets of information we get through the media.
  7. Thanks for providing your expertise on this, Frobby. Very appreciated.
  8. Peter Angelos is unfortunately in very ill health. From everything I've heard, I would be very surprised if he is involved in any decisions at all.
  9. There's a big difference between a crappy baseball player and a guy wanting to leave a violent sport where he has already had life-changing injuries. I don't think the two can be compared at all.
  10. I agree, I can't see an owner flushing all that money down the toilet just to see if there is an off-chance that Rio Ruiz has what it takes to be a major league player. I don't think they release him until he is truly blocking someone like Mountcastle - and I think they'll try Mountcastle in left field before they give up on Davis.
  11. That's what he's supposed to do, right? I think every manager in MLB would be expected to cover for their players. It's why they run out on the field when their player starts arguing with an umpire, for instance. I'm not saying that Hyde is some out-of-control manager, but recently it seems like he's letting his personal frustration get to him. I know we all don't like Davis very much and are looking for reasons to get rid of Davis, but Hyde's the leader of the team. He's supposed to be the example.
  12. I'm sorry that having the audacity to have an opinion that differs with yours is complete garbage. I think it's important to realize that Brandon Hyde isn't a broadcaster like Jim Hunter, where it is refreshing to hear an announcer or commentator speak to the truth and not sugar-coat things. Brandon Hyde is the manager. His job is to be a leader and make sure the O's win games. If you're looking for the post-game presser to be a source of valuable insight, I think that is a terribly misguided expectation. We don't need Brandon Hyde to tell us how bad this team is. You're right, everything Hyde has said is correct. But, there's plenty of people on ESPN, MASN, NBC, FOX, and tons of baseball websites to tell us that. What we need is Brandon Hyde to be a manager who keeps the clubhouse together and playing the best that they can. He isn't a commentator. He isn't the Orioles PR team. He's the manager. Roch has now stated he thinks Davis threw something in frustration, it hit Hyde's foot possibly, Hyde said something that wasn't appreciated, and it set Davis off. Why is a manager doing that? Why is a manager saying to the press that the guys on his team are not good enough? He can do whatever he wants behind closed doors - but not publicly. Whether you agree with that or not - modern baseball players do not like that. At all. Take one look at the Red Sox/Dennis Eckersley situation and you'll know that modern baseball players have certain expectations. Hell, Joe Girardi was a great manager and he got shown the door in New York because the clubhouse wasn't with him. Simply put, sure - if you're someone doesn't sugar-coat things, that's great. I completely understand. But, me personally, I care about what is effective. And we've seen on countless occasions that modern day baseball players have no patience for some of the things Hyde has been doing lately. We can shout about typical old-man-millenials-are-crybabies takes all day - but it doesn't matter. What matters is effective, and that's not trying to pick a fight with your first baseman. That's not talking to the press about how your pitching staff sucks.
  13. The top authority on baseball beef has spoken.
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