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  1. Because spending money helps? Imagine what this year's Tampa Bay Rays could have done with another $50M.
  2. The Orioles can fund a much higher payroll than Tampa, so I'm not sure that process is necessary. I think you can look to the Cardinals as an example of how the Orioles could be successful long-term. Elias started there and seems to want to emulate their success, which is mentioned here: https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/10/11/orioles-envision-als-cardinals-lcs-predictions-babe-ruth-museum-event/
  3. And then they'll lose even more fans if they non-tender a 4 WAR player off a 20/20 season. Can't expect fans to want to pay money to watch a team that doesn't even want to pay itself.
  4. That's cheap for a starting pitcher who can throw 160-170 competent innings.
  5. I agree. Everyone acts so doom-and-gloom about the DD-Buck era. They were a really good team and had a ton of success. Most of the issues seem like they came from Peter Angelos - no international signings, signing Chris Davis, letting a weird power structure exist, different levels of the farm system doing different things, etc.
  6. Even while terrible, there is value in having talented players even if they do not result in future strategic pieces. Baseball is an entertainment business and there is certainly value from a business standpoint. I know its popular right now, but I really think the "the-team-is-bad-so-sell-everything" mantra is overplayed at this point.
  7. I don't think we can truly grade Duquette on the July 2018 trades, simply because we have no idea how much autonomy he had. If ownership told him to clear as much salary as possible, I'd give Duquette a pretty good grade because he managed to get some decent assets while primarily just trying to move money. He also traded for international money and was never given the opportunity to use it.
  8. Seems like Maddon is headed to the Angels. I could see Buck being hired by the Phillies if they decide to part with Kapler, but I wonder if a Buck/Arrieta relationship would prevent that.
  9. I'd assume Elias at least wants to do his due diligence and see how Davis looks in 2020 with a full offseason under his watch. I'd assume that Elias and his team are probably making some demands on Davis in regard to his offseason training program. Since Elias was hired late last year, I'd guess that he and his team weren't able to do that last offseason. Which, I think is the right move. If nothing changes and they keep putting Davis in the lineup through the end of his contract just because he's owed money- that's a bad move. But, I think it's smart for Elias to at least see if his staff can do something productive with Davis. If he struggles and looks the same early next year, I'd expect they'd part ways.
  10. Their Pythagorean W-L was 60-102. Definitely some truth to what you're saying here.
  11. Say what you will, but I always felt that the most exciting play in baseball was watching to see if Kevin Millar had the speed and, most importantly, stamina to actually make it to second base on a ball hit to the gap.
  12. I was pretty young at the time, but I do remember negotiations over his last extension dragging on for a while. But, anytime an aging hometown hero is in negotiations for their final contract, it seems like some media drama is always involved: https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1997-04-03-1997093096-story.html
  13. I agree with you. The tone from Hyde and Elias has definitely shifted. Melewski was saying the other day they've placed some demands on adjustments they expect him to make. I think Mountcastle ultimately forces the issue. If Davis is doing the same thing in Spring Training, I could see them releasing him. Which would have totally shocked me if you asked me earlier this year.
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