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  1. From Keith Law's AFL scouting piece (he didn't mention any O's players): Victor Victor Mesa signed with the Marlins last October for $5.25 million, and right now that appears to be money down the tubes, as he hit just .235/.274/.263 this year. He looks atrocious at the plate, and shows no above-average tools other than his arm. I saw him do nothing but strike out or ground out, and he doesn't even pretend to run out ground balls. Reports I had on him from his workout last fall appear to have been wildly optimistic -- if he's a plus runner, he left it at home before heading to Arizona -- and I had him way too high on my Marlins list at No. 2.
  2. So Greinke and about $25 million for Martin, Bukauskas, Beer, and Rojas.
  3. Guessing the DBacks kicked in some serious money. That's a haul.
  4. Chito

    Stroman to Mets

    Kay seems like a safe bet to be a mid-rotation starter. Probably would be by now if not for Tommy John a few years ago. Woods-Richardson is a higher upside guy who's a few years away. I guess it's good value for him. Surprised a serious contender didn't beat this offer though.
  5. Maybe a better fit for Orioles History, but a great listen either way.
  6. Here's how Connolly put it: Cashner is a tough guy who spoke his mind and didn’t care about ruffling young Orioles’ feathers. But he also gave exorbitant amounts of time to those inexperienced guys in the clubhouse.
  7. Straily. Oof. I actually thought he was gonna help. He earned that F-minus for sure.
  8. Smith's SLG is actually .457. And yes, it's well past time to cut Davis.
  9. The average vertical movement on the BP f/x scale is 9. Blake Snell is at 11. Verlander is still getting it done at 11.15(!) Means is at 10.99. Bundy 10.75. Both near the top in that category.
  10. Yep. Just found Sarris pointing someone to the BP Pitch f/x leaderboard.
  11. He did write this just after the part I posted: The all-time top 50 four-seamers by ride average 90 mph. Among four-seamers that average more than 94 mph, Buehler actually has the 11th-highest ride of the era.
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