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  1. Now trade Britton to phillies for Crawford SS and Franco 3B. They are young and better than current roster players. IMO
  2. His next game will be as a Phillie
  3. I am lucky. I live in Central Pa. and Comcast gives me the Orioles-Nationals-Phillies- Pirates standard Ch.
  4. Sometimes it is not all about the money. Davis will never sign anywhere but Baltimore for $154M.Gordon is playing for $18M year. No way is Davis worth $22M
  5. God knows they do not want to appease the fans
  6. Not about Greinke getting 34m. It is about spending 21m on SP instead of CD
  7. Now comes your comeuppance. How dare you make negative posts on an Orioles site.
  8. Rizzo will win the money battle. Nat's are desperate for relief pitching
  9. There will still be more
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