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  1. 4 minutes ago, MDtransplant757 said:

    They just hired Mike Matheny to manage them. My dad has more merit to manage a team than that guy does


    Just now, Redskins Rick said:

    I think his record reflects more accomplishments than you give him credit for


    Team From To Regular season record Post–season record
    G W L Win % G W L Win %
    St. Louis Cardinals 2012 2018 1065 591 474 .555 43 21 22 .48

    I think a lot of the team’s winning was despite him being at the helm. Such a solidly consistent franchise. Cards fans I know were driven crazy by the guy. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Redskins Rick said:

    despite 93 wins, thats funny.

    League Winners have won with lesser amounts.

    True! It just pales in comparison to Houston’s 107 and makes a casual observer think a lesser team won. Now, the 2014 Royals buzzsaw that we ran into... (yes, still very bitter!)

  3. 11 hours ago, orpheus100 said:

    They did it the cheap, everyone deserves a trophy way by winning the stupid wild card game to even get into the playoffs.

    At least the Orioles were in first place in large divisions winning their titles.

    The wild card sucks but that stupid game needs to be trashed ASAP

    It’s been pointed out many times that the Nats started 19-31 and then finished on a tear. They were the hottest/best team in baseball for the last four months of the season. No way they weren’t deserving of the wild card opportunity that they seized. And when you look at it through that lens, it’s really not all that surprising that they took the championship despite having only 93 wins. 

  4. 4 hours ago, Sessh said:

    Just telling people to pay is not a solution. People are telling you they want more options. Patreon and tip jars are more options. Withholding basic forum features like post editing and all the other things isn't a solution either since those features are not worth paying for and I would even go out on a limb and assume that obtaining these features has a negligible at best effect on whether or not people give you money. They aren't paying for the features, they are paying to support the site already if they are able. The current methods are not working as evidenced by this thread. People are telling you what they want, so now it's up to you guys to listen to them or continue on in this self-limiting system. It doesn't have to be that way at all.

    Exactly. I'd gladly chip in $5 or $10 here and there because I love checking in on the forums and everyone's opinions. But $25 for a plus membership is not of interest to me since I don't care about the features and therefore don't want to put out $25 for it. 

  5. 1 minute ago, dan-O said:

    But that doesn't mean that you have to cease being a fan of Adam Jones, like Tony did last year. Maybe Jones is off base, but he's also black, and experiencing the game from a unique perspective that less than 100 other players are experiencing. 

    Surely, more can be done to get black players back into baseball, and historically, he's absolutely correct: it HAS been a white man's sport until very recently. Now? It's tough to say, but Jones is just an athlete with an opinion and good intentions. We may not always agree with him, but to be like "WELL I'M NOT A FAN ANYMORE BECAUSE I DISAGREE" as if Jones is somehow attacking your whiteness, is patently ridiculous, and frankly, a little gross.

    And I most definitely did not do that. I stated a few pages back that Adam has been one of my favorite players for years. He tells it like it is and speaks his mind, which is refreshing compared to the corporate line you get from so many. Glad he's our guy. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:


    If that's what you got from these posts then you are are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    The lack of black players playing in the major leagues is indeed proportional to lack of black players playing it at the amateur level. That's just a fact. No one is "blaming" them, it's just a cold hard fact. Black players are not playing the sport because the game is racist or racists play the game or because it's a white man's sport. 

    Jones was wrong last year when he spoke out and called it a "white man's sport." First off, the number of black players don't include black Hispanic players which make up a large majority of black players playing in the league.. Secondly, he made it sound like it's something baseball is doing to keep it white rather than the lack of black player talent pool. 

    It's typical though of people like you. As soon as you have no facts to stand on you turn it around and just pull the racist card out. Ridiculous.

    Good stuff, Tony. That was the intent of me bringing up the demographics, but you said it all much more eloquently. When you look at the percentage of black players in the game, combined with the other socioeconomic factors you point out, it's not surprising the way it is and it also doesn't make it a white man's sport. I, too, disagreed when Adam said that last year. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, baltimore_chop said:

    For the person that brought up the percentages of African Americans in MLB and the US, it just further cements my point that there are a good amount of white folks who still see the country as "their country",  and baseball as "their sport". That's why it saddened me when people, even on THIS site called for Adam to be off the team when he's done NOTHING but be the leader of this team, the USA squad, and contribute to the Baltimore community in many different ways. THIS is what he was talking about; doing everything right, showing nothing but class, being a leader on and off the field, being an ambassador for Baltimore and the Orioles, and STILL being seen as less than human. Absolutely sickening.

    Just to be clear, Adam has been one of my favorite O's since he joined the team. Love his personality and effort, and he lays it all out on the field. He's the heart of the team and I love him. 

    So, take my anecdote for what it's worth. It's interesting discussion. 

  8. 8 hours ago, baltimore_chop said:

    And people wonder why Adam said this was still a white man's game. There were 42 African American's on rosters at the beginning of this season, and those guys (along with Hispanic dudes as well) will have to deal with the pure foolishness that none of the white players have to deal with. Anybody who shot down Adam Jones' comments from last year now knows EXACTLY what he was talking about.

    A couple of years ago I read an article with some charts that showed that MLB is actually the closest representation of US race demographics of all the major sports leagues. I can't find it now, so I just looked up that African Americans make up 12.2% of the US population. It's lower, but not too far off from 42 active out of 750. It's really not much more of a minority than the general population. Maybe NFL and NBA sitting in the backs of our minds skew our perspective on MLB's composition. I just found the whole thing to be interesting. 


    Regardless, awful that that happened to Adam. 

  9. I'd honestly forgotten that there were others...are there others? The Sunday plan is the only one that ever made sense to me from a scheduling standpoint (i.e., having the chance to get out of town family members to games). You're almost certainly right, though. Thanks for the reminder.

    In addition to the Sunday plan, they've had B, C, and D plans and each one has a different set of 13 tickets. All of those plans and the 29-game plan add up to 81 games total, so they can break out seats to be sold to partial plan holders for the whole schedule.

    Keep in mind that the O's are super flexible with trading in tickets and buying additional tickets at the season plan price for anywhere in the stadium. You could theoretically buy whichever 13-game plan and then trade them all in for 13 Sundays as long as you don't mind sitting in different seats each game.

  10. I've been running with Longball Tommy Hunter ever since he was serving them up as a starter last season.

    What's sad is when I went to bed last night and saw the alerts pop up on my phone for their two home runs, my first thought was, "Longball must be pitching..."

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