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  1. iOS users have to sign-up online. Android users can redeem the offer through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.
  2. Jim Callis disagrees. It also looks doubtful that fourth-rounder Jack Conlon will sign with the Orioles. A fourth-rounder from Clements High (Sugar Land, Texas), he displays a 92-95 mph fastball and a sharp 81-84 mph slider when he's at his best. If he doesn't turn pro, he'll attend Texas A&M. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/240669238/draft-signings-update/?topicid=151437456
  3. Ofac recently changed their clearance process and the Cuban ball players would no longer need a special license. The only hold up for Moncada and a few others has been MLB deciding what they wanted to do.
  4. Wednesday would be the only option. The O's are home until the following friday.
  5. The rookie wage cap/scale will be in place for this class. The CBA ends before the draft so any signings will take place under the new CBA. The only way he costs himself 10's of millions is if pulls a Locker. Still it was not a wise move. There is way to much risk involved.
  6. I thought the Bengals were bad. That was pathetic.
  7. Have you looked at the teams the Broncos have played. Orton put up those numbers against Jacksonville, Seattle, Indy, and Tennesee. Against Indy he threw the ball 57 times and only had 1 TD to show for it. In the game yesterday he had 255 yards before the final drive in the last minute when his team was down 31-10. That is junk time. If you want a good fantasy qb than Flacco won't be your guy most games. Flacco is perfect for the team he plays on.
  8. Hey Stotle, what are your thoughts on Bubba Starling? It seems like he could be a fast mover like Heyward and Trout.
  9. Chick fil-a spicy chicken nuggets
  10. His post is still harmless. He is not trying to start a debate, he is seeking advice. It is good to see someone getting in the game instead of sitting on the side complaining.
  11. The games will still be on local tv which is fine for most Marylanders. The problem is not all Ravens fans live in Maryland. When MASN or CSN aired the preseason games fans in PA could watch. Right now we can only see the game if it is on NFLN, ESPN, or if you live close enough to Baltimore to pick up the signal with an antenna.
  12. I think next year we will see Rosa pushed to Frederick unless Machado shows up in FL this fall and next spring with an extemely advances approach. Givens will go back to Delmarva and probably see time at 2nd, SS, and maybe 3rd. I think Schoop and Narron both start in short season ball with Schoop playing shortstop for Aberdeen and Narron in Aberdeen playing 3rd/ss or in Bluefield at ss. A lot depends on how these guys look this fall and in the spring.
  13. Congrats. When my daughter was born my wife wanted me and both our mothers in the delivery room. For both of our mothers it was their first grandkid and my doesn't have a daughter so this was the best we could do. It should be up to your wife as she is the one showing everybody everything. My wife and I also took a class the hospital offered called Happiest Baby on the Block. It is a book and DVD that you can find at any bookstore. The techniques that it teaches can really help if you have a baby that crys a lot.
  14. That grandslam was the first hit in the game and came in the sixth inning. With only 1 hit between the two teams Tampa had a 4-0 lead.
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