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  1. Yes. Guess we didn't want him.
  2. Maybe they can get him to show up early and paint the lines too.
  3. Claimed on waivers by Seattle.
  4. Nats sign Welington Castillo. They already have Kurt Suzuki and Yan Gomes so he is no lock to make the team.
  5. Oh yeah, Hoschild Kohn, forgot about them. Yeah, there's a Lord and Taylor's now. And all the old Baltimore area department stores (Hechts, Woodies, HK, Hutzlers) are completely gone I believe.
  6. It reminded me about meaningless corporate buzzwords like synergy, or the various "quality" fads that have popped up in the past 30 years.
  7. Is he going to have a spring at all? Thought he was still recovering from his surgery.
  8. Agree. This sentence really got my BS meter going: “I’ve got to find a way to really let my ability take over in unison and in harmony with what our lineup is constructed to do".
  9. So there wasn't a Hutzler's at Columbia Mall? I guess it was just Hecht's and Woodward & Lothrop there. And maybe Sears? I think it always had 3 anchor stores with a Y-shaped floor plan.
  10. And now the umps union "clarifies" which almost totally walks back what MLB said yesterday. There will be an automated strike zone used in a small # of spring games but it will not actually call the balls and strikes, the plate ump still will. It's just part of getting the system working: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28537918/mlb-umpires-union-clarifies-use-electronics-spring-training-sites
  11. I plan to go to the one at Flying Dog Sunday afternoon. I've enjoyed their beer for years but have never visited their brewery in Frederick, so it's about time I did that anyway.. And Eddie will be there! Not to mention GrayRod and Mountcastle, and Sig. That's just two days before pitchers and catchers report. The one Saturday morning in Ellicott City as actually by far the closest to me. Might make that one too.
  12. He dove headfirst into the stands too.
  13. Eddie Murray, Dwight Smith, and Rio Ruiz are at an event at Westminster on the 9th from 2-3PM, then at an event at Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick that starts at 4PM. Cutting it a bit close, I would guess that's about a 45 minute drive and they have an hour to make it. Hope they don't hit traffic or bad weather. I wonder who will drive? I assume if the Hall of Famer wants to drive, no one will deny him the privelege.
  14. And the next step is being taken: there will be some robot umps used in spring training this year to call balls and strikes. Reading the article, it's not clear to me whether it will just be in some selected games or all the games. I would think that the umps need spring training too, so they can get some practice calling balls and strikes after the offseason, so I'd be surprised if it was in all spring training games. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28537918/mlb-plans-robot-umps-call-balls-strikes-spring-training-games
  15. Bud Norris signs a minor league deal with the Phillies. He did not pitch in the majors or minors last year.
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