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  1. First 7 games are against Boston and Miami, probably the two weakest teams we face. Chance to get off to a decent start.
  2. Schedule will be released tonight at 6PM on MLB Network.
  3. I updated the initial post in this thread with the complete list of guys taking the season off, and will try to keep it updated as more are added.
  4. Initial post in thread updated for July 5 camp notes.
  5. Felix Hernandez opts out of the season. He was on a minor league contract with the Braves but was probably going to make the team.
  6. Oh yeah, we've known that all along. That's why the owners wanted to make the season as short as possible. The networks pay most of their national TV money so they can have the postseason rights. Short season and a postseason, or no season at all, is best for the owners and has been all along. I just didn't get the connection you seemed to be making to a discussion of a small # of players opting out or not.
  7. Yes. They're paying him nothing. If he had played he would have gotten 60/162 of his salary. Guess I don't get why that is a reason for the owners to be "really motivated to not have a season". Sure, not having a season would save the paying salaries. What does that have to do with there being a season but a few players deciding to sit out?
  8. You lost me there. Not sure I get your logic. Maybe my reading comprehension is lacking.
  9. He is forfeiting his salary, yes. From the Dodgers, as I noted above but no one seems to notice. The only exception is players who are themselves high risk. Since no players are over 60, I guess that would mean players with certain medical conditions. They can sit out and get paid. I don't know how many players fit that category, probably very few.
  10. David Price of the Dodgers opts out of the 2020 season.
  11. I heard Ruiz hit a monster HR off Milone. Maybe that was the pitcher you caught looking like he had just given up something big.
  12. Roch posted a few on Twitter. In one of them, Elias and Hyde were both sitting behind home plate watching practice. But they were on opposite sides of a vomitory (that is the name of the walkway from the concourse, in case you were wondering). In seats about 6 rows up off the field. So Elias could lean on the side of the wall to his right and Hyde could lean on the side of the wall to his right and they could have a conversation across the walkway.
  13. Martin agreed to terms with the Blue Jays. Bonus amount not known yet.
  14. Keep in mind that ALL players and staff got tested. I imagine a large chunk of the people who choose to get tested in Florida are doing so because they have symptoms, or they feel they may have been exposed to someone with it, or a doctor has suggested it. Sure, some of the people getting tested are doing so like MLB players because it's required for their jobs whether they have symptoms or not. But a good chunk of the people being tested are probably doing it because there is reason to believe they might have it. So naturally there will be a higher % of positives.
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