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  1. It's an indication of how different 2020 is from other years: both the 2019 Nats and the 2020 Nats were 19-31 after 50 games.
  2. Only other World Champs to finish in last place the next year is one of the Marlin teams that won it all, and the 2014 Red Sox.
  3. No time is garbage time for Philip. He was complaining when Phillips was pitching in a game where we were down about 4 or 5 runs in the late innings. He wanted someone better.
  4. There are only 3 people left who can be right: If we go 0-6, milbest77 will be exactly right. If we go 1-5, esmd will be exactly right. If we go 24, esmd will be closest. If we go 3-3 or 5-1, interloper will be closest. If we go 4-2, interloper will be exactly right. If we go 6-0, interloper and mdk02 (who picked 31 wins) will tie for closest.
  5. Just for the record, here is what it would take to make the playoffs at this point: SCENARIO 1: -- Orioles sweep Red Sox -- Toronto loses at least 3 of 4 to Yankees -- Orioles sweep Toronto -- Seattle loses 2 or more games ([email protected], 4vsOak) * *if Seattle doesn't lose 2+ games, we would still make it if Houston lost at least 6 of their last 7 (3vsSea, [email protected]) -- Angels lose at least 1 more game (2 vs SD, [email protected]) -- (Tigers don't matter because if we win out and finish 29-31, the best they could finish would be 28-30 because they have two games vs SL that won't be made up. 29-31 = .483333, 28-30 = .48275 so we would win that based on better win%) SCENARIO 2: -- Orioles win 2 of 3 vs Boston -- Toronto loses all 4 to Yankees -- Orioles sweep Toronto -- Seattle loses at least 3 games ([email protected], 4 vs Oak)* *If Seattle doesn't lose 3+ games, we would still make it if Houston lost all 7 (3vsSea, [email protected]) -- Angels lose 2 or more games (2 vs SD, [email protected]) -- Tigers lose at least 1 game ([email protected], [email protected]) -- Royals lose at least 1 game (3 vs SL, 4 vs Det)
  6. I don't think the sad face was intentional. Certain character sequences get converted to smilies and you can't stop it. I've run into it with a numbered list, with an 8 flowed by a close parenthesis. ... 6) 7) 😎 9) 10)
  7. 6 wins. 3 Toronto losses either today or in their 4 game series with the Yankees. 2 Tiger losses. 2 Angel losses. 3 Mariner losses.
  8. The Orioles are now 23-31. A whole bunch of us picked 21 and have now been eliminated, as did people who picked 22, and the two people who picked a winning record. Only a few people left who could be right:
  9. Nice to end the home schedule with a W.
  10. I was there that night. There was a buzz before game time as fans with radios heard the news first and let the rest of us know that Call wasn't in the lineup.
  11. This is our last game at Oriole Park until April 8, when we play the Red Sox in the 7th game of the 2021 season.
  12. His last two starts were excellent too.
  13. Means makes an excellent defensive play to end the inning.
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