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  1. so I scanned what I missed...John Means doubled and got caught stealing??? Getting in the car to drive home, hopefully I will hear an uneventful 9th and a W
  2. The band is taking the stage, I'm turning off my phone. When the show is over I'll turn it back in and see who won. Go O's!
  3. Catcher Taylor Davis, who was in training camp with the O's for a couple years but never played for us in the regular season, called up by the Pirates to replace Stallings, who went on the concussion IL.
  4. Good move, pitching around Harper. Now let's see if Gutierrez can get on to start the 2nd so John Means can show off his mad buntin skillz
  5. Nice start vs a rookie who has pitched really well.
  6. Eddings has always been a "pitcher's ump". Back around the early to mid 2000s I was trying my hand at betting baseball, and I found that he and John Hirshbeck were the two biggest pitcher's umps out there. I'd look to bet the under when they were going to be behind home plate, or else if a good control pitcher was starting for one of the teams I would be more likely to bet on that team. Anyone I felt would be able to take advantage of the big zone and paint the corners.
  7. Tampa is calling up Shane Baz to start tonight. So they certainly aren't doing it. But our strategy with pitching has been crystal clear all year. We collected a bunch of non-prospect arms at Norfolk between the ages of 26 and Jannis, and we kept bringing them up one after the other, adding them to the 40 man roster, when it was time for another one we would DFA them so we could add the next guy to the 40. A few times the DFA'd guys got claimed, but the rest of the time they went unclaimed and mostly resigned with Norfolk. There are literallywell over a dozen guys who fit this desc
  8. Lineups aren't out yet as I ask this question... Trey Mancini (.916 OPS) and Ryan Mountcastle (.874) are two of the best hitters on our team vs lefties. Mountcastle has settled in well at 1B/DH. But in order to get both of them in the lineup tonight vs a lefty in Philly, would you consider giving Mountcastle a start in left field? Hays, another excellent hitter (.889) vs LH, would play right. Santander is only OPSing .706 vs LH, you could give him the night off. If I was managing, I would do it. I think the numbers clearly indicate it... Santander certainly isn't a better en
  9. Gametime: 7:05 pm Forecast: 70 degrees, plesant Matchup: John Means (L) vs Ranger Suarez (L) Lineups [NL Rules, no DH] 1. Austin Hays (R) LF 2. Ryan Mountcastle (R) 1B 3. Anthony Santander (S) RF 4. Pedro Severino (R) C 5. Ryan McKenna (R) CF 6. Pat Valaika (R) 2B 7. Richie Martin (R) SS 8. Kelvin Gutierrez (R) 3B 9. John Means (L) P 1. Odubel Herrera (L) CF 2. Jean Segura (R) 2B 3. Bryce Harper (L) RF 4. J.T. Realmuto (R) C 5. Andrew McCutchen (R) LF 6. Matt Vier
  10. Article in the Athletic says that Dickerson was the first person to rip into Tatis after his mistakes, followed by Manny, who at 29 is trying to show he has "grown up" and says he is trying to be a team leader in the manner of Adam Jones or JJ Hardy. Trying to mentor the 22 year old Tatis. Article questions Tingler's leadership over the course of the season. Also mentions that Dickerson''s bluntness has annoyed a few players. Tatis and Manny are locked up for a long time, I have the feel Tingler (and thus his entire stable of Buck Showalter coaches) will likely be gone two weeks from t
  11. Not going to be able to see the end of this. My friend will be here shortly and we'll be heading into town for the Ravens game. Hope the pen can hold.
  12. Greene up. Guess we are going to try to finish with Greene-Sulser-Wells
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