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  1. Updated post on first page of thread with 40 man roster info (post #10 I think) for the Shaw/Eshelman move. I listed Shaw as an outfielder because he has played most of his MLB games in left.
  2. Apparently the Orioles are still kicking the tires on Puig as a free agent, according to several articles. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-orioles-shown-interest-free-032329787.html I don't see it myself. But it's being reported.
  3. Not a thing anymore. (Right? That wasn't a one year Covid thing, that was one of the permanent changes that went into effect pre-Covid like the 3 batter rule).
  4. You really think there are teams out there that want to take on these guys and go to arbitration with them?
  5. SteveA

    Nunez DFA

    You say you've read enough of THIS but then you go and start the Chris-Davis-swing-change-can-of-worms thread that will be on its 35th page by the time spring training starts?
  6. SteveA

    Nunez DFA

    They dumped him to keep Chris Davis, basically. That's how I think of it, not that they dumped him to make room for the young guys.
  7. When was the last time we left someone exposed to the Rule 5 draft who we really worried might be taken and that he might be good enough for it to hurt losing him?
  8. Stroman accepted the QO. Scratch him off the list.
  9. Fernando Rodney will probably be available again.
  10. And yet we keep resigning Ryan Ripken every offseason.
  11. They got married in 2018. https://www.capitalgazette.com/lifestyles/ac-cn-ripken-wedding-20181012-story.html?outputType=amp
  12. If SG and Can of Corn ever strongly disagree on something, they will create the first ever infinite thread that will eventually completely fill up the internet and lead to the downfall of civilization.
  13. Simmons got a QO, I don't see us giving up a draft pick for a free agent. Archer has thoracic outlet (aka compartment) syndrome. I'd take a guy with 2 Tommy John's under his belt before I'd touch anyone who had compartment syndrome, It's a career killer.
  14. A move that will shock no one, I am sure. He was probably the first choice to be the longterm PC all along, but there was no sense having him spend two years tinkering with Dan Straily and Asher Wojo's deliveries. So Brocail was the caretaker in the job. Now that young pitchers are starting to trickle to the major leagues, it was time.
  15. Not sure I understand. What includes them? All minor league free agents? I can't click on the link, social media blocked on the work computer.
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