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  1. Maybe he isn't on call 24 hours a day.
  2. Yeah, I had a hard time voting, so I haven't yet. I disagree with the DECISION to give away Villar for either nothing or a very small return, to save the $$. But if you take it as a given that decision was made, I suspect we got about as much as we could have, so I can't complain about the deal per se. I guess overall I'm going to vote No.
  3. I'd never even heard of Twitch until today.
  4. And we are immune to such criticism because of the Davis albatross?
  5. Wake me when our payroll is less than Manny's salary.
  6. Bundy made a transition last year. He accepted the fact that he had permanently lost velocity on his fastball and would have to learn to rely on his offspeed pitches more, and he made that adjustment. It was nice to watch. He no longer will over be overpowering. The pitcher I saw last year could gut his way through an effective 6 innings if he hit his spots, and could be pretty bad if he didn't. The result was a reduction of HRs allowed from 41 to 29. In fact, his HR rate, his ERA, his WHIP, and his hit rate all improved as he made this adjustment. His walks went up a bit and his strikeouts went down a bit, though. I guess the big quesiton is will he be able to sustain what he did last year and be that kind of pitcher, relying on location and guile more than an overpowering out pitch, moving forward. If he is he could last a long time in the majors. Maybe in two years we'll be ready to contend and need a savvy veteran to be a back end starter in our rotation full of young studs and he will be available as a free agent.
  7. So probably our best hitting potential shortstop.
  8. I don't even know what Lena Dunham has been accused of doing, I have never paid any attention to her or read any articles about her. All I know is she had a popular show on HBO that I never watched. I'm not sure I would recognize her if I saw her. So for you to say I am somehow suggesting that violence by women isn't that big a deal by bringing up someone I basically know nothing about and never mentioned, is utterly absurd and some sort of bizarre stretch of argument that makes no sense whatsoever. I didn't mention Josef Mengele in my post either, so maybe by not mentioning him I am "suggesting" that vicious cruelty in the guise of medical experimentation is not that big a deal either? I didn't mention Julius Rosenberg, so maybe I am somehow implying that stealing atomic secrets and giving them to the Russians isn't a big deal? Talk about an utter non sequitor and taking what I say and making some completely unrelated point, geez. My point is that SOME people, hopefully not many, but some, are likely to have a modicum of sympathy for someone accused of domestic violence against women, while a much, much, much smaller % of people are going to have similar sympathy for someone accused of sexual assault of a 6 or 8 year old. I believe that is true, and I believe it affects the reaction that would occur if a team signed one guy versus the other. That is the only point I was trying to make, and I still believe it and stand by what I wrote. I think a team signing Russell would face some public backlash, but a team signing Heimlich would face much more. I was replying to a post that made an equivalence of the two, and my point was that in the court of public opinion, right or wrong, they were not comparable. One would likely be viewed as worse than the other. That is the only point I was trying to make, and I stand by that opinion. Yes, I am aware that his agreement was supposed to be sealed and that came out, and that has destroyed his future. Someone should be punished for breaking that rule. But I don't think it affects the public perception of the situation at all. It probably should but public opinion is often based on emotion moreso than logic
  9. The hidden benefit of this deal: we can now take THREE Rule 5 players next week! Everybody dance now!
  10. We've added SO MANY college pitchers in the last few drafts and via trades. Hard to believe we will have enough minor league roster spots for them. Especially in 2021 if the minor leagues shrink.
  11. Sad to say, but I think SOME folks don't see violence against women as THAT big a deal. They can remember times when they were so made at their wife or girlfriend that they WANTED to hurt them, even if they didn't, so they can empathize with that. And the hear a few stories where a woman makes a false accusation -- which does happen on occasion but is by far the minority of cases -- and assume it actually happens a lot. So they have a tendency to have some level of sympathy or even empathy for a man accused of hitting his wife or girlfriend. But what Heimlich was accused of doing -- no one has any sympathy or empathy for that.
  12. As pointed out in the non-tender thread, there are some interesting names on that list that could come cheap: Tyler Anderson, Taijuan Walker, Kevin Gausman.
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