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  1. Eades was our 10th pitcher that night, our 9th reliever. Other relievers available were: Harvey -- had pitched the night before and they said they weren't going to use him back to back Evan Phillips Tayler Scott -- had just been recalled from Bowie after they lost Friday night and had just joined the team in Detroit Both Phillips and Tayler Scott have been pretty bad this year. I bet if either of them had come in and had given up a walk and a grand slam, the complaints would have been there too.
  2. Question:. If they never resume this game, do we win 4-2 or 6-2. I know we win, but do the two runs we got in the top of the 6th (and the stats, including Hanser's 2nd hit) count? Or do they not count because Det never got the chance to bad in their 6th?
  3. How are there only 25 posts in this thread? I'd be shocked if the Orioles haven't made at least 100 bad baserunning plays this year.
  4. Nah...Wynn's had been pinch hit for back in the 7th. Pedro was catching in the fateful 12th.
  5. I don't necessarily agree. Maybe. But I see a lot of guys I'd knock off the roster before I'd dump Cedric.
  6. They are on the record as saying he won't be used on back to back days in September.
  7. Hey @scOtt they say there was a minor earthquake, 2.8, near York PA tonight. Some people in the Baltimore area felt it. (I felt nothing that I can recall). 9:11 PM. You feel anything up your way?
  8. Another waiver claim. August. Went to Norfolk, came up when the rosters expanded.
  9. Full moon has to rise at sunset.
  10. Eades trying to nail down the save. Our 9th? or 10th? pitcher tonight.
  11. Gary says "We go to bottom of the 12th, 2-3-4 will be up for Detroit". In other words... Guy we never heard of, guy we never heard of, guy we never heard of
  12. I just made a martini. I don't know if it will help me focus or not.
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