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  1. I expect Baltimore's homicide rate to be cut in half as soon as he is promoted. And the grocery shortages caused by supply chain issues to disappear. And there won't be any more stink bugs getting into people's houses either.
  2. They tried to get another inning out of him, he retired the first two Braves but then walked two and is out. Still a chance for 1.2 scoreless in the NLCS if his runners are stranded, not bad for a guy who got cut by the worst team in baseball 2 months ago.
  3. Evan Phillips, cut by the Orioles in August, just pitched the 7th inning for the Dodgers in the critical Game 3 of the NLCS. Scoreless inning. 1 hit and 2 Ks.
  4. So how hard is it to improve by at least 18 games, which is what it would take to get us to the 70 win level? The conventional wisdom is that such one season improvements are pretty rare, but I wondered how rare. Here are all the 18+ game improvements in this century. We can't do this for the last two years of course because 2020 records don't indicate much: 2001 Hou+21, Sea+25 2002 2003 KC+21, ChC+21 2004 Det+29, Tex+18, SL+20, SD+23 2005 Ariz+26 2006 Det+24 2007 Cle+18, ChC+18 2008 TB+31 2009 Sea+24, Colo+18 2010 2011 Milw+19, Ariz+29 2012 Balt+2
  5. As Roch notes, it's not open to the media or the public. We will probably hear very little. Elias is pretty good at keeping the lid on the pot so you can't see what's cooking.
  6. Yep, he used to be OrioleDog.
  7. John Maine and Mike Fontenot both put up 4+ WAR in the majors??? Wow.
  8. Is the list located anywhere that isn't on social media, which won't load here at work? Or do I have to wait 7 hours until I get home to find out this vital information! 😦
  9. Well, Elias DID fire two guys in the strength and conditioning department last week. And in addition to Harvey's perhaps misinterpreted comments, we also heard that Zimmerman's injury may have been related to weight room activities. So putting 2 and 2 and 2 together MIGHT come up with 6 here, but it's all speculative I agree.
  10. Yeah, and Flores was 0/17 career vs Scherzer and still had two strikes on him. Probably didn't alter the outcome, but such a shame for a game and a team's historic season to end on a clearly bad call like that. Almost as bad as not using your best pitcher in a do or die situation and losing on a walkoff home run. At least Roberts had the balls to use Scherzer and all his other best pitchers in the game that mattered.
  11. Yes, this was posted in the other pinned thread at the top of the board:
  12. Elias fired a couple of strength and conditioning coaches last week. Joe Hogarty and Ryo Naito.
  13. David Hess has begun chemotherapy for a cancerous germ cell tumor in his chest. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/10/quick-hits-hess-washington-padres-black-strom.html
  14. https://www.mlb.com/arizona-fall-league Click on scores to see today's score, click on our (Solar Sox) game to see a linescore, click on the little "box" button to see a box score (seemed to take several clicks to make it work. But my post 2 scores above gives you all the Oriole related information from the box score).
  15. Game 1 is in the books. Solar Sox lose 5-0. Stowers: 0 for 4 with 4 strikeouts. No other Oriole played.
  16. What kind of starting pitcher would Santander bring? Answering my own question: not much of one, I don't believe.
  17. Connor Greene has some pretty good stuff. I would at least promote him to "fringe" at the expense of someone there, maybe Kriske or Knight. And practically speaking I don't think we will have a 40 man roster at any point with zero catchers on it as you postulate. While I agree that none of the C's is deserving of the top 40 (when you take into account Secerino's expected cost), I think one survives. Wynns or Ciuffo.
  18. Yeah, give me that for the Orioles and I pinky swear that I won't start complaining about us "being another Oakland or Tampa Bay" and not being able to win the World Series, for at least a decade. I'll enjoy a heck of a lot of regular season pennant races and 90-100 win seasons and endure a bit of postseason heartbreak.
  19. As long as he is making the minimum and we have many more guys that have less promise that we can cut.
  20. And their fanbase. I rooted for them bigtime in 1986 and 2004 because my late grandfather had been a huge fan all his life. But once they won it and their fans got big heads, that ended quickly.
  21. Yep you switched over a weekend when I was out of town and I hadn't looked at the board for a couple days. I thought there was some sort of glitch in the matrix and you'd always been Just Regular and Oriole Dog was just a hallucination in my mind. Love the new nickname, wonder how many people know what it is?
  22. Or even Romine for that role.
  23. I doubt we protect him and I doubt he gets taken.
  24. Ofelky is one of a very few Dominican guys who have come through our system.
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