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  1. Just came off the mound to try to run to cover first and stepped wrong. Ouch.
  2. Haven't seen the movie. Never liked McConaghey much and I just can't picture him playing the character I saw in my mind's eye when I read the book. He (Mickey Haller aka the Lincoln Lawyer) is in several of the Bosch books and vice versa, the characters are connected.
  3. Yankees have already postponed tomorrow night's game due to the hurricane. They'll play a Wednesday doubleheader just as we will. Of course the hurricane hits NY later than here. The rain may stop here by mid afternoon so the "only" thing we have to do to play tomorrow night is drain 5"-7" of rain from the field by game time.
  4. One more season next spring and then they are done. But Amazon may have a Lincoln Lawyer series in the works so they will continue working with Connelly.
  5. Interesting note in an interview today, Elias said that the Marlins bad been interested in Bleier in the past as well.
  6. Well probably when he has played above Low-A and has more than 37 professional games.
  7. Braves ace starter Mike Soroka tore his Achilles stepping off the mound to run to cover first, and is done for the year.
  8. Never thought about this before but once you have robo-umps you can do all sorts of things. You know how in bowling they will have this thing where the front pin is red every so many times and if you bowl a strike with the red pin you win a free game or snack from the snack bar? They could have a hologram of a small area show up in the middle of the strike zone and if the pitcher can hit it and the batter doesn't put it in play it could count for two outs. Or maybe everyone in the stands gets a hot dog. The possibilities are endless. They could find ways to bring fans back to the game!
  9. Mattson is already in the pool so that's two guys from the Bundy deal already on the cusp of the bigs. What a haul!
  10. I think I only saw one sac bunt in those 12 at bats that occurred leading off the inning w hen I went through each extra inning game. That was Severino in the 11th. That doesn't mean that others weren't attempted and foulled off until there were 2 strikes, or maybe one was popped up and recorded as a popout. But so far it appears the primary strategy is just for the pitcher to face the batter and the batter to swing away. As we saw in the Tampa game.
  11. That surprises me. Seems like the more DPs you would get in that situation would counter the disadvantages. Guess I am wrong.
  12. What I don't understand is why, when the visiting team doesn't score, they don't always walk the first home batter in the bottom of the extra inning to set up the DP. The Rays didn't do it in the 10th, 11th, or 12th vs the Orioles. I thought it would be nearly automatic. I saw a game last week where the opponent pitched to Altuve leading off with the man on 2nd, but then they intentionally walked Bregman. So managers aren't doing it automatically every time. So I went and checked, there have been 12 times this year that the home team has batted in an extra inning after the road team didn't score in the top of the inning -- and it appears there have been NO intentional walks. Two guys did walk, one on a 3-0 pitch and one on a 3-2 pitch according to bbref. So unless bbref has old software and records an intentional walk as 4 straight balls even though it's done now without throwing a pitch, in which case there could be ONE intentional walk in such situations. So there have either been 0/12 or 1/12 intentional walks in that situation so far. At any rate, am I so wrong to think you always walk the leadoff guy in that situation? I mean unless he's a horribly weak batter? What am I missing here?
  13. And there have been others in rain shortened games. The 7 inning games starting yesterday are just the first SCHEDULED 7 inning games in MLB history. There have been hundreds of rain shortend 5, 6, 7, and 8 inning games over the years, and I'm sure some of them were complete games.
  14. It's got us talking about it and some people mad. If they put the Pirates last Pirate fans wouldn't be mad they'd say, yep, we suck. 8 guys hitting under .200, we deserve it.
  15. So if it goes as scheduled, there will be a doubleheader Wednesday where we are the home team for the first game and the road team for the second game. Another first in the history of baseball.
  16. Actually I didn't. Do we know when that is?
  17. First of all, the other team would have to get permission from the Orioles to even interview him. It's something that typically doesn't happen. You raid the front office for it's #2 and #3 guys and give them head jobs.
  18. Like the 1994 Expos fans, we'll have glorious memories of the winning season of 2020, and wonder sadly about what could have been. The Valaika walkoff, Alberto spraying line drives all over the place, Sulser's saves. We will regale our grandchildren with tails of the heroics of the 2020 Orioles.
  19. How often does that happen? A guy doing a great job but leaving, at least leaving before he has won a championship? This isn't college football where success at Bowling Green gets you a job at Utah and success at Utah gets you the job at Florida. What jobs are such higher prestige that they raid a good MLB team for their #1 guy? Much more likely is that we would have success and a #2 guy would get a #1 job somewhere else. I know Toronto made a move on Duquette but that was a rarity and it failed (and they were technically offering him a higher position, based on title). Epstein won it all in Boston and then went looking for a new challenge. That was also a pretty rare situation. I don't see much chance of Elias having success and moving on to a "bigger job". That's something I worry about with my basketball coach at Virginia Tech, but I don't think it applies in MLB. If Elias isn't here in 2026, I believe it will be because he failed in the rebuild. With a slight possibility that some external factor (personal, illness, retirement, etc) forced him to leave. Him doing really well and getting hired away by the Yankees isn't even on my radar.
  20. Yeonis Cespedes has opted out of the season after playing the first week+. The list in the first post of this thread with all the players who opted out is up to date.
  21. The best second place team in the league also gets an opening series at home. Will be tough for that team to be in the East in either league though.
  22. With the top two teams in each division making the playoffs, maybe we just root for the Yankees and try to get Boston, Toronto, and Tampa buried as far below us as possible.
  23. And there it is! Our first sweep since August 2018.
  24. Might be doubleheaders on Wednesday and Thurday. 28 innings of baseball.
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