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  1. White Sox sign 31 year old Yasmani Grandal, 4 years, $73.1 million. Biggest contract ever given out by the franchise.
  2. It could also be an evaluation that he just doesn't see those guys as being that good. The advanced stats, measurements from motion sensing tools, and other factors that he is using to evaluate players' potential are probably unknown to just about everybody reading this.
  3. I think you have it backwards. He said "Mountcastle. Until then Stewart". So I think he thinks Mountcastle is the eventual LF, but Stewart starts the season there while Mountcastle serves his time in purgatory.
  4. SteveA

    New Start Times

    You mean soccer practice. Very few kids play baseball anymore.
  5. I'm not sure. The other night I started compiling a list of how often we actually "violated" the future rule last season. I didn't have time to finsish, but I got through Givens/Castro/Fry and we were sitting around 9 times. Maybe Bleier would have added a few more. And then who knows if there would have been any among the rest of the pen. So you are probably talking about something that came up maybe a dozen times a season or a bit more. But clearly it will hurt LOOGYs the most, although I found a couple Castro examples and a Yacobonis example.
  6. A large % of casual fans seem, for some reason, to take a position of knee-jerk supporting of owners in a lot of these sports labor issues. They don't like "greedy players" getting paid huge amounts of $ to play a kids game, and they associate that with rising ticket/concession/etc prices even though there is not much evidence that owners would lower prices rather than pocket the profit if they could get a player for cheaper. I'm not talking about sophisticated fans on here who understand the issues, how the system is structured, etc. But we make up a very small % of the butts that are actually in the seats. In just about every sports labor dispute I have been familiar with, there's been a lot of fan sentiment for management and against "greedy players".
  7. And those are? (I don't see a thread about them).
  8. We could give Rendon $1 million a year for the next 10 years and then pay him $300 million in deferred payments of $5 million a year until he is 96 years old. Come on, be creative.
  9. Oldest team in MLB. Now that Soto & Robles are up, I hear their farm system isn't very strong. Wonder how long their "window" is?
  10. No, it's absolutely clear from this data that the league hates us!!!
  11. Exactly. They are forcing the Ohtani's and Kieshnick's and McKay's and [name of that Reds OF/reliever]s of the world to QUALIFY as pitchers and until they do they can't be used except in "Steve Wilkerson" type situations.
  12. What about the other rule changes that were supposed to go into play in 2020? Are they set in stone? -- Relievers that come in have to face 3 batters or complete the inning unless they get hurt -- Smaller roster size in September (what was it, 28?). And does it have to be the same 3 extra guys or can you shuttle guys off and on as your extra 3, even though there is no minor league to send them to at some point in September?
  13. The positive narrative, which a lot of us believe, is that Elias is trying to do here what he did in Houston. In Houston they cut major league payroll severely but they reinvested that money into the organization from the minor leagues up. And then when the time came, the Astros did in fact spend money at the major league payroll level. But there is another, cynical narrative that some people believe. That the Angelos's want to cut expenses to make as much out profit out of this team as they can before selling it. That narrative would also explain the cut in major league payroll. In that narrative, the payroll money isn't reinvested into infrastructure development (or at least not a large chunk of it) and not saved for future spending, but goes directly into the Angelos' pocket. Who knows, maybe Elias even sold them on hiring him because his analytics driven approach meant that hundreds of veteran scouts and coaches who make a lot of money, could be replaced by a few data science and IT professionals, and younger less expensive guys as coaches because they are more open to analytics than old school guys who make more money due to seniority. Accompanied by a temporary drastic decline in ML payroll meaning the team could churn out profit for a few years while the Angelos's work on getting a buyer. I'm not saying either narrative is the "correct" one, and of course I believe that life is rarely black and white, there's always a grey area sot here could be truth to both. But the idea of these two competing narratives being possible leaves us sitting here trying to interpret everything that happens through each of those lenses. -- Lots of scouts let go,... fits narrative #1 because we are going to a more data and analytics driven appraoch. Fits narrative #2 because we are saving scouts salaries & travel expenses. -- Seems like we are spending more of our international allotment than before, but not yet as much as the top teams do. Not enough is known yet to see which way this one falls. -- We know they have invested in new technologies for the minor leaguers to monitor their swings, body movement, and pitcher delivery, so that's a plus for the positive narrative. We wait and see what people, how many, and at what expense, get hired by the organization this offseason. Do they hire a bunch of 23 year old intern types willing to work cheap to get into the baseball industry in lieu of veteran scouts who were at the peak of their earning? Or do they hire well respected, well paid people from other organizations? Do they spend money on facilities in the Dominican? Do they hire more international scouts to cover lesser known areas of the world where valuable players will be found? Lots of things will be very hard for us to judge. They could be making significant spending on technology investments in things that will greatly improve our minor league system, or not. And we don't really have much of a way of knowing. So when we see something occur like the cancellation of Fanfest, if you already believe in the cynical narrative (or at the very least have a little nagging fear in the back of your head that it might be true)...it's natural to wonder if this isn't just one part of a massive cost-cutting scheme that means this operation will be run as bare bones as possible to generate maximum revenue for the next few years. Even if you don't believe that yourself, there ARE people out there who will definitely believe that. As Frobby says, the Orioles need to get ahead of the narrative and so far they have not. It's just a matter of time before Meoli or Schmuck or Connolly writes a full length article about the long tradition of Fanfest ending, which means that instead of a few hundred of us fanatics on a message board knowing about it, tens of thousands of people will be talking about it and wondering what it means.
  14. They can say whatever they want. And not be lying. But when the time comes to sell the ONE asset that comprises the vast majority of the family's wealth to set up the family's future for multiple generations, they will sell for the best deal they can get, period, regardless of any good intentions they may have.
  15. A few points on the main topic: -- Attendance at all major sporting events is suffering at least a little. There are NFL teams that sold out most of their games that don't now, and the NFL just put two teams in a city that probably won't support one team (in terms of attendance). So that is one factor that has hurt the Orioles' attendance. The advent of large screen HDTVs, with almost every significant sporting event televised, is hurting attendance in just about every sport. Not to mention that the younger generation is less into the traditional major spots and more into soccer and more participatory things. -- Baseball has an aging fan base. That is another factor that has hurt attendance across the board. -- The Orioles were bound to have a dropoff from the 1992-1997 attendance no matter what happened because the new ballpark honeymoon effect sold out nearly every game in that period. -- Obviously the Nats have caused a drop in attendance. -- And, yes, losing hurts attendance. The year after we put together a competitive winning season you'll see a big bump from the previous season. We'll NEVER get back to teh 1992-1997 levels for all the reasons above. But that doesn't mean that the end is near. I expect that as long as major league baseball remains a viable "major" sport, Baltimore will be represented. Our history, our ballpark, and our fans' love for the Orioles will keep that going. Now if we have another 14 year run without a winning season, that could really hurt. But given that we now have a top 10 farm system in baseball, I don't think we are in store for that type of run again, not in the upcoming decade at least.
  16. Read it (and many other books by the great John D). And saw a cheesy TV movie adaptation with Pam Dawber (Mindy of "Mork and..." fame).
  17. This was the second four game sweep of a best-of-7 in MLB history where the same team scored first in every game and won every game and never trailed at any time. We all know what the first one was.
  18. Maybe if they win the World Series they'll get almost as good ratings on MASN next year as we do.
  19. St Louis has been better at developing [their own] pitchers than Houston has.
  20. Heard similar stuff second hand bout him. Changing school district lines meant that some people who went to WLMS with him wound up at CHS where I went instead of WLHS, and those I knew didn't have much positive to say about middle school Jim Traber. You can take that 40 year old gossip for whatever it is worth!
  21. Any more blatant than what the Blue Jays were going to do with Vlad Jr (and they were already talking about needing to go down to "work on his defense") when he conveniently pulled his oblique. Besides, what is wrong with doing what is best for your organization longterm as long as it is within the rules? When the Orioles sent guys like Wei Yin Chen to the minors between starts they were pretty blatant about it, they didn't even try to say that he needed to "work on something" or that he was in any way lacking major league talent. He had an option, the rules allowed him to be sent down, and he was. The union negotiated service time rules with the teams. Once the rules are in place, why should the owners (or the players) not act in what they feel is each of their best interests without violating the rules? I don't see the basis for filing a grievance. If the union doesn't like it, they can try to change the rules in the next CBA which is approaching like a freight train as we speak.
  22. You are going at this backwards. They are not going to look at the 2020 team that is not expected to win, and notice that it has a deficit of talent in the middle infield, and use that as a reason to try Mountcastle there (which would be about his 5th position to try in the last 5 or 6 years). They are going to look at Mountcastle as a player, determine what is best for his development and what position he has the best chance to perform well and have a good major league career at, and that is where he will play. The fact that the 2020 major league team has a need somewhere will have absolutely zero impact on that decision. The only way he would play 2nd is if they decided that was the best place for him to have a quality major league career.
  23. So there is 14 days between the opening of the major league season and the minor league season? Hasn't that traditionally been MUCH less? Back when the majors opened on Monday, the minors opened three or four days later on Thursday and Friday. Then a few years ago when MLB started opening on a Thursday, I believe there has been about one week until the minor league season opened, on the next Thursday. Now you are saying this year there will be TWO weeks? That seems a long time for guys to go not getting competitive game action. Will they keep minor league camp games going for those two weeks?
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