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  1. ^^^^^^^^^Listen to this man. He was a very good defensive outfielder in his day.
  2. Just watched the replay, and timed it. If he had IMMEDIATELY thrown the ball back in instead of beating his chest, it might have saved 2-3 seconds. Tonight's game lasted 10,380 seconds according to the box score. So at the very worst the "celebration" added 0.02% to the time of the game. Even if a game had 50 such celebrations, it would add roughly 2 minutes to the gametime. One pitching change probably takes 30-50 times longer than the "celebration". You can dislike it all you want, but trying to say it slows down the game is an absolutely absurd stretch of logic to try to support your point.
  3. You are advocating an approach -- spending resources to improve a team on the field in a season where it has no chance to contend -- that is EXACTLY what led to 14 straight losing seasons. I lived through that, which is the primary reason I am very willing to try something else. Building the organization from the bottom up, improving the infrastructure, while sacrificing for a few years at the major league level. And hey, we have already improved over last year's record so you better at least give Elias credit for that. Oh, by the way, I'm one of the people who is on board with the plan. And I attended 10 games this year, made a trip to spring training, and have probably watched over 100 games on TV this year.
  4. No it was very shallow, he would have been out by 20 feet.
  5. Jonathan needs a triple for the cycle but he can't get a triple here. Unless he hits it over the fence and then neglects to ever touch home plate and we win 13-11 instead of 14-11.
  6. Villar might get a chance to try to get that triple for the cycle after all.
  7. That makes it sound like they have never discussed it and he would have to ask. I'm sure they have discussed it and he has been told the parameters of when he can cut bait with Davis. Elias doesn't strike me as someone who would let the status quo ride along until the last minute nad then timidly knock on the Angelos' door and ask about it. He knows EXACTLY what he is allowed to do and when. The communication has already taken placer.
  8. So I take it you don't want to give Trumbo a qualifying offer?
  9. I hope he is in the lineup Sunday. The last home game. Because that might be an indication they are letting the fans "say goodbye" to him, and give me a hope that maybe they intend to cut him loose sometime before February.
  10. Matching last year's .168 is not out of the question. But his OPS is 23 points higher last year and he won't get enough playing time to drop it that much. So it looks like we can officially say the 2019 Davis is an improvement on the 2018 Davis.
  11. I don't imagine Mason Williams will be able to play the next few days so we will probably get to see more of Hays on this homestand.
  12. Well, we have clinched no worse than a top 4 draft picik.
  13. Villar gave one up in the top of the 9th and got it back in the bottom.
  14. Mason Williams might have to go to the hospital and Biggio has a cycle.
  15. Come on Chris, park one on Eutaw Street and silence the haters!
  16. He didn't hold the lead because he ignored the run on 2nd and let him jog to 3rd, where a sac fly scored him.
  17. Look on the bright side, they're giving him way more ABs than they are to Mountcastle.
  18. One of the Baltimore TV stations used it for the theme song to their 6 o'clock news show when I was a kid in the 70s so I always associate it with that.
  19. A pitcher doesn't need to paint the black to get Davis out.
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