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  1. Davis and Trumbo in the lineup for farewell purposes (definitely for Trumbo, hopefully for Davis). Of course they could still get Trey in the lineup in the OF if they wanted.
  2. Trumbo in the lineup, gives the fans a chance to say goodbye. Davis in the lineup, maybe the same? Last night in the 13th inning a bunch of guys out on the flag court were trying to get a "Put in Crusher" chant going.
  3. Yeah we never saw a replay here so I only saw it live at full speed. But I was wondering if Ruiz could (or should) have gone home with it. That would take a Manny-to-Hardy level of awareness to make that split second decision, though.
  4. Well that finishes my in-person season. The O's were 6-5 in games I attended. 5-5 at Oriole Park and 1-0 at Nat's Park. At least they had a winning record.
  5. RF chicken did win some sort award as the best convenience store meal in the US. Don't know if that translates to "world famous".
  6. Hangout Night Seats are now behind netting... https://twitter.com/SteveA1964/status/1175540422019620864?s=19
  7. I don't think Elias makes decisions based on a small sole of spring training at bats. We sathis spring, Sisco and Phillips had great spring stats and started the season in Norfolk. He has a plan for Mountcastle and it is what it is.
  8. Based on the number of cars parked at the light rail station I think we will have a pretty good crowd tonight (compared to other games this year).
  9. Jon Shepherd in Camden Depot insinuates in a Tweet that Surhoff has expressed "old-school" opposition to analytics dating back to when Duquette first started an anlytics department. And in the Athletic article today, when asked if he thought he would be able to complexities of advanced, analytical approach to baseball, Surhoff said: "Well, I"m not Bill Gates. But I think I can pick up on stuff, when it comes to baseball, fairly quickly". His choice of Bill Gates, a "computer guy" with no connection to baseball, probably gives an indication of his attitude towards some of the things that Elias is doing. Bottom line is when someone is fired, they often can tell their side of the story to garner sympathy. The team that fires them, however, often can't comment on a personnel decision for legal reasons, or they won't because even though Surhoff is criticizing them for the firing, they are too polite to publicly list what they believe Surhoff's shortcomings are. So you will only ever hear one side of the story. The other interesting thing is, the two players they quote in the article to defend Surhoff (Mancini and Hays) both note how they first disliked Surhoff the first year they worked with him, but they grew to appreciate the advice and guidance he gave. Basically his two biggest character witnesses led with the fact that they initially didn't like him before they move on to defend him.
  10. Lots of prospects get traded by contenders for veterans. It means the contender wants immediate help, and they have to pay to get it. And sometimes it happens twice to a guy. Doesn't always mean that the team is giving up, just that you have to spend something to get something. And sometimes it happens to a guy twice. Red Sox traded Anthony Rizzo to acquire Adrian Gonzalez. Then Padres traded Rizzo to Cubs. Good Gonzalez went from the Phillies to the White Sox for Nick Swisher, then from the White Sox to the A's, then from the A's to the Nat's before making the majors and having a good career in Washington. Ignoring the fact that he is now sitting in a prison cell, Felipe Vazquez was traded twice while a prospect before becoming a good pitcher for the Pirates. Just because you are used as "value" by a contender to pick up a veteran doesn't mean they have given up on you, just that they value the present need at the moment as more urgent. Tate was traded for two quality veterans (Carlos Beltran and Zach Britton).
  11. Don't forget that tomorrow night is Hangout Night. Take that into effect in your calculations. That should add at least 5 or 6 people to the attendance.
  12. Attendance (at least the paid attendance they announce) is primarily based on season ticket sales. Something good happening during a season (improved play, somebody like AR being called up) can give it a small bump during the season, but the #s won't really go up until the year AFTER the good thing happens and more people buy season tickets. Now obviously a 1989-style turnaround shoots attendance up immediately, but barring that, good in-season developments only provide a small bump the season they happen and a much bigger bump the next year with season ticket sales.
  13. You weren't watching about 10 minutes ago where they showed someone with one of those big-heads of Chris Davis and the person with them had a handmade poster proclaiming they were Davis fans?
  14. This has been an excellent outing by Brooks.
  15. Villar is the first ever 23/37 guy fro the Orioles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Two fantastic plays by Alberto. He ain't conceding that MVO award to Mancini without a fight.
  17. Chris Davis 2 for 2! Maybe the meeting with Elias fixed him!?!?!
  18. The snark detector I have plugged into the wall next to the radon detector is pinging like crazy tonight for some reason.
  19. Great play Hanser! (Solid scoop by Davis too).
  20. It really is. I mean, Jordan Zimmermann is a shell of his former self but it didn't bother me as much to see him. Seeing King Felix brought down just seems wrong.
  21. One of my pet peeves came up the other day was when they were talking about a LH hitter and they said he does most of his damage vs righthanded pitching, because he had 10 HRs vs RH and 3 HRs vs LH. That doesn't prove anything. What is it ,65-70% of the pitching in the majors is righthanded? And a lefty hitter is more likely to get days off vs tough lefties, so he might have faced righties for 75-80% of his plate appearances. So hitting 77% of your HRs off righties means absolutely nothing
  22. ^^^^^^^^^Listen to this man. He was a very good defensive outfielder in his day.
  23. Just watched the replay, and timed it. If he had IMMEDIATELY thrown the ball back in instead of beating his chest, it might have saved 2-3 seconds. Tonight's game lasted 10,380 seconds according to the box score. So at the very worst the "celebration" added 0.02% to the time of the game. Even if a game had 50 such celebrations, it would add roughly 2 minutes to the gametime. One pitching change probably takes 30-50 times longer than the "celebration". You can dislike it all you want, but trying to say it slows down the game is an absolutely absurd stretch of logic to try to support your point.
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