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  1. It does look like wind is a factor tonight )not that DJ is exactly graceful out there even on a calm day).
  2. I think any two bad teams could do it. Think about it... 6 outfielders, 2 shortstops, 2 second basemen, 2 third basemen, and 2 first baseman. They'd cover so much ground. Hardly any balls would fall in. The extra catcher could go behind Pedro Severino and catch all the passed balls.
  3. Disappointing loss. 4-12 in rubber matches.
  4. Alberto needs a hit if he is going to have any chance to win the batting title.
  5. He failed to field a routine grounder earlier tonight. Our defense decided to take tonight off. Stewart didn't get to a pretty routine fly also. And then came the 6th inning.
  6. I know. Ruiz made a bad play. Santander made a bad play. Severino didn't catch a catchable pitch. The ump made a bad call. All true. But Bundy also screwed up by not covering home as well. The fact that other crap happened in the inning doesn't change that. BTW, with it raining hard and the ground crew positioned by the tarp... if this game is called before the Orioles complete the bottom of the 6th, it is NOT a loss. Because it was tied after 5 and the Dodgers got their runs in the top of the 6th, we would not have had our fair at bats in the bottom of the 6th. It would be a suspended game, lord knows when it could be made up. Maybe if the Dodgers need it for home field advantage calculation, they would come to Oriole Park September 29 to resume play.
  7. Shouldn't Bundy have gotten to home plate in time to potentially catch a throw from Severino and stop the 2nd run from scoring? His defense let him down, for sure, but his own defense also let him down.
  8. How the hell did two runs score????
  9. The NFL game is in a lightning delay, probably adds a few million viewers to our game across the nation.
  10. Too busy discussing the critical issue of the lefty and righty warming on the wrong mounds in the Orioles bullpen.
  11. Santander, Stewart, and Mancini have all failed to make routine or at least just slightly difficult plays. Ruiz with the baserunning blunder. Not ready for primetime, I guess.
  12. Pedro! I'm actually starting to believe we will get through this season without being no-hit.
  13. McGovern made another run in the '84 Dem primary. I voted for him. And G. Gordon Liddy was hosting a talk show in the 80s, I believe.
  14. OK, thanks. 4-11, still pretty bad, and worse than our overall win%. And unlike Buck, Hyde doesn't tend to rest players on Sunday either.
  15. Yankees, Chicago, KC. Which winner am I missing?
  16. And I looked it up. 3-12 (.200). So yes, awful. We started the year 2-1 in rubber matches, then lost 9 straight, then won one vs KC on 8/21, and have lost two since.
  17. What is our record in rubber matches of 3 game series this year? It feels like it's really awful. Of course we are just a bit over .300 winning % so to be comparatively awful it would have to be under 25%.
  18. Sounds like he's a perfect fit for the Orioles then.
  19. The questions are: 1) Will weather allow the game to be played? 2) Will fans be able to get there? The traffic situation in the Baltimore/Washington corridor now is approaching historically bad levels.
  20. And we have matched last year's win total.
  21. Our two HRs tonight sure aren't cheap Camden shots.
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