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  1. Lopez,wells,Tate,Harvy if healthy, everyday cole. …… the bullpen is not the issue with this team. We need starting pitching. Also, a major league infield.
  2. If he’s hurt why is he pitching? Or is this a pothole situation? Or a Davis back situation? Akin back tomorrow Scott to IL.
  3. Can he be demoted or dfa or something? Jesus H Christ he sucks.
  4. Oh I was thinking about the guy with the long blonde hair with an 8.99ERA. I though his name is Armstrong too.
  5. My guess was he was going to be DFA for Akin, so why not get some money to throw towards a new glove for Adley when GRod pitches.
  6. Much rather have him then Stewart.
  7. 1 hr in last 62 games. Multiple defense miscues. Yea he’s amazing.
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