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  1. He’s kind of throwing strikes.
  2. Pushmonkey

    Bundy in L.A.

    Shouldn’t this be on the mlb page?
  3. Pushmonkey


    I hate when you get sick and can’t get into the dr. To top it off work keeps calling after being approved off, like why am I even off then??
  4. And still can’t. Lol
  5. I wonder or does anyone know when the UDFA will be announced ?
  6. The players need to just say they are on strike call it what it is.
  7. In reading everything about players in this draft I don’t see anything that anyone is a once in a lifetime player in this draft.
  8. So with the number 2 pick the os picked a top 10 pick. I’m not really seeing the uproar. I can see if we picked a late round project. Or a pick from some small high school from Montana or a guy who just started playing baseball in middle school.
  9. They owners are putting out plans. One can argue if it’s good plans but the players are rejecting them so it’s on the players.
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