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  1. Need to cut bait on these pitchers. Jaws has less blood in the water.
  2. 7 runs short. For shame. For shame Huston.
  3. Wheels have fallen off this bus.
  4. 30 runs in play today.
  5. I missed how it. How did Hyde throw the team under the bus?
  6. Thinking lots of moves after the game. Scott has to be done.
  7. Bikiniarmstrong is that you?
  8. I feel a great disturbance in the force. He made duke fans like me look bad.
  9. Stewart in right. Smith in left. Villar to ss. Wilkerson to second
  10. Castro has to be cut
  11. Starting to think Joey should be sent down first.
  12. Maybe serverino is tapping into that potential? Still young.
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