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  1. I agree we will not know for 2-3 weeks.
  2. If there is not a spike in numbers after this past weekend then the regulation need to be dropped for social distancing etc.
  3. Pushmonkey

    Short rants.

    I wish my adhd 9 year old daughter would stop talking jumping and singing Taylor swift and go the ?!?!!??? To sleep or at least go to her room. I might ready the Samuel l Jackson book go the f to sleep!
  4. I agree Breeland can recover from his knee take a redshirt type of year. Kinda like a draft pick. Stash on IR. With how weak Edge rusher was in draft it makes me think they might take a run at Clowny and OJ Howard at TE.
  5. Now more then ever do I poop at work to save tp at home.
  6. There needs to be a post of where are people now.
  7. I was thinking more appendix
  8. 28 hrs in 80 innings pitched last year. 50 hrs in 2 seasons pitched.
  9. Hess throws batting practice.
  10. It’s obviously shows he put in the work over the off season.
  11. Remind me again why this is in the Os section not the mlb section?
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