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  1. Smart. Load them up for the double play king.
  2. I feel bad for Ced. Only one RBI. He really has no one ever on the base for him.
  3. I’m more of a clash of clans. There is a new town hall update
  4. Has anyone seen CD and him in the same place? Could they be they same person? Same injuries? Same potholes?
  5. 2nd base is the least of this teams concerns.
  6. Good question....who is the vocal leader on this team?
  7. I agree not on win/loss. See mental errors and lack of intensity is what concerns me. The 10ks 9 straight games, errors galore etc.
  8. But is he developing the players?
  9. It sends a message. Pitch better or be replaced by someone who is hungry and wants to prove themselves.
  10. Who. Cares. About. Last. Year. Really I hate that argument. Oh you were good at your job awhile ago that means you keep your job when there are others that can replace you. That thinking is flawed.
  11. True. Still frustrating to watch Armstrong out there. Hopefully later in the year he won’t be out there.
  12. There has to be a different younger player to see if we have anything with them.
  13. There needs to be roster moves after today’s embarrassing game.
  14. Armstrong needs removed from the team.
  15. Clawing the way back. 10-4
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