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  1. Yes, there is a major difference.
  2. That does help watching this team. Lol
  3. Whatever floats your boat as well.
  4. This is what makes me the most upset when they say this is about evaluating. Valakia is not a part of the team next year. What’s the point of him being up. What are you evaluating? It’s a dumb move.
  5. I think the major difference is watching Ravens press conferences. Look at harbaugh after last night. That is what accountability looks like.
  6. The diehards are dwindling I would think so too.
  7. I think the average fan has already done that. Sadly I worry that they will get those fans back.
  8. Moose you’re correct that it probably won’t do anything. However, it would at least show they are not ok with the product on the field as the media could be the voice of the people. However only having 4K fans in the stands is also a voice.
  9. I don’t have an agenda. I’m not that smart.
  10. Is that really a bad thing?
  11. If you look though at how the local media handles football it’s not the same as it does with baseball. It’s curious.
  12. The National Media also has to look at the local media and ask what are you thinking.
  13. Is Adley and Grod better than any player on the team right now? Field the team with the best players.
  14. I’m so tired of service time. Did the Jays care about service time. No. Do the rays care. No.
  15. Yes obviously my point 🙄🙄🙄 my point is for them to criticize and question not just say ok boss can I keep my paycheck that’s not reporting.
  16. Not pitchers who are AAAA or 29 year olds making their mlb debuts to evaluate. Or pitchers with era over 7. How about bring up a prospect before they are 26. Evaluate those pitchers.
  17. Yes obviously my point
  18. The players no. I don’t expect them to ask players why they suck. I believe the players are trying. My point is not asking Hyder and Elis tougher questions or criticize them for their choices. To hear hyder say oh it’s September we are evaluating. Bullshit. We are not evaluating the Watkins. The betrea. The handholds of the world. If they were evaluating they would bring up the next wave. Hyde why do you pitch the same bullpen guys day in and day out. Why if you have a guy warm up three separate times do you then bring him in the game when he’s already spent.
  19. Yes they can as long as hyder keeps “evaluating” the same pitchers with eras of 7+.
  20. No according to Hyde. He was quoted as saying that this is “evaluation mode”. Hyde’s a joke
  21. Gotcha I’ve never seen any of the podcasts
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