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  1. Gotcha I’ve never seen any of the podcasts
  2. So no than that Masn will never put effort to do anything then bend the knee.
  3. To me they are just sheep to Angelos and praise everything and doesn’t call a spade a spade. Makes me wonder why Palmer stopped calling games as he was the only one that did. Hollander, Roch and the masn color guys are the worst.
  4. Semi-serious question. Is MASN and Baltimore Sun etc allowed to criticize and call out the embarrassing nature of this team, GM, Manager?
  5. My thought too. Who the heck is this guy?!??
  6. Why have diplan up sit him rush Yaye to get ready. Then warm diplain up again. Makes zero sense
  7. Hyde has zero idea how to manage a bullpen.
  8. I really don’t understand his bullpen management. Please stop pitching the same relief pitchers multiple games in a role after multiple innings. It’s not successful.
  9. Worse pitching staff in the history of baseball. It’s embarrassing to the game and any players who pitched in the game. It’s a shameful disgusting attempt at pro sports. It’s criminal.
  10. Time to get back on the shuttle this story has run it’s course.
  11. Ummm yea keep that Woke ideas up.
  12. Anyone than that lazy Franco! Never ran out a ball, Poor fundamentals at third base, didn’t hit for power or average. I rather see a player give a ratsass then Franco. Now to get the other fat lazy player off the roster. Yep that’s you Sevie you human Swiss cheese of a catcher.
  13. This was the best news out of it all. The rest we all kinda knew already
  14. Welp made it to the second inning before turning off the game.
  15. does Akin have nude pics of Elis and Hyde together? It’s the only thing I can think why he’s still on the team.
  16. MASN will never ask Eli’s a tough question
  17. They should ask why Akin is still on the team.
  18. If I never have to watch him “pitch” ever again, that will be a great day. He should never see a MLB mound ever. Ever. Ever again. He plain in simple doesn’t belong on any team.
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