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  1. Lopez,wells,Tate,Harvy if healthy, everyday cole. …… the bullpen is not the issue with this team. We need starting pitching. Also, a major league infield.
  2. If he’s hurt why is he pitching? Or is this a pothole situation? Or a Davis back situation? Akin back tomorrow Scott to IL.
  3. Can he be demoted or dfa or something? Jesus H Christ he sucks.
  4. Oh I was thinking about the guy with the long blonde hair with an 8.99ERA. I though his name is Armstrong too.
  5. My guess was he was going to be DFA for Akin, so why not get some money to throw towards a new glove for Adley when GRod pitches.
  6. Much rather have him then Stewart.
  7. 1 hr in last 62 games. Multiple defense miscues. Yea he’s amazing.
  8. As my wife said last night while watching the game “ why is it every time I watch this guy pitch the bases end up loaded?”
  9. If anything we need starting pitchers and I doubt any organization is trading starting pitchers due to trying to get innings.
  10. Wasn’t innuendo you good see he was fluffy. I’m tired of him being on the MLB staff right now. Him and Pat the no bat second baseman.
  11. Simply put a move must be done today. But it’s not so that shows that the team don’t care
  12. He needs the Dean treatment. Go to AAA don’t come back.
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