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  1. 4 minutes ago, Philip said:

    He is being given a long audition, which is completely appropriate. He has talent and we want to give him a chance to harness it. I am unclear when we should cut bait, but not yet.

    A long painful audition. Akin and him are in the same boat. Number 5 starters with no command and meh stuff. 

  2. My points is the two failed bunts. Which Hyde said he disagreed with. Who’s giving the signs? Yes there is no other option at SS. Maybe the guy from Colorado? Heck I really don’t know out infield depth is non existent at AAA.  2nd base. Same. 3rd. Yep same. The Bullpen is imploding. Elis might need to do something. Oh yea also Catcher is the worst but we have an answer at least there coming. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Explosivo said:

    And is it because he’s a bad manager?

    He’s lost this team. I don’t think they respect him. I don’t think they respond to them. I don’t think he’s making the young guys better. It would be one thing if there was growth from the young players or if the vets were not making continuous errors. However all this is true 

  4. After listening to Hyde about the bunt in the 9th and overall blunders in the field ie. failed double plays etc. Hyde is a stop gap manager with these stop gap players. All need to go to be successful. In the mean time this team is unwatchable at times. 

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