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  1. Yes, Yes I did! but go back to what i quoted from you SG... you make my arguement for me.
  2. Bilick can't coach! You make the arguement why he should not be back next year.
  3. Actually myself.. can walk thanks to the children hospital. Thats why I am a duke fan. I can't stand Couck K he is overrated, and does not use his bench causing good players to leave left and right boykins and botang this year.
  4. First of all i would like to say I owe alot to Duke Univ. not for an education, but for early (baby) physical issues. This is why I 've been a fan for the Devils since Danny Ferly(sp.) There is know way they are a 11th ranked team I would say they are mid 20's. As with the turdles the last couple of years is all about the point guard play. When one plays well good teams win when they play like they are color blind forgetting what color jersey they wear...no kidding.. fricking Paulus you don't have yellow in your colors..well.... sorry for that minni rant. But you play sloppy can't shoot gue
  5. I think that is the best point anyone can make! I took a 3-4 month break just out of frustration, but now can at least take about something new.
  6. I will agree with that. The bullpen is a mess, and needs a lot of new arms to fill possitions. Last year at this time no one was throwing Brittons name as a arm in the pen. Hopefully, During the spring they find an arm, or gasp they spend money on it and not look for the "cheep" option that many people are mad about in this trade.
  7. Not to pick on you, but reading about 200 pages on how Britten is a savior has me thinking. How proven is he? How many innings in the majors has he pitched? Does having him come in a clutch situation give me hope? I know the answer to all of these adds up to he is expendable. How many people can honestly say they heard of Britten before this year? How many fans will be like "oh man we lost Sir Sid again!!!"?
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