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  1. Scott Boras called...he said he needs a new dummy to work with. If only he could get Trea to take over for Ca$hman....
  2. I love Bowden's show on MLB Network Radio.... Just not for Jim Bowden, but for Casey Stern. Bowden is a bumbling idiot who's bitter and malcontent in his place in the game. Stern is refreshing and accurate in his assessments, while not always one to play the company song and dance.
  3. Anthopolous for the win....wow. Just to unload Wells is coup....much less to get players back...and POSSIBLY no $$$$.
  4. I'm 30 years old, and you put 4 million in my bank account....there's gonna be some stupid decisions being made. I agree with your post, I'm just saying....age is only slightly relevant
  5. Avsfan

    The 2011 Draft.

    It wasn't a disappointing draft on Ozzie's part...just because the results didn't pan out the way we wanted them. Ozzie and the FO did a fantastic job with the draft last year... Getting two 1st round talents in the 2nd round is phenomenal...as well as getting a replacement for Heap, in the 3rd round. Cody & Kindle's actions fall on their own shoulders, not on the Ravens.
  6. Avsfan

    Soriano off the market.

    They were talking on MLB Radio how incredibly desperate and F'd Cashman is....from not getting Lee, to Pettite not returning to Joba sucking donkey dong... Soriano isn't going to post numbers like he did last year...much less for 3 seasons.
  7. On a complete side tangent....(not involving rivals and fans) I think that whole situation has made Ray the player he is today...yes he would have been a great player, based on physical attributes alone. I think that trial, that whole ordeal has really made him a candidate for the greatest linebacker of all time. That ordeal really woke him up, made him re-focus on what was always there, but was clouded with distractions. That passion, that drive that you hear when he speaks in interviews or to the team...I think a lot of that comes from that night in Atlanta. That mental toughness, the ability to still push his body to the limit at his age, stems back to his decisions in Atlanta. His knowing that he received a 2nd chance (especially with his religious background) is what drives the man.
  8. Angelos isn't exactly a bafoon either...he may meddle where he doesn't belong (The Front Office)...but the man also has done many things for Baltimore that don't get much attention, because everyone wants to hate him.
  9. I think the bigger issue I've been hearing, with Gammons being the #1 proponent... What makes a bunch of media members worthy of passing a moral judgment on whether or not someone who took steroids(supposedly or not) deserves to be in the HOF. Since when do people who 99.9% of the time, never played at that level determine, what is right, and what is wrong?
  10. If Bagwell doesn't get in, it's a crock...
  11. Should of saved Austin Jackson for such a situation... I'd rather have a pitcher, than Curtis Granderson...
  12. Last episode was EPIC...maybe not in terms of blood and such....but the direction and screenwriting was out of this world. The scene with Margret and Nucky on the couch....amazing. Last scene with the song, and the characters going ons....most people watching probably didn't pay attention to the music, but more so the scenery....that's where the show has it's brilliance (same as Sopranos and The Wire) every single thing is done for a reason, and carries a message. I also thought the scene with the three heads of state was awesome as well...followed by Nucky's speech and the killing of the D'Allessio brothers...and the irony of each.
  13. This might be the best I've ever seen Suggs play...he and Ngata are virtually un-blockable.
  14. Avsfan

    Coldest game?

    That Redskins game was BRUTAL....I was under the overhang, out of the wind, and still was horribly cold.
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