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  1. https://uni-watch.com/2019/02/14/end-of-an-era-mlb-to-be-nameplate-free-in-2019/ New logo seems like a bigger deal than we thought. I mean, So. Many. Birds. in the AL East this year. I think I'll go with the Albuquerque Null.
  2. I think I got the most jarring one of all yesterday. I don't know why it hit me that way, but it did. Bobby Grich is 70 years old. I still think of Grich as the young hotshot who couldn't force his way into the O's everyday lineup until they moved Davey Johnson. BTW, happy birthday, Bobby! When/why did it hit you, if at all?
  3. caesarod

    Top Five

    That line you quoted caught my eye as well. You could also add '77, too: Palmer, Eddie's first year and Brooks' last few months.
  4. In contrast to his low opinion of O's pitching Monday, Vin was duly impressed by Brach and Britton last night. In case anyone wants to hear, I recorded his call of the bottom of the 9th. https://mega.nz/#!zVREmDID!MTaeAE3TKarQIbG38iapIRWXWO2LXUh0iDBkncqdqzo (This site's legit; I use it all the time to trade music. However, if it's not kosher with MLB, mods, feel free to delete)
  5. I've had my memory wiped clean. I find that I am much happier this way. In addition, I find that I am much happier this way.
  6. I'm assuming they're looking back to determine the last time an AL pitcher stepped into the box vs. a position player on the mound...?
  7. Yep, I think that will just about do it. That's not giving up, but this team's shown all year that the extended hot streak now required to roll into the playoffs with bad intentions just isn't in their DNA.
  8. ...and, there it is. FML.
  9. How long before the "Live look-ins" on mlb.com come a-calling?
  10. I'm going to make up a stat to help keep my sanity. I figure if Gausman finishes up with 3x more Ks than RBI doubles allowed, we're golden. It's probably not going to help.
  11. That was just a candy throw. Gawd.
  12. Gee, maybe Gausman should pitch from the stretch all day.
  13. I'm getting claustrophobic, like the roof is closing in on me.
  14. I guess JJ's getting that day off that was suggested here...somewhere. At least Flaherty and Lough aren't back-to-back, but that bottom of the order...yeesh.
  15. I don't even know the rule involved, but I can't imagine any way he couldn't go into the game later. I've never seen MLB take roll call in the dugout before first pitch.
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