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  1. Did anybody know who he really is, and if he's OK?
  2. Hey you!... yours is a voice I miss hearing... a perfect example of missing some of the People but not the place... or the game threads: I stopped by one of them when the Rays were allowing the O's to look bad, and some folks there were *hoping* the Rays would blow out the O's by an even larger margin... to *punish* the O's for having a bad game... can you believe that crap?
  3. It is very, very good to hear from you... hope the young'uns are keeping you in line... I recently started posting in another place that shall not be named, as I wouldn't want anybody calling me a traitor for exercising Freedom ™... not much traffic there but not much mindless BS either... plus, people are treated decently... if I should see you there sometime, that would be swell...
  4. I'm very happy to have him in the lineup. I cannot grok why some folks aren't. (No need to repeat the arguments, I do understand them. I just don't buy them.) In the field, he's just such an enigma. He has the tools (reflexes, arm) for 3B. He has certainly demonstrated that he can be a decent ML 3B. I think the problem is in his head. As best I can guess, he's in the mother of all D-slumps, and it's in his head, it's got him rattled. So he tries really hard to not screw up, and we know what happens then: he does things he knows to not do. This is what hitters do when they're slumpin
  5. Nah... I used to work in ATL which made going to games a whole lot easier... (a former student was usher in the behind-the-plate section, he'd let me sit in any empty seat except those that belonged to Aaron and Schuerholz, he'd get chewed out if they saw a stranger in their seats on TV)... but for the last bunch o'years it's been a 5.5 hr drive to ATL... access to O's TV has made the Braves way less important to me than they used to be...
  6. Yet another case of Frobby thinking about something and then doing his homework... it's the incarnation of Bill James spirit on the homefront... thanks for all that... ps: You're the one doing all the work, so I don't wanna push this much... but I think The Rickster has a point about adjusting the SP's numbers somehow... saying BOS lost more than 250 SP-games in one season is kinda weird despite knowing how you got it...
  7. Hey MoscowCup... I'm not sure, but I think a certain geezerfreak just called you a donut... are you working in a basement?... do they let you out to get some air?
  8. You have always been great to me, and if you had a site I would be first in line. (Well, maybe 2nd in line... because, well, you know, ladies first... especially ladies who know baseball and who don't BS around...)
  9. You're a sweetheart. Yeah, didn't owe a dime on anything but mortgages. (Too bad they wound up in the hands of folks who belong in jail. I think we should ask France to borrow some guillotines. ) So, all is fine re: the Mini S, my bride's Acura TL, and my '67 Mercedes 250SE Cabriolet... plus, I still have some old guitars still stashed under the bed... I got everything I need but money... My bride has some health issues, but I was able to track down some very, very, very helpful supplements that, just like with my cluster headaches, the medical experts know zero about... they help an
  10. I have *no idea* what you're talking about...
  11. You too... but your avatar scares me... can't you find one that's just a wee bit more, um, Mary Poppins?
  12. IMO, we could use a bunch of that from certain quarters ;-)
  13. I always liked the way he'd shake his bat at the P... and the way he'd chew himself out walking back to the dugout when he didn't get a hit... I know he's too old, just a spare part waiting for an unlikely chance, but I really do like the guy...
  14. As per always, I never criticize people who wish to noodle endlessly about trades that will never ever happen, and which are usually about trading the only guys who are worth a damn or about trading some guy who's had a hard week or two... it's a perfectly fine hobby (just so they're in their own threads so I don't have to read about it) and it doesn't hurt your liver... now, if a real GM did it, it would lazy and stupid, but none of us are real GM's, so why knott do it to pass the thyme? Parlay on, dear fantasizers...
  15. June swoon? May swoon. The last time they won a WS, they had a 7-game losing streak in late May and nobody was jumping out of windows then... and they still had another 7-game losing streak to go through in August... As for retirement, it's a very sad tale... we were set, had $3.2m in equity and were not doing crazy stuff with mortgages, had a LTV of 53%... but then the crash happened, and our LTV went from 53% to 133% without us doing anything... then I wound up getting sued by 3 (count'em 3) big TARP banks who were all in cahoots, one of which "foreclosed by mistake" (their words) on the
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