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  1. It's been a while, Drunk Thread. I missed you. Maybe I'll come visit again soon.
  2. Why would you be shocked? They play these close games and win almost all of them. There can be complaints about effort, depth, and coaching X's and O's, but this is a very good team. There may not be a better starting five in the country. Their defense is excellent all around, they get to the rim, they can hit the three, and they shoot free throws well.
  3. This team is good enough right now to win the national title. If you don't believe that you're just being pessimistic after a loss. Saying "this season is cooked" is absurd. If I remember correctly Jay Bilas said at one point that Maryland was good enough to with it all. That's good enough for me. I think the concerns over X's and O's are warranted. We don't run much offense. Most of what we do is based on driving to the basket. I am impressed by how well we pass, but it's all improv. I will say that I like how the team plays defensively. The interior rotations saved us quite often. The lack of rebounding on the defensive ending is just shy of infuriating. I watched Stone in particular while he was in the game and he let his man get position way too close to the basket. That's the root of the rebounding woes. As was mentioned it doesn't do much good to block out when you're under the basket. There are so many positives with this team that I'm not going to get discouraged. A lack of effort and intensity is much easier to overcome than a lack of talent.
  4. I'm looking forward to getting the telescope out early one morning and getting views of all five. Should be spectacular. Researchers think they may have discovered a ninth planet way out near the Kuiper Belt.
  5. Coc, that's brilliant. Think of all the jobs it would have created though. Plus we're not dealing with the wealth of one nation like the US was with 9/11. We have the wealth of an entire galaxy (far far away). I wonder what it costs to insure that thing. The Akbar cameo was fun. It was cool seeing Nien Nunb as well. (I had to look this name up.) Were there more cameos?
  6. Agreed about Leicester. I'm sure they are thrilled with their start and with the way the BPL has gone this year maybe they have a shot. At the same time they could do more harm than good if they finish 4/5/6. They have a nine point lead over 4th right now, so I could see them making a real push for Champions League football. With Arsenal's win over Man City yesterday I'm starting to feel like they might be the favorites to win the league. Everyone has warts. Even without Sanchez, Cazorla, and Coquelin the Gunners looked excellent. What's with the rumors of Mourinho to Man U? That would be a headlines monster.
  7. There have been seven Star Wars movies and in three of them the climax has been a destroyed Death Star. Can they not think of something new? I enjoyed the movie and I would even consider seeing again the the theater, but it does scream lazy. On a side note, after having two Death Stars blown up you'd think the Empire/First Order would do a better job of protecting the weak points of their base. A run of the mill stormtrooper knew how to destroy the thing. This is a space station that can consume a freaking star and harness its power, yet a tiny one person craft can blow the whole damned thing up.
  8. I agree. I liked the movie a lot, but I left feeling like I had seen it before. I don't understand why the plot was so lazy when everything else was so good. I also wasn't a fan of the Nazi-esque First Order. Seemed a bit excessive. On the positive side the movie felt more like the originals which I loved. The new characters were great for the most part. The acting was solid (thank god for no Hayden Christensen). The action scenes were excellent. I could probably continue. I wanted to see Luke light up his lightsaber at the end. I thought that would be a good way to end the movie.
  9. Scott, you're going to overload my senses with all these videos and links. Good stuff. I still need to watch a lot of them. So much science!!!
  10. I just meant is it real right now. Like am I seeing the standings correctly. Their next six fixtures are Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man City, Bournemouth, and Tottenham. We'll learn a lot very quickly. My guess is they'll come back down to earth. I'll be rooting for them though. On one of NBC's Premier League shows they were discussing whether or not Leicester will sell Vardy or Mahrez in the January transfer window. Their values are nearly maxed right now and it would bring a huge influx of cash to the team. Again this upcoming stretch of games will tell us a lot. You have to think a club that small would be adverse to European football too. You need a lot of extra depth to cover the extra games and it could be a serious detriment next season if they regress and are anywhere near relegation.
  11. Leicester City two points clear after 15 games? Is this for real? http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/league-table.html
  12. You mean like this one? I was cracking up. God bless the guy trying to interview him. He was really trying. [video=youtube;ygB7P7rg8u4]
  13. I respect Mourinho as a manager, but there's little I enjoy more in football than watching him squirm.
  14. I do miss the weekly back and forth after each round of EPL games. I'll post here and just talk to myself if I have to.
  15. Harbaugh isn't hitting players after the play or grabbing face masks. It certainly needs to be addressed though. I think players of lesser skill are trying too hard to make plays sometimes. They can also be half a step behind which leads to penalties.
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