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  1. Personally, I was pretty excited when I heard of this signing. I’m biased though, because I worked with Nick’s dad for a handful of years. I’ve never met Nick, but I’ve always heard he is a good kid. He obviously has talent, but who knows, sometimes it just takes time for things to click. He was hitting .412 in Spring Training last year with the Rangers before the world fell apart, and maybe he found something with a change to his swing. ”What has Ciuffo feeling like he’s turned a corner is a completely revamped swing and stance. He described his old stance as generic, but while picking up a bat in the Rangers clubhouse, he shows something completely different. His hands are low, close to his hips. His legs are much closer together, ready to generate power from a much more hefty leg kick. His stance is modeled pretty heavily off Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner. “It just releases tension, and you’re able to stay on a direct line, which I never have done before,” Ciuffo said. “The ball is coming from he pitcher’s mound. So everything I do, I work [my swing] toward the pitcher. … I found results from this from Day 1.” https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2020/03/11/how-rangers-hitting-instructor-cody-atkinson-helped-change-the-trajectory-of-nick-ciuffos-career/ I thought this article about Ciuffo and some of the changes he made last year was pretty interesting. I’m not counting on him to be the backup catcher in Baltimore, but it’s the definition of an extremely low-risk signing with the potential for a pretty decent reward.
  2. Exactly. He obviously has some things to work out, and that's not the easiest thing to do during the season. Hopefully we will see some improvement when he gets to work through some things with coaches in the offseason, but I wouldn't expect too much over a handful of appearances in the last couple of weeks in the season.
  3. Hahahaha...I can understand both. I think he is a very good, very professional play-by-play guy. One of the best, actually. But he is also a little smarmy, and maybe a little smug...and I think he’s played that up a bit in recent years since people have started ribbing him about it and since he’s played kind of an overinflated character of himself on stuff like Brockmire. But when it’s just pure game-calling, I don’t know if there are many better. To me, has a great talent for letting a game breathe. You’ll go a while in a big moment and realize, “Joe Buck hasn’t said anything.” And of course, that’s by design. But so many people can’t do that. But for Kevin Brown, I agree on the Buck comparison. I thought that too early on. I think he is a very good play-by-play announcer, and he has a great sense of humor without going too over the top. He already does a decent amount of work with ESPN, but I hope we can keep him around in some capacity for a while. Honestly, I hope we can keep both Gary and Kevin around for a while. I really enjoy both of their work. I will always love baseball, but they make it more fun.
  4. He's definitely pitching better, but I think he has benefited from facing some more forgiving lineups in some bigger ballparks as well. He's still getting a lot of fly ball outs, but Anaheim, Seattle and Oakland are a lot better for a fly ball pitcher than Baltimore, New York and Boston.
  5. But you can assume that he would have repeated his performance from last year that statistically looks like an outlier?
  6. I've been thinking the same thing. He has hit for power at Duke and in the low minors, but that's about it. Nothing else seems really that overwhelming, other than his strikeouts.
  7. I watched MASN on Friday and Saturday, and then mainly listened to the radio broadcast while out running errands today. I think the MASN broadcast is fine. I’m going to miss Thorne and Palmer, but I think Garceau and McDonald are making the most of a weird situation. Still a good broadcast and better than most, IMO. As for the radio broadcast, I had a lot of fun listening to Brown and Arnold today. I’m a bit of a broadcasting nerd, and I was impressed. They are a very entertaining tandem. We have been blessed with some of the best radio broadcasters in baseball history through the years, as you mention. From Thompson to Miller and Angel. I’m not going to put these guys in that category at this point, but I was really impressed. It was really engaging and they had me hooked pretty quickly. Of course it helps when the O’s are winning, but I look forward to listening to them more as the season progresses.
  8. Seeing this thread pop up always makes me smile.
  9. My god man, calm down. SG is completely correct. I have no problem with your opinion, but you don't necessarily seem open to people with differing opinions yourself and you present things with such certainty when nobody knows what is going to happen. Hell, Austin Martin would probably look at some of the stuff you've posted and think "man, that guy is really confident in me." But whatever, who cares? We'll find out in due time. But you just keep shouting at people. Constantly. When things are presented in that way, it's impossible to have useful dialogue. I know...welcome to the internet.
  10. At this point, I honestly don’t think I would go. I love the O’s and I love OPACY, but I’m still trying to be in as few public places as possible. I’m not necessarily worried about myself, rather some of the potentially vulnerable people I interact with. I’m good with sitting tight a little while longer if even there’s a slight chance it would keep those folks a little safer.
  11. Quit judging me on the sign I was carrying. I didn't know I was going to be on TV.
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