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  1. I watched MASN on Friday and Saturday, and then mainly listened to the radio broadcast while out running errands today. I think the MASN broadcast is fine. I’m going to miss Thorne and Palmer, but I think Garceau and McDonald are making the most of a weird situation. Still a good broadcast and better than most, IMO. As for the radio broadcast, I had a lot of fun listening to Brown and Arnold today. I’m a bit of a broadcasting nerd, and I was impressed. They are a very entertaining tandem. We have been blessed with some of the best radio broadcasters in baseball history through the years, as you mention. From Thompson to Miller and Angel. I’m not going to put these guys in that category at this point, but I was really impressed. It was really engaging and they had me hooked pretty quickly. Of course it helps when the O’s are winning, but I look forward to listening to them more as the season progresses.
  2. Seeing this thread pop up always makes me smile.
  3. My god man, calm down. SG is completely correct. I have no problem with your opinion, but you don't necessarily seem open to people with differing opinions yourself and you present things with such certainty when nobody knows what is going to happen. Hell, Austin Martin would probably look at some of the stuff you've posted and think "man, that guy is really confident in me." But whatever, who cares? We'll find out in due time. But you just keep shouting at people. Constantly. When things are presented in that way, it's impossible to have useful dialogue. I know...welcome to the internet.
  4. At this point, I honestly don’t think I would go. I love the O’s and I love OPACY, but I’m still trying to be in as few public places as possible. I’m not necessarily worried about myself, rather some of the potentially vulnerable people I interact with. I’m good with sitting tight a little while longer if even there’s a slight chance it would keep those folks a little safer.
  5. Quit judging me on the sign I was carrying. I didn't know I was going to be on TV.
  6. Although I did post this, I think most MLB draft rankings at this point are absurd. I just wanted to point out that some very smart people like Callis don’t initially think that this draft was a catastrophe like many people on this board do. Time will tell, friends.
  7. 4. Orioles Baltimore seemingly got as much attention for not taking Vanderbilt outfielder/third baseman Austin Martin than it did for choosing Arkansas outfielder Heston Kjerstad at No. 2 overall, which diminishes the fact that Kjerstad possessed the best left-handed power in the Draft and starred in college baseball's best league (the Southeastern Conference) just like Martin did. Saving money with Kjerstad gave the Orioles enough cash to sign two high schoolers at the end of their Draft: Florida third baseman Coby Mayo (fourth round), who offers a lot of raw power and arm strength, and projectable Iowa right-hander Carter Baumler, who could have three solid or better pitches once fully developed. In between, they took three college position players in slugging Mississippi State shortstop Jordan Westburg (supplemental first), potential 20-20 center fielder Hudson Haskin (second) from Tulane and slick-fielding Mississippi shortstop Anthony Servideo (third). https://www.mlb.com/news/top-classes-in-the-2020-mlb-draft?t=mlb-draft-coverage
  8. Why do you think they went underslot? If there is an obvious, franchise-changing talent there, you aren't going underslot.
  9. Yes, by some. But the results of the actual draft tell me otherwise. Torkelson would not have fallen to five. You can talk about all of the predraft rankings and anonymous scouts you want. But the actual results tell me that things aren't as clear cut as you're making them out to be.
  10. Best hitter in the draft does not equal best player in the draft.
  11. I mean...this is absurd. There was no player in the draft this year that was close the prospect Rutschman was last year. And Martin obviously wasn't even the clear-cut second best player. Otherwise he wouldn't have gone fifth. It is a very different scenario. You're really reaching on this one.
  12. That's a really good point. I just think there are more angry hot takes on this draft than the thrilled hot takes in this instance, just because of the Martin situation. I think most people were just felt like drafting Martin was a foregone conclusion and had heard a lot about how he may have been the best player in the draft. But at the end of the day, nobody knows right now, and we won't know for sure for quite some time. I think we can all have opinions on how the draft and how the strategy went, but anything that draws a certain conclusion either way at this point is not realistic.
  13. True. I was just working off the blanket statement that guys played RF because they were limited defensively.
  14. Didn't you hear? That Ichiro guy was limited defensively. And don't get me started on Frank Robinson and Roberto Clemente.
  15. We didn't make the comparison. One of the people on MLB Network did. I don't see why it's so wrong to compare a player to someone else. It's kind of what analysts do. It is a bit outlandish? Perhaps. But I don't know why we need to get fired up about it. By the way, thanks for the negative rep. I've been around here for 15 years, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten negative rep twice--and both have been from you in the last 36 hours. I'm sure I'll get a third one now. Get a grip.
  16. Saying that someone is more athletic than another player doesn't necessarily mean they are a better prospect.
  17. I was just going by the Callis reaction because he was one of the people that specifically called it a steal. Your point is definitely valid though.
  18. I guess part of his ranking was due to the solid TCU commitment? I don't really know, but Callis seemed kind of stunned when we picked Baumler and referred to it as a steal.
  19. I’m sorry, but this is an exaggeration, and it’s something that’s been repeated a few times. He was never the fifteenth (perhaps in BA; I’m not a subscriber). I have only seen one mock that ever had him getting past ninth, and that was to 11th. We can say he’s a little bit of a reach (which he was, based on rankings), but almost every reputable mock had him not getting past the Rockies at nine. He was never going to make it to 15. And the K rate, that’s from 2019. We can talk about that his Team USA stats, or his stats in a shortened season this year are a small sample size, but if we want to discuss his high K rate, that was a long time ago. He appears to be a better hitter now, while retaining the power.
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