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  1. Personally, I’d love to land Javy Baez. Start him at SS, but there’s flexibility if he needs to move around some once prospects come up. Won’t break the bank. Been on winning teams. Power could play up in OPACY. Add him and a SP (or preferably two) and the team becomes much more respectable fairly quickly. I don’t think this is the time to lock players into a position for 4+ But if you have a guy (like Baez) that can move around, that brings tremendous value.
  2. Zooming out, Mountcastle has now played in 138 career games. Over 547 PA (500 AB's), he has a career line of .282/.329/.486 (.815 OPS) with 25 homers, 35 BB's, and 141 K's. 1.4 bWAR Starts by position: 1B - 55, LF - 41, DH - 38 Overall, very happy with that for his roughly first season's worth of work. Plenty of room to grow, but we should be thrilled if this is roughly his floor.
  3. I would assume no since it’s all deferred. But I’d guess he’d count $9.16M for 2023-25, $3.5M for 2026-32, and $1.4M for 2033-37 based on his deferrals.
  4. Right...where does it say it's based off AAV though? Luxury tax threshold will definitely be an issue. The floor is an attempt at easing that issue.
  5. I must be missing something...where did you see that would be the deal for the salary floor? If that was the case, you wouldn't even need to frontload much then, just sign rookies to long-term deals because that would bring their AAV up.
  6. My 2 cents...this is potentially in tension with what Elias wants to do (streamline resources to the international marketing, scouting, and development as opposed to the ML roster), however the transition of resources to the ML isn't too far away. I wonder if something like this could speed up the process. What I'd love to see is Elias use this to lock up our top talent - Adley and GrayRod. He could frontload deals to help raise our 2022 payroll while locking them up for up to a decade. Pairing that up with a short-term overpay on a FA SS (I'd love Correa or Seager, but my guess i
  7. Obviously, there's a long way to go before a new CBA is reached and who knows how much this is posturing by the owners vs. a real possibility, but a salary floor would have significant implications on the way the Orioles currently function. By my extremely loose count, the O's are projected to have just around $40-45M in payroll next year ($9M in previous deferrals, ~$20-25M in arbitration, $10-12M for the rest of the roster). That would leave us needing to add at least $55M in payroll by next spring. Again, this is far from a reality. However, if MLB were to move for
  8. If I’m putting everything together, it sounds like the O’s will pay nothing in 2022 and then ~$5.6M in 2023-25, in addition to the deferrals. With that - and freeing up a 40-man roster spot for 2022 - this is about as good of a scenario as the O’s could have hoped for.
  9. There are plenty of reasons to knock Davis, but his generosity is not one of them. He’s been immensely generous to Baltimore. To say he should donate his entire 2022 salary just isn’t fair.
  10. This is the most I’ve seen. Lux was a fast riser (May too if I remember correctly). Seems like Diaz + May was about as good as we could’ve got.
  11. I get the sense he's just filling a spot in Norfolk right now. Elias has done that with a few guys this year. When Adley gets promoted, I gotta think he's the got that gets demoted. If there's a catcher in Norfolk that could see some time in Baltimore this year, I think it's Brett Cumberland.
  12. By my calculations, they've spent all but $196k of their allotment. I was under the impression Craig, though he signed for $250k, only counts for $125k. Anyway, I've been tracking. Here's what I have so far. 98.34% of the bonus pool, pending what they give Lloyd.
  13. This is probably a totally separate topic, but does this mean we actually won the Norris trade? I chalked it up as a definite loss over the past few years. But giving up Hoes (AAAA), Hader (stud reliever), & a comp pick (Fisher...DFA’d)...for what Norris gave us, especially in 2014, was probably worth it.
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