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  1. This is probably a totally separate topic, but does this mean we actually won the Norris trade? I chalked it up as a definite loss over the past few years. But giving up Hoes (AAAA), Hader (stud reliever), & a comp pick (Fisher...DFA’d)...for what Norris gave us, especially in 2014, was probably worth it.
  2. Maybe we can replace mop up duty this year with Custod-ial duty
  3. Lol - Robert is great. And certainly the better player. Still plenty of baseball to impact season-long awards. I’m not expecting anyone to beat out Robert, was moreso intrigued by a weird loophole.
  4. Normal MLB rules are that a player is a rookie until he gets 130 AB’s/50 IP or 45 days on the big league roster. This year is an oddity where players like Mountcastle could play about 58% of the season (35 of 60 games) and still not meet rookie limits. By my count, Mountcastle should be on the big league roster for about 37-38 days. Theoretically, if he doesn’t get to 130 AB’s, he would still have rookie eligibility. Does anyone know if the normal rules would remain the same - meaning Mountcastle could play the rest of the year and still enter 2021 with rookie status? If so, theoretically, Mountcastle (or anyone called up at this point) - with a hot 30 game stretch - could win ROY and still be eligible for another ROY next year. Pretty crazy. For reference, Yordan Alvarez only played about 54% of the Astro’s season last year (87 of 162).
  5. Former Terp. Loved watching him at Maryland.
  6. I’ve been guessing a lottery. MLB wants to discourage tanking and, for the first time, they have the ability to change how the draft order is formed. We’ll see, but I’d be somewhat surprised if it’s purely based off standings.
  7. Gotcha. I trust Elias. And I want to see Mountcastle. Hopefully we get to see him sooner than later.
  8. Fair enough. I hear you. What do you think Elias’ reason for continuing to keep Mountcastle down is?
  9. I agree that I don’t think it’s worth playing service time games. My question was if Elias could be considering holding him out another 75 games.
  10. That’s a good call. I hadn’t thought of that angle.
  11. You have the option. If he doesn’t progress you can non-tender him. In theory, waiting 75 games gives you the option.
  12. After reading Connelly’s column today, it sounds like there’s no timetable for a Mountcastle debut. Personally, I don’t think Mountcastle is a big enough prospect to play service time games with. However, could Elias think it’s worth keeping Mountcastle down for the final 50-55 games of 2020 and the first few weeks of 2021? In theory, waiting about 75 games (in 2020-21) would buy 162 games of service time (in 2027).
  13. I would assume there’s a specific prospect (or an option of one on a list of prospects) that’s been agreed upon.
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