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  1. I have heard from a very reliable source that Mark Hendrickson will be taking a physical tomorrow for the Orioles.
  2. Jay Gibbons and its not even close the steriods stuff just makes the hatred more. Im so happy to never see all the strike outs and constant pop-ups while trying to hit a home run every at-bat.
  3. If they offered jay bruce I have a feeling it would be accepted in a heartbeat.
  4. Does any one think offering up Tejada and Bedard give us any chance to get Loney?
  5. I am actually going to have to back up bigbird on this. I know this sounds off the wall but my dad was out to dinner saturday night and he was seated right next to Peter Angelos and he overheard him on the phone talking about a 10 player trade in the works. I would have posted it earlier but I thought my dad was just trying to mess with me but after reading this post it sounds legit.
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